sungyeol says he wears them around the dorms all the time

Infinite fan sighting (25th Feb)

A Chinese fan spotted Infinite by chance today. She posted an account on weibo. The main details of her account:

The Chinese fan and her friend (both Sunggyu biased) are currently on vacation. They visited Infinite’s old dorm (Mangwon-dong) to take photos. Whilst they were still taking photos a black van passed behind them and stopped outside Infinite’s old practice room. The person who got out of the van was Sungjong and went in (he was on his own at this point). The fans went closer to look and saw two kfans nearby. So the cfans decided to ask them where the other members were. The kfans told them that the other members were probably around too. According to kfans, Infinite were filming part the ogs encore dvd making today. (I doubt this though, because Woohyun wasn’t with them today, I think they might have just been practising today?) The cfans decided to halt their original plans and wait for further sightings. The kfans told the cfans not to take any photos and post them online.

After a while Lee Jung Yeop came out of the practice room to smoke. Afterwards some familiar faced dancers came out too. Some of them were chatting, some of them were smoking. A while later, Dongwoo, Myungsoo, Sungyeol and Sungjong came out and got into the van parked outside. Dongwoo was wearing a red coat and smiled to the fans, Myungsoo and Sungjong were both dressed in black, and both of them were wearing black baseball caps. Sungyeol was wearing a big coat with his hood up and also wearing leopard print shorts (!??!!) (The Chinese fan described Yeol as ‘bouncing’ out of the practice room so I’m guessing he was in a good mood.) The four of them quickly got into the van and the van drove away.

Then a short while later Sunggyu suddenly appeared at the door of the practice room. He was wearing a hoodie with ‘Infinite’ printed on the back (I’m guessing this is the new ogs merch). A Korean fan gave him a gift. He was overheard saying something to the fan about practising with a band. He wasn’t wearing any make up. He then quickly went in afterwards.

A short while later, the black van drove in again and stopped outside the practice room. Hoya came out of the practice room and got into the van really quickly. Then the van drove off again.

Then a considerable amount of time later, Sunggyu and Lee Jung Yeop came out of the practice room. They walked to a black car parked outside the old dorm and got into the car. What was surprising was that CEO got into the front passenger seat, whilst Sunggyu got into the driver’s seat. In the cfan’s words ‘Does he have a license?!’ Sunggyu started the car and drove off past the fans, turning a corner. Then shortly later, the black car came in again from the opposite direction and stopped outside the dorm once more. Sunggyu and Jung Yeop got out of the car and walked back into the practice room. (The cfan was like ‘Was Gyu practicing his driving or something!?)

Then after waiting for a bit longer, CEO came out again. At this point it was already dark. The kfan who had given Sunggyu their gift earlier asked ‘Are you leaving?’ Jung Yeop replied they weren’t. At one point later, the door of the practice room was open and the cfans heard Sunggyu singing 41 Days. (encore solo?) The cfans decided to leave shortly afterwards because they were too cold. They saw an ahjumma come out of the restaurant next door who often delivers food to Infinite and she asked ‘Sunggyu hasn’t come out yet?’` This was confirmation to the cfans that Sunggyu was the only one in the practice room at this point. (The cfans were wondering about Woohyun because they hadn’t seen him all this time. They guessed that he was practising with Key somewhere else. Although now there are new accounts since then that he was filming wgm today.)

source credit: weibo user 幻酱_目指安可