sungmin is tired

If Super Junior member were Lord of the Rings / The Hobbit characters.

Leeteuk = Gandalf

Heechul = Thranduil

Yesung = Elrond

Kangin = Thorin

Shindong = Sam

Sungmin = Frodo

Eunhyuk = Legolas

Donghae = Aragorn

Siwon = Bard

Ryeowook = Merry and Pippin

Kyuhyun = Witch-king of Angmar and Sauron


Zhoumi = Galadriel 

Henry = Lindir

I don’t even know okay. It’s 3am.

SJ: ELF have become adults already. 

ELF: *unfollow Jiwon and Siwon on SNS and say a lot of shits about such a lovely person as Liu Wen* *sit down during Henry and Zhoumi’s performances and refuse to accept their hard work* *send hate to all women which had any contact with Donghae* *probably still don’t support Sungmin and Saeun and make their life uneasy*

me: ARE YOU SURE BOYS?! Because I don’t think so… 

  • Antis: SJ is too old
  • Antis: No one even likes SJ anymore
  • Antis: Our oppas are more talented than SJ
  • ELF: What?
  • ELF: Sorry, couldn't hear you over the 1 million fans attending our concert
  • ELF: Is that your oppa I see in the sapphire blue ocean? Looks like he's a fan of Super Junior
[INFO] Recently Sungmin's very tired...

[Trans of LIVSM and TeukBar] 
Recently Sungmin’s very tired and even went to hospital. But he still insist to stay with Leeteuk with other members. Sungmin’s mum initially need to come to Kona Beans this wed, fri and sun. Now she’s coming everyday and will only rest on sat for a while. Hope everyone will try their best not to ask for photos with her as she’s tired too. Sungmin’s mum will be unable to attend Sungmin’s last musical tpday. So only Sungjin will attend. 

[LIVSM’s repost to TeukBar’s post] 
[Trans: Michkkl]

[Below is the trans of TeukBar’s post] 
[Trans] Today, Ming’s mom took the initiative to cover Teuk’s mom, so today’s Konamom is Ming’s mom, even though, today is Sungmin’s last musical performance…and also recently, Ming oppa is very tired and his health isn’t that good. Even though, he’s in such situation, he together with the members keep accompany Teukie for continuous 2 night…it’s Leeteuk’s fortune to have such big family, i’m proud to be a fan of this idols

[trans: _kimmocha]