sunglass garden

Head shot of model wearing strippy pink plastic sunglasses by Sea & Ski; her makeup is light with a silvery powder, Frosty White, by Revlon, and Pussycat Pink lipstick. (Photo by John Rawlings).
House and Garden , April 1965


George Harrison in the gardens at Friar Park, screen capped from Living in the Material World and the “Any Road” music video

“Although [George Harrison] did feel like a big outsider to the entertainment industry, he wasn’t hiding, he was just doing what he wanted to do - planting trees and making music. Trees replaced music as his work. Japanese maples. We bought a couple of thousand of them. He’d be out in the garden digging, on his hands and knees planting every night until the light went. My mother and me too, we were a real team.” - Dhani Harrison, Los Angeles Times, 18 November 2002

happy hearts

I know everyone and their mother has an angsty Viktor backstory, but what if we just…didn’t?

Big thanks go out to @kevystel and @cafecliche for letting me yell about this at them all the dang time. 

*This isn’t to dismiss anyone else’s love of angsty hcs, but when in doubt, I want Viktor to have grown up loved. It’s totally possible to be a highly functioning athlete who is also depressed and miserable. Distance is real. Loneliness is real. You can have the best family and friend network in the world and still struggle with these things. kevystel and I have both mentioned that one of our favorite things about YOI’s portrayal of mental illness is that it shows you don’t have to have a traumatic backstory that Gave You Problems. Sometimes they just Are.

And sometimes I just need to imagine some fluff. Just let this boy be as happy and creative and loved as much as his heart demands.

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gapyru  asked:

Any tips on finding cryptids?

Many, many many hide in plain sight . Everyone always looks in the woods..abandoned places,,, graveyards. . .. . of course some of us live there but it’s usually cold and lonely .

your neighbor across the street,,,the one whose face is obscured by a sunhat and sunglasses with gardening gloves who you only see when they’re watering the flower beds,,, the empty empty flower beds… the little boy who you’ve seen at the park,,, the one who darts and hides and runs from tube to tube and scurries quick as a whip up slides… The apartment down the hall you can always hear rustling and movement and screeching and squawking,,, of course everyone thinks it’s just someone’s pet bird. .. .
Have you ever been to someone’s house and there’s pet hair on the furniture ? they might not even have a pet

Nobody Else But Me

Tobi x Reader

Request: “Could you please write an imagine based on that shirtless tobi gif? Something where he gets super jealous and then somehow leads to that situation with him shirtless and out of breath. Honestly you can write it however youd like but I need something to satisfy the tobi feels after that gif”

Note: 2400 words. Shout out to the anon who told me to listen to this song because it inspired this imagine. Also shout out to @sveta-sdmn for turning all of my followers into Tobi stans. I appreciate dat. Sexual themes below (like, seriously).  [master list]

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MCL Fairy Items/Where to find Aunt Agatha

For @vanillaamoursucrethings :3

Note for reference: Sometimes Aunt Agatha will give money instead of an item. It sucks, but it happens. Unfortunately, she can only show up once per episode so if you get the item you didn’t want (whether it be money or one of the times she has multiple options), you’ll have to redo the episode.

And of course, you may need to go in and out of areas for her to show up. She rarely is there on your first check x__x I’ve spent over 200AP once trying to find her and I was in the right place, it’s just partially luck based.

Episode 1: Pearl Necklace - During when you have to get everything to finalize your registration, she’s in the Hallway or Student Council Room (I want to say everyone gets this since it introduces you to her but??)

Episode 2: Rainbow Ball Bracelet - When trying to get the Absentee note signed by Castiel, she can be found in the garden. You can also find her there after your club duties as well.

Episode 3: Belly Button Ring - When the toy, collar, and leash fail and you need to get the biscuits from Castiel/find him for the idea, you can find Agatha in the gym. 

Episode 4: Sunglasses - In the Garden after getting the first two items from the stairs.

Episode 5: Sherlock Cape - While waiting for the Principal to leave so you can go to the teacher’s lounge, she’ll be in the staircase. You can also find her there while searching for the key.

Episode 6: Halo or Devil Horns - When you need to buy paper and a pen for Lysander to write a poem, you can find her in Classroom A. You can also find her in Classroom A after asking Rosa where she lost her ring. Depending on if you help Rosa and Leigh or try to break them up determines what item you get at the end of the episode if you found her. You get the Halo if you helped them and the Devil Horns if you get the Leigh illustration.

Episode 7: Birdie, Bunny, or Panda Slippers - After getting the snacks from school–you can find her in Melody’s house in the hallway (go between the bathroom and hall as going into the bedroom will continue everything). It’s random which you get. You need to play three times to get them all. You can supposedly find her from the first time you get there as well before you find out about the missing snacks.

Episode 8: Grilled Toast, Jam Toast, or Chocolate Toast - She can be found in Classroom A after talking to Kim and the boys about where to study. It’s random which toast you get.

