[INFO] Baidu Bar Male Idol Fancafe Rank (2nd-Half June)

Male Groups C-Fancafe Ranking (2nd-Half June) :

 #3 Super Junior 

Male Groups with New C-Fancafe Members:

#1 Super Junior
#2 Shinhwa
#4 BTS
#6 SHINee
#8 Big Bang
#9 GOT7
#10 NCT

Source: SMTownEngSub

when antis want you to disband but you keep getting more fans while on hiatus

About: Jung Gwangmin & Sungmin // [photo used] // this pic 200% describes the twins accurately tbh

  • DOB is 02 Aug. 1993, both of them…well I mean right, they’re twins
  • I feel like the most important info when getting to know the twins is knowing about their cats…
  • Gwangmin has three cats: dogie (whom we’ll talk about later), 멍멍이, and 개팬적 // just kidding, it’s only dogie idk where we saw the other two names lmao sorry
  • Sungmin is thugie’s pops, while Gwangmin is dogie’s… check out thugie’s ig & fb and dogie’s ig
  • They have a sister, not sure if she’s older or younger than them though
  • Gwangmin has done a bit of modelling work before based on his fb pics, so has Sungmin
  • Sungmin is probably a full time teddy bear bc I mean look how fluffy that boy looks
  • Gwangmin is the older twin…makes sense appearance wise, although Sungmin looks like the dependable bro who takes him home when he’s wasted
  • Seriously though, Gwangmin seems like the more rebellious and playful twin; while Sungmin is the innocent cupcake twin…they’re both still precious tho so pls love them both
  • The rest of ym seem to pick on the twins a lot, and it’s actually cute tbh considering that they’re older than some of the boys #jungsprotectionsquad
  • Some stuff from my weird facts on ym: here
  • Sungmin’s ig & fb
  • Gwangmin’s ig & fb

you can check our ym page or ask here & here for more info :-)

[INFO] S.M. Entertainment : #SungminSTAY - Sign the Petition!

In the past few days, a statement released by Label SJ explained that a meeting will be held between those fans that are in South Korea and the staff from Label SJ to talk about the future promotions of Super Junior once there’s a confirmed date for their ‘comeback’ later this year. While this is a great initiative from both Label SJ and S.M. Entertaintment, it sadly has raised concern among fans, mostly international ones, on Sungmin’s continuation in the group. As international fans, it’s very difficult for our opinion to be heard. That’s why the motive of this petition is to show the support from international fans in respect of the continuation of Sungmin in the group, as well as to express our complete support in his relationship with Kim Saeun and any other relationship any member of Super Junior has in the future.

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[NEWS] SM's Plan for 2017: To Re-establish “Golden Line-up”

There are only ten days left till 2016 comes to an end. Though they are busy preparing for various end-of-the-year awards shows, entertainment agencies have already set up plans for 2017 and are ready to start a new year.

  • SM “TVXQ and Super Junior to be discharged from the military, re-establish the golden lineup”

TVXQ coming back is going to be big for SM. On top of that, Super Junior’s Shindong, Sungmin, Eunhyuk, Donghae, and Siwon will also be discharged from the military starting late this month. This will allow SM to re-establish their “Golden lineup” again. 

Source: Soompi (irrelevant info omitted) 

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[INFO] Hyukjae, Shindong, Sungmin and Yunho will be performing a concert with the Korean Military Band in Vancauver, Canada on the evening of July 26th, 2016!

160601 Ticket information and more details of the event will be posted in a couple weeks. (c)

The Purpose of Canada, Vancouver’s Military band concert 

Firstly, this concert is to wish a peaceful unification of Korea which will serve to stable international reationships and help economic growth in the region.

Secondly, to fundraise for North Korean defector to settle down in South Korea.

Lastly, to help save lives of those infected with tuberculosis, an issue that is very problematic in North Korea as their medical and financial situations are so severe that medicine is not readily available for their people.

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