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Gyuyeol! :)


  • Who would throw the other in the pool: sungyeol would throw gyu for sure lol. sunggyu would be way too lazy to physically throw anything anywhere. sunggyu better hope sungyeol never wins a bet when they are at a resort, hotel, or spa of any kind because if anyone can make gyu + pool happen (and in the most creative way ever) - it’s lee sungyeol.
  • Who is the better carer when the other is sick: sungyeol is~ whether it’s because of his natural caring personality or because he’s the eldest at home, sungyeol is surprisingly gentle, in-tune with your needs, and great at looking out for others.

    in november, sunggyu catches the new flu. true to gyu nature, he doesn’t say a word to the others, other than to let them what’s going on and to leave him alone, but sungyeol shows up at his apartment with chicken porridge and soda and chuckles as sunggyu chokes it down. he waits for sunggyu to fall asleep, quietly playing clash of clans on his phone and then does his dishes and leaves.

    true to sungyeol’s nature though, he is utterly confused when he comes down with the flu two days later. “you idiot, it’s contagious! that’s why i said leave me alone” gyu nags him exasperatedly. “but i ate so much vitamin c…! how could i still…damnit.” sungyeol groans. sunggyu doesn’t flick his forehead out of pure affection.
  • Who would force the other to do extreme sports with them: …sungyeol. “hyung, seriously, i swear, it’s the best feeling. you’re gonna love it.” sunggyu looks at him deadpan. “okay you’re not gonna love it, but you gotta try it once in your life. come on - while you’re still young! you don’t have much time lef-” “OKAYOKAY just shut up will you” sunggyu grouches.

    56 minutes later, sunggyu, who only came along to watch sungyeol, is lamenting his life choices and the cruel destiny that led him to the side of that crazy lee sungyeol while treading the shockingly cold lake water, barely afloat thanks to his life jacket and arm floaties while sungyeol zips around him on his beloved water skiis with the widest, most pure grin an adult man could ever possess. damn him and his persuasive silver tongue. -_-
  • Who would cook the better romantic dinner: “…hyung i said let’s have dinner, not burn the house down. i can do that on my own,” sungyeol deadpans as he steps into a smokey kitchen where sunggyu is on his ass on the floor, furiously typing a negative review on a naver recipe forum through his phone. an oily pan is fizzing out in the sink, its contents unrecognizable. it takes them a good twenty minutes to air out the kitchen before the building’s sprinkler system can be activated. 

    “okay honestly, this dinner was supposed to be kind of special…or some shit,” sunggyu admits, after a bottle of soju. they’re on the couch with sungyeol’s quick chicken dinner on their laps. sungyeol glances at him. without a word, he stands up and walks over to the hallway and comes back with sunggyu’s only plant, a cactus, and puts it on the coffee table between their soju and beer bottles. “there.” (it’s a “desert flower” harhar.)
  • Who would build the blanket fort in the living room: sungyeol walks into the living room to find no sunggyu but a high-rise structure of shelves, chairs, blankets, and pillows right smack-dab in the middle. he starts laughing, “what is this?” his voice comes out kind of scratchy mid-laugh, very yeol-like. “i was trying to drown myself in comfort” sunggyu’s voice comes out. “hyung we’re supposed to enjoy breaks, not kill ourselves out of boredom” sungyeol chides as he crawls into the fort. nestled in a blanket burrito with weirdly attractive bed hair is sunggyu, blinking sleepily. “come on, twice’s new mv came out” sungyeol whips out his cellphone and sunggyu’s eyes are immediately wider. they only leave the fort to go to the bathroom and pay the chicken delivery guy.
  • Who would have the best holiday ideas: “so i was thinking for christmas - you, me, dongwoo, woohyun, junhyung, and doojoon. drinks. and we’ll see where that takes us. and kikwang.” 
    “brilliant. hyung’s a genius.” 
    “i know.”
  • Who would need to clean out the other’s stuff to make room for their own: “hyung? why are half my clothes in the hallway closet…?”
    “can’t you tell? i got more tshirts in japan.”
    and that is the end of that conversation.

    lol thanks for asking~ :)