sunglasses alert

9 May 2017

[Rum tasting with Robert and Aaron in their matching sunglasses *Fan Baiting Alert*] 

AARON: Finally got tired of fruity cocktails on the beach huh? 

ROBERT: Well we should at least see more of Mauritius than the beach, the hospital and our hotel room.

AARON: Why? *Suggestive wink* *already a bit tipsy on the rum*

ROBERT: Fair point *lopsided grin* but other than Jamaica, Mauritius has some of the best rum in the world.

AARON: This is what happens when I let you stay up watching Pirates of the Caribbean isn’t it? 

ROBERT: Yo ho ho and a bottle of rum! Ooh try this one!

AARON: *takes a generous sip* So I saw you booked our flight home during your 3am movie marathon. The date was redacted though. You gonna tell me exactly when we’re going?

ROBERT: Can’t do that yet. But hey, something for you to look forward to! While we’ve been away, the Plot elves have been hard at work on the Mill so it’s totally going to be ready for us to move into when we get back even though the last time we were in it, it was nowhere near done.

AARON: Great! I can’t wait to see it finished. Looking forward to dragging you up to our new bedroom too. *another suggestive wink*

ROBERT: *looks extremely guilty* *hides guilt face behind another glass of rum*

AARON: Something wrong?

ROBERT: Just the Plot. I think it’s finally going to catch up to me when we get back.

AARON: Do I finally get to learn what’s going on? 

ROBERT: Pretty sure…

AARON: Can’t wait!

ROBERT: You’re gonna regret saying that. I’ve decided I’m wearing the Lodge shirt that day.

AARON: Your Breakdown shirt? Oi, this must be bad then. Are there exposed radiators in the new place?

ROBERT: I hope not. And I promise you I don’t think the Plot is going to put a probably illegally acquired firearm in my hands either.

AARON: Whew! That’s a relief. Hey, look on the bright side, at least you’re not wearing The Breakup shirt!

ROBERT: I burned it. And if they resurrect it like they keep doing with that blue shirt with the crosses that the bloodstains really shouldn’t have come out of last time, I’m going to refuse to wear it. I love you Aaron and I’m not going to let my wardrobe come between us.

AARON: Not unless you wear that floral shirt you haven’t worn since Holly’s funeral. Then I’m going to have to divorce you.

ROBERT: Don’t lie, you secretly love that shirt.

AARON: *hides his smirk behind his glass* I have no idea what you mean…but I do love you. 

*Robert pulls him in for a sloppy rum kiss, determined to enjoy this as much as he can before he inevitably has to go back into that bedroom*