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Modern Business Butch @mackdihle. Photo by @alissapagels Look by @hautebutch

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Doesn’t Gewn look simply ravishing in these Prada 27NS sunglasses? I think the glasses give a unique style to any outfit. I’m not one for red-carpet wear…unless it’s on the red carpet so here’s how I would pair my Black Prada 27NS glasses for an everyday cute look.

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I’m really into lace this season and half my wardrobe contains it. The first outfit is a black vintage lace dress paired with a cute pair of black lace-ups with rose cut-outs. I love this look, I think the sunglasses would work great with the vintage dress because of their unique design. The second outfit is an all over damson lace dress in a maroon color paired with a pair of thick brushed sweater tights. I couldn’t decide if I like this outfit with the black Steve Madden platform heel or the cheetah ballet flats. I like the idea of both but wouldn’t want the pattern of the flats to take away from the main accessory, the sunglasses.

What do you think: The Steve Madden platform heel or the cheetah print ballet flats?

  • Real women wear heels!
  • A nice comfy flat for me!
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Aries: red, smoke, dirty blond hair, aggressive eyes

Taurus: green, books, meditation, intuition

Gemini: baby blue, beaches, aesthetic photos, holding hands

Cancer: cerulean, smiles, red lips, hugs

Leo: gold, crowns, tigers and lions, blue eyes

Virgo: white, dresses, elegance, driving at 3 am

Libra: lip biting, pastel purple, running, meadows

Scorpio: paintings, navy blue, kisses, laughing

Sagittarius: orange, archery, screaming, the sun

Capricorn: beige, glasses, glitter, minimalism

Aquarius: mirrors, grey, winter, trees

Pisces: blue-green, sunglasses, shopping, geometric shapes