💜Shop Update💜

Hey, little loves! As you know I’ve been promising to update Fae in the Forest with new items and the time has almost come. The official shop update will be on May 6th and monthly subscription boxes should be available to purchase May 17th. 💜 Below are a list of some of the items you’ll see coming to the shop plus a few more lost likely and as always I’ll post some photos with links to the items on the 6th as well!

  • A kitchen witch package! This comes with little jars of herbs and their uses, a protection charm to hang in your kitchen, some candles, and more!
  • Zodiac candles will finally be available now that all scents have been tested by their zodiacs! They’ll be available in 8oz jars and tea lights!
  • The Yggdrasil candle series will be continued with Asgard and Vanaheim.
  • Raw Crystals! 💜
  • Rune readings, this has been a long time coming. As well as new tarot readings!
  • Some new jewelry pieces.
  • Tea. So many more tea blends including a tea blend for divination use as well as a Loki tea and a tea blend specifically for PMS/cramps.
  • There’s a possibility other care packages will be available!