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Make me choose: Hwang Sung Yeol or Ahn Dae Gil 

“Doctor Ahn, You’re an okay man!”

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Hello^^ Gif reaction: Infinites role in a K-Drama? Please?^^

Hello! It’s been awhile since I have done a reaction so i’m sorry if it’s not the best. Please enjoy~



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Gyu Gyu here would be the Mother of the Leading Role. He would be the mother that would support his child and be so hyped up when his child tells him he hooked up with the girl. 


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this smiling angel here would be more of the Comical Friend that would help lighten up the mood when need be and make you smile when things are getting sad or ruff to deal with. 


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our cute greasy ball here would be the cute Leading Role he would have a very cute role as the leading role but he can be serious when he needs to be (Have you watching this boys drama. High School Love on is what got me into infinite!) 


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this amazing dancer boiii would be the Bully role. I honestly just feel like he would be a good bully character he would be so good at it!  


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Sungyeol here would be in the role of the person that gets Bullied. He would be very strong and put up with a lot of bulling before he would snap. 


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L would be the Second Leading Male. He would be super attractive and adorable at the same time making you fall in love with him and give you the normal problem of Second Leading Male Syndrome. 


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SungJong would be the Love Interest that would be super sassy and tell anyone off if they made him mad. So look out if you make him mad!  

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You seriously do these so well, they're so nice and thought-out and links to examples....I request one for Sungyeol. Because he's so wonderful but gets underestimated far too often. Please and thank you!

Okay, so I previously did Woohyun and Sunggyu, and now it’s my handsome and small son Sungyeol! Sungyeol often gets overlooked in INFINITE, and that is just not okay. So here are some reasons to show him more love, because he definitely deserves it!


If there is one thing Sungyeol does amazingly well, it’s act. He has always had aspirations to be an actor, and was originally in the SM Acting Academy before he joined Woollim. He didn’t set out to be in an idol group, but aren’t we glad he ended up in INFINITE? Sungyeol has been in multiple dramas over the years, including Please Remember Princess, Hi-School Love On (alongside fellow member Woohyun) and D-Day

Also here is Yeol acting in a CF for a dog shelter, part of INFINITE’s appearance on Birth of a Family:


It goes without saying that INFINITE wouldn’t be as successful on variety shows if it weren’t for members like Sungyeol. He has perfect comedy timing and has never minded throwing himself fully into skits and giving everything he has for hilarity - image? What image? Let’s never forget Sungyeol’s animal impressions, the infamous owl face, his hilarious dancing or the many, many times he’s gone all out for his solo stages (Troublemaker with Sungjong, PSY’s Daddy, ioi’s Pick Me).

And here is a personal favourite of mine, Sexy Back ft Hoya:


Although Sungyeol did not set out to be a singer, you would have to be totally ignorant not to notice what an improvement he has made vocally in the 7 years since debut. He has never been one to say he can sing, remaining humble about his skills and often even putting himself down. But it shows that he’s trained his voice when you listen to him on album tracks and during live performances. He may not get the most lines, but he often gets some of the most memorable ones in songs (”Do you hear me?” anyone???). Here is a compilation of some of his lines. Then there is the fact that Sungyeol can rap! Okay so he may not be as known for it as INFINITE H, but you can check out his skills in Cover Girl or watch this awesome clip of INFINITE switching parts for Be Mine. Sungyeol got Hoya and absolutely slayed it. 

INFINITE are a group well known for their synchronised dance skills. And Sungyeol being the tallest member definitely has to try that little bit harder to make sure he stays in line with the rest of them. He may not be a main dancer or be asked to do the dance break, but without him we wouldn’t have the perfect seven members that form INFINITE, and we also wouldn’t have the cool bit at the beginning of The Chaser where Yeol parts the others like the Red Sea… 

Also look how sexy he is…


There are so many reasons to love Sungyeol, and here are a few more things I think are very important:

  • His love of animals! Sungyeol adopted a cute little hairless cat he named Jureumie (from the world for wrinkle), and although she has since moved in with one of Woollim’s staff, we got some super cute times with the two of them. He now has a dog called Aga (Baby). Sungyeol was also amazing with the three puppies INFINITE adopted on Birth of a Family
  • He lowkey does a lot of charity work. Sunggyu outed Sungyeol saying he actually does a lot of charity work, but he never likes to talk about it himself. 
  • His visuals are seriously no joke. Having seen INFINITE up close in real life (and accidentally at the airport one time) I can honestly confirm that Lee Sungyeol is one of the most gorgeous people I have ever seen, even with a facemask on and no makeup. 
  • Sungyeol loves INSPIRITS so much that he’s ready to chase us to the ends of the earth if we cheat on them. He also spoke about how it’s important to him to be able to communicate with all fans, and so he tried extra hard at foreign languages during their first world tour OGS. 
  • His friendships with the other members are very sweet, especially with Sunggyu and Myungsoo. Sunggyu often leans on Sungyeol or latches onto him at airports. And even though Sungyeol and Myungsoo admitted to fighting with each other before, they’re known to be very close. 

