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I’m Sure They’re Proud of You

Summary: Every week when you visit your grandmother’s grave you see a stranger visiting someone of his own. One day, he breaks down completely, and you decide to help comfort him.

Characters: Tony Stark, Reader

Warnings: angst

Word count: 1243

Oneshot Masterlist

Whoever said it was rainy and dreary whenever people visited cemeteries was dead wrong, no pun intended. Whenever you went to visit your grandmother’s grave, it was always a bright, beautiful day. The sun shone in the sky, illuminating the bold colors of the bouquets left behind on various gravestones. The birds chirped a lovely song, and the wind rustled up enough of a breeze to make even the warmest weather seem comfortable. It really wasn’t fair that such beautiful days seemed to occur on your most miserable ones.

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prompt 1: it’s been too long.

As requested by @ edo-salandria -

Natsu x Lucy

Rating: M+ (steamy citrusy goodness & swearing)

Words: 5,317.

Lucy hummed to herself happily, strolling down the confectionery aisle with a basket hooked around her elbow. Cana followed her groggily, looking around with red ringed eyes.

“Cana, do you want to borrow my sunglasses?” Levy questioned, pushing a trolley of her own a few metres back as Cana’s head turned to the bluenettes slowly, eyes narrowing.

“Why haven’t you offered me them before?”

Levy gave her a sheepish smile, “It’s kind of cool to see you hungover. I swear, I’ve never seen you hungover in the twenty three years we’ve known each other.”

Lucy laughed which made Cana growl and snatch the sunglasses away from Levy’s hands.

The blonde stopped in front of the chocolate bars, peering at the choices before grabbing a few and plopping them into her basket. Cana, equipped with sunglasses, strolled over and took a look at the contents.

“That’s a lot of batteries Lu, stocking up for your vibrator?” Cana cackled as Levy spluttered. Lucy, used to her friends teasing, just smiled sweetly, “I don’t need any batteries for my vibrator until the year 2040. It’s part of my apocalypse survival kit. Water, canned food and batteries for my vibrator.”

This made Cana laugh harder and Levy even cracked a giggle, “Nice priorities you have, Lucy.”

The smiling blonde shrugged, “If I’m going to die in a nuclear explosion, I want to go out with a bang.”

Cana, who had been trying to gain control of her laughter, lost it once again and wrapped an arm around Lucy’s neck.

“I think you are my soul mate.”

Lucy smiled at her best friend, “I thought Bacchus was your soulmate.”

“He stopped being my soulmate when he doesn’t laugh at my post-sex jokes.” Cana complained as Levy shook her head, “Saying ‘it looks like a mushroom’ isn’t a joke. It’s insulting.”

Lucy laughed, as Cana pouted, “I told you that in confidence Levy. And look, Lucy’s laughing so it must be funny!”

“She’s laughing because it’s funny to us. Not to a man you just had sex with!”

“That’s sexism and I don’t appreciate it!” Cana argued back loudly and Lucy pressed her lips together to stop the laughter wanting to rip from her mouth. She glanced over the top of the short shelving units, catching a glimpse of pink hair.

She tilted her head, before a gasp ripped out of her throat.

Pink hair. Cocky grin. Scarf in the summer.

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