sunglasses review

teambattlebuddies  asked:

oOooOOoo C6?? Jeremy???

Prompt thing! Jeremy as a medusa (medusae? gorgon? idfk)

Michael walked into the office to see Jeremy wearing his beanie and signature sunglasses while reviewing some footage.

Jeremy looked up briefly at Michael, “Hey.”

“Hey.” Michael plopped himself into his own seat next to him. He booted up his machines then leaned back gesturing to Jeremy’s hat, “Expecting Geoff to show up today?”

A chuckle, “Gav said he might drop by. You know how he is.”

Michael rolled his eyes, “He hired you, and you’ve been here two years now. If he still can’t get over the snake thing, you have every right to bite him on the ass.”

“I bet it tastes great.”

“This can’t be good for your hair… or whatever.”

Jeremy let out a hearty laugh, “Oh they hate it.” He held up a bandaged hand, “Really hate it.”

The Man From U.N.C.L.E. (no spoilers)

Seriously, as I said last night (in so many words), put on your lowest-prescription slash goggles (that’s all you’ll need, if anything) and go enjoy the epic slashiness that is Illya/Napoleon in The Man From U.N.C.L.E. You’ll also enjoy fun, action, pretty people, badass ladies, and glorious 60’s fashion.