sungmin is so lucky

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hi!!! ^^ how would suju react to you shyly confessing your love to them??

Leeteuk: [bursting with joy]

Heechul: Of course you love me, who doesn’t?

Hangeng: [can’t contain himself]

Yesung: [speechless]

Kangin: [shy]

Shindong: [overjoyed]

Sungmin: How did I get so lucky?

Eunhyuk: $!@!^$@@!#$@!$@^

Zhoumi: I wanted to tell you first.

Donghae: [giggles happily]

Siwon: I like you too.

Ryeowook: I was just going to confess to you! 

Kibum: Me? Really?

Kyuhyun: I too–I mean me like–I mean you–I mean–

Henry: So I guess that means you’re mine now, right?

[INFO] Hyukjae, Shindong, Sungmin and Yunho will be performing a concert with the Korean Military Band in Vancauver, Canada on the evening of July 26th, 2016!

160601 Ticket information and more details of the event will be posted in a couple weeks. (c)

The Purpose of Canada, Vancouver’s Military band concert 

Firstly, this concert is to wish a peaceful unification of Korea which will serve to stable international reationships and help economic growth in the region.

Secondly, to fundraise for North Korean defector to settle down in South Korea.

Lastly, to help save lives of those infected with tuberculosis, an issue that is very problematic in North Korea as their medical and financial situations are so severe that medicine is not readily available for their people.

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