CJAMM Series: Desire (Part Eighteen)

WC: 2154


“Have you seen the news?”

“Ugh.” You groan, resting your head on the table, “I’m avoiding the news at this point.”

           The news was out. Sung-Min and you being a couple was now public knowledge and every entertainment website and channel was reporting it. Your phone was blowing up with questions from unknown numbers as well as a threat here and there. Of course you were expecting this kind of reaction, somewhat, but the now that it had actually arrived, you couldn’t even bother to feel offended by some of the things you read or heard now.

“You and Ji-Hoon both.” The mentioning of Ji-Hoon caused you to frown as you thought back to when your relationship was first revealed. Though Sung-Min was signed under another label now and has been for a couple weeks, news outlets still circled back to the possibility that you had gotten into JM by dating a previous artist.

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