sunglasses and the headband go away


It was a Saturday and detention  was getting ready to start. Brian was sitting in front of the building smoking. he didn’t care about being here nor did he care about getting in on time. 

alex and his mom pulled up a moment later. He kissed him mom on the cheek and got out with a backpack full of magnetizes. Alex had a little make up on and a cute flower headband.  

greg rolled her eyes as alex walked inside. “there goes the pride flag” He muttered. He was going to say something else but he saw someone walking. in the hoodie and sunglasses he couldn’t tell who it was at first. . “hey loser” roxxan muttered as she walked iniside. 

She went into the library and took the farthest seat away while alex was at the front. alex already had his magazines all setting out and had them each open to different pages”

As brian got up  and a guy came running past him  “IM LATE ON NO IM LATE IM LATE” Matt yelled running to the library. Greg just giggled as the boy was still very early. Matt ran into the  room and almost fell over causing alex to laugh  “where is everyone ?” he asked

“Your early” Roxxan said piping up.