sungmin's story

A Things That Will Makes Me Suddenly Remember You...


When we see : “Sweet Pumpkin/Danhobak”

Suddenly remember : “Danhobak Sungmin”

When we see : “Yellow Raincoat”

Suddenly remember : “When Sungmin wear yellow raincoat at theme park and being a lost kid in my story”

When we see : “Red Umbrella”

Suddenly remember : “Kyumin moments on SS3 Vietnam (and the good things are my umbrella is red)”

When we see/ride : “Coaster/Viking/Tornado/etc”

Suddenly remember : “Super Junior’s The Man Who Can’t Be Moved”

When we see : “Pink Acoustic Guitar”

Suddenly remember : “Sungmin with his pink guitar”

When we see : “Baby With Cow Hat”

Suddenly remember : “When Sungmin wear a cow hat during SS2”

When we see : “Tarantula Spider”

Suddenly remember : “Kyumin moments during Puff The Magic Dragon on SS2”

When we see : “Yellow Paprika”

Suddenly remember : “Sungmin and his yellow paprika on Super Junior Happy "Cooking Cooking” Album"

When we see : “Simple Black Vest”

Suddenly remember : “Sungmin’s favorite outfit, sure enough he always suit like this on many events.”

When we see : “Dr. Dre White Headphone”

Suddenly remember : “When Sungmin always wear this headphone on airport”.

When we see : “PANDA”

Suddenly remember : “When Kyumin sit just look a like PANDA during SJM filming at theme park”

When we see : “Chup a chup/lollipop”

Suddenly remember : “Sungmin got shocked when ELF give him a super big lollipop”

When we see : “Bubble Tea”

Suddenly remember : “How Sungmin really loves bubble tea, really really.”

When we see : “Veil”

Suddenly remember : “Sungmin’s ASDFGHJKLEYR!~RQIT&HDSTRASZEACSJHDFDJDJGFDGJFDHG*@ on SS3 Vietnam” (i don’t know how to describe it).

When we see : “Big Yellow Glasses”

Suddenly remember : “Kyumin wearing yellow big glasses on SS3”

Okay…. let me get rest of this cuteness, i’m so tired to find any things anymore. (pict and gif is not all mine, and thanks to Mary for her pumpkin post today). ^^