Meet Maria.

In the MV Swing, they mention the name Maria. Siwon’s part. Actually, she is Maria. An ELF from Peru. To appreciate Maria’s love for them, they decided to put her name in Swing. Maria was sick. When she went to meet Super Junior member’s, she was riding a wheel chair. She is an ELF from a long time ago. She always support SuJu although Super Junior never do Super Show in her country. Her wishes to meet Super Junior was fulfilled lastly. Super junior did SS5 at Peru, Brazil, Argentina. She met Super Junior personally and took picture with them. Her bias is Sungmin.

160922 KTR - Teuk: It's time to slowly wake up, because we're having a comeback! we'll see you guys in October 2017!!

Leeteuk: Our promotion periods got longer, Sukira is also over 10 years old, there should have many people who grew up together with us. It’s time to slowly wake up everyone, wake up slowly. Because we’re having a comeback next year!! You’ve rest for a long time right?? kk it’s time to wake up now! I’ve set the dates that we wish to have our comeback. It’s definitely either September or October. We’ll see you guys in October 2017!!


Of why 'mamacita' is a bad choice for a song title

Let me begin this opinion by clarifying some points, I am not writing this with the intention of hating on Super Junior, I am also not a antifan, my bias is Ryeowook and English is not my first language is Spanish.

As a latin american fan, I can’t deny that most of the fans tend to make dirty jokes about the idols, so when Super Junior announced their comeback I was really happy, and then when I saw the posters with the word ‘mamacita’, at first I thought it was a joke, but when I realized that indeed that was the song title I can’t describe how dissapointed I was.

'Mamacita’ is a Spanish word used to describe a woman who is very attractive but its use is mostly vulgar, it does function as a diminutive of mom but we tend to use more the words 'mami’ and 'mamita’, so if you use it to refer to your mother (something that rarely occurs) it’s not wrong. The problem comes with the context in what is used and it’s commonly used in Mexico a country that still believes that a men has to be 'macho’ and has high levels of abuse against women, in all the years of my life I haven’t found a woman who hasn’t been assaulted verbally or physically as she walked down the street.

When I walk to school or go to shop for groceries, I feel very uncomfortable if a random guy start to yelling at me and saying me things that they think are compliments, for me 'mamacita’ it’s not a compliment, it doesn’t matter if the person telling me this is a random guy, a friend of mine or my bias it’s still a machist word.

What is really sad it’s that the latin american fans aren’t saying anything and they are even encouraging this, I had read that they want to call them 'papacito’ and it’s not really surprising because most of what society teach us is to let the boys do whatever they want with us.

To be honest, I can’t support this comeback, not with that title, I still love the boys but I wish they (in general) had researched the connotations of the word and not just added it because they tough it was cool and was going to make the fangirls crazy.

I really want the girls to think about this, why the double standard? Why if someone tell you 'mamacita’ in the street is bad but if your bias do it is right? They are a ton of words to compliment a woman in spanish, why choose that?I don’t know the others, but I’ll feel very awkward if they start to use that kind of words for refer to the fans.

kyumin is:

roommate couple (for seven years) <3

joy couple <3

sweet couple <3

musical couple <3

cute couple <3

incognito couple <3

sexy couple <3

subtle couple <3

airport couple <3

thighs and butts (and other body parts…) couple <3

wine couple <3

and now bunny fingers couple?

oh and lets not forget: dance couple!

omg forget it,dance couple is eunhae not kyumin jejejeje sorry, but…  

they are just kyumin <3

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