I legitimately love Sungyeol so much and it makes me upset when I see negative comments about him or hear that he’s not getting as much attention as he deserves. Please love Lee Sungyeol, because if you’re an INSPIRIT then he definitely already loves you!

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INFINITE's Sungyeol Considering Lead Role In Upcoming Drama

INFINITE’s Sungyeol Considering Lead Role In Upcoming Drama

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INFINITE’s Sungyeol has been cast in an upcoming drama!

On August 1, his agency Woollim Entertainment revealed, “Sungyeol has been cast as the male lead in ‘Odd Man and Woman’ (literal translation) and is positively considering the offer.”

“Odd Man and Woman” is a drama that tells the stories of families in diverse situations such as remarriage. The character offered to Sungyeol has a cold…

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It's been so nice to see the news and updates from infinite members - such a sudden influx! But yet, such a palpable silence from woohyun and sunggyu. My thoughts runneth over: 1) is there a problem coz sunggyu is going to enlist soon, and woohyun was supposed to take over as leader, but now there's a scandal? 2) Wouldn't woollim's poor handling of woohyun's scandal spook the members (or any wavering members) at least a bit, right in the midst of contract negos?

… 3) and could it be that the other members’ updates and events are their way of distracting from woohyun and at the same time lift the spirits of inspirits? Of course some of it is fortuitous (like L and the ending of his drama and Sungyeol with his own drama news), but the others seem like timely fanservice. Sorry if these are too heavy? Random thoughts anon here unloading again.


Okay so, to just clarify your first point, Sunggyu never actually said Woohyun was going to take over as leader of INFINITE. This was a mistranslation / taking a comment he made totally out of context. I actually addressed that in this ask here ~(I just spent way too long finding that omg).

Also, Sunggyu hasn’t been entirely quiet. We’re used to him rarely actually updating his SNS accounts, but he does usually use Insta to comment on other members’ posts. Sungyeol posted this picture yesterday and Sunggyu commented on it (to which Sungyeol also responded). 

I don’t think that the updates or schedules are necessarily Woollim’s attempt to distract from the Woohyun situation. Woollim has been known to avoid problems in the hopes they go away, and I think that is what they’re doing with Woohyun at the moment. Him keeping a low profile doesn’t worry me in the sense that I think he’s not gonna renew (I mean, I worry about him just in a ‘I care about him and hope he’s doing alright’ way), because I get why he’s doing it. If he was still posting selcas on Instagram, he’d be flooded with hate comments from antis. Keeping quiet and lying low for now is most likely a way to avoid that happening. He’s not disappeared completely though: he was in photos on his brother’s and a friend’s SNS in the last few weeks. 

Dongwoo’s coffee truck event today was total fanservice, but it is also something that was planned in advance (I think the day of the original live broadcast where they decided it would happen was waaaay back at the beginning of June). 

Who knows what’s really going on, tbh. I’m annoyed that Woollim still haven’t said a damn thing and meanwhile we have multiple members with schedules and members accidentally *coughDongwooCan’tKeepSecretscough* revealing that there may be INFINITE sub-unit activities soon and hinting at preparations for a comeback. 

Hopefully we get actual updates soon! 


I love this drama. I don’t know if it’s because it has some of the best looking young males I’ve seen in a long time or because Kim Sae Ron is just adorable and refreshingly plays a not-annoying female lead character.
Gosh, the high school drama hits me in all the right places.

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Gif reaction of the boys when you watching a MV/Drama of them with a kiss scene with their co-star? Thanks and I LOVE YOUR BLOG SO MUCH!!!


Waits for your reaction. 


Instantly regrets watching it with you.


Tells you that she was a really bad kisser. 


Nervous and freaking out inside. 


Embarrassed laugh.


Runs away. 


Claims he doesn’t even remember filming that scene. 

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