Episode 9: Swan Float - This one sucks to get. It can be found at the Northern Beach either when you need to find the seller or after meeting Dake (though, I believe I’ve gotten it during other objectives too). Since just walking along the beach also progresses the story, you could easily finish the episode without getting it. This took me several replays to finally get lucky and get it. 

Episode 10: Gold Graduation Cap, Graduation Cap, or Text Book - She can be found in the Staircase or Room A before you run into Alexy in the Courtyard, which hat you get depends on your results in Episode 8 (so you’d have to do a story replay to get the others -_-). Gold Graduation Cap is what you get if you aced your tests, the normal Graduation Cap if you did okay, and the book if you failed. 

Episode 11: Backpack - When you need to find your teammate for the race, you can find her in the Student Council Room.

Episode 12: Smart Phone - You can find her in the locker room after you get caught by Nathaniel or before you buy Amber a phone.

Episode 13: Stereo - She’s in the locker room again. You can find her while collecting money or before you talk to Nina.

Episode 14: Headphones - In the locker room once more either before or after talking to Nina (As in both–not as in I’m not sure which).

Episode 15: Vintage Dress or Vintage Camera - Still in the locker room… Before/After buying Deborah’s album. Random which you get. Need to play again for the other.

Episode 16: Chocolate Bar Necklace - She’s still haunting the locker room. She’ll be there either while Iris, Violette, and Alexy are avoiding you, when you’re looking for comfort, and before you talk to Rosa.

Episode 17: Baseball Bat - Classroom B while either looking for Lysander or Castiel.

Episode 18: Bunny Ears - When you need to find Peggy or After rescuing the rabbits, you can find her in the Gym, Garden, or Student Council Room.

Episode 19: Blue Dot Clutch with Pink Flower - She’s in the Sunglasses store. You can find her after talking to Lucy for the first time.

Episode 20: Happy Mask or Sad Mask - Either when you’re looking for everyone’s reactions to the play at the start, looking for Violette and Kim or when trying to find a quiet room to practice. You get asked a question and if you pick A. Macbeth, you get the sad mask. If you pick B. Hamlet, you get the happy one. Have to play twice for both.

Episode 21: Alice Flamingo Club, Riding Hood Basket, or Beauty Thorn Rose - During Go back to the Gym or when waiting/looking for your parents, you can find her in the Garden. You can also find her after a guy helps you with the fabric for Rosa or when talking to the others about the play. You get whichever coincides with the play you picked so you need to replay 3 times and also do the AP play change for all 3.

Episode 22: Adventurer’s Hat - During the Treasure Hunt when looking for the first three items, you can find her in Classroom A.

Episode 23: Panda Kigurumi - When trying to find Amber, you can find her in the Science Room. You can also find it when looking for someone to talk to about Nathaniel.

Episode 24: Robotic Dog or Robotic Cat - During your date at the pet shop. Before you go to the cat and dog aisle page, keep going between the Register and Accessories and Rodent Aisle until she shows up. Which you get is random so you have to play twice for both.

Episode 25: Green Flask - While looking for where to buy your outfit for Science Class or before you go to the gym to purchase it, you can find her in the basement. You can also find her when spying.

Episode 26: Straw Hat - While going with Rosa to buy Picnic Supplies, you can find her at the Shops before you go home. You can also find her there after meeting with the others at the Cafe and before talking to Nina.

Episode 27: Henna Tattoo - In the Library. When looking for Nathaniel when you’re trying to find him with Kim or after you overhear Amber’s plan to do something to Priya. 

Episode 28: Cupid’s Bow and Arrow - When you need to go back to school after the date, she can be found in the Park or Park Entrance. 

Episode 29: Drawing Folder - When gathering everyone for Classroom B, you can find her Upstairs (in front of the science room/upstairs hall). 

Episode 30: Bunny Sweater - When you need to follow Lysander upstairs, she appears in Classroom B and Classroom A.

Episode 31: Stethoscope - When looking for Lysander’s doctor to tell him about Nina. You can find her in the first Hospital Room and the 3rd floor hallway. 

Episode 32: Hairnet Cap - When you need to ask your parents if Rosalya can sleepover, you can find her at the park entrance.

Episode 33: Party Props - Either when you bring the dishes to the living room or when isolating yourself to write down a dare. You can find her in the Garden or Thomas’ Room.

Episode 34: Spaghetti Bowl - When you leave the cafeteria after the incident or while looking for Iris’ phone, you can find her in the basement. 

Episode 35: Polaroid - During Go back to the high school when you hope to find Iris’ Blackmailer in the Gardens, you can find Aunt Agatha at the Park Entrance at night, Cafe at night, or Shops at night.

Episode 36: Unicorn Mask - You find Agatha at the Shops during the very first objective.

Episode 37: Cloud Purse - She can be found in the Park at night before meeting the Twins (+ boyfriend if not Armin or Kentin) at the bus after getting ready in your room.

jooleah  asked:

how about harry/draco getting back together after a breakup OR drag queen!harry (or both in the same story heeey)

mate i have been trying to write this for like 2 weeks now, i’m sorry it’s not happening, but here are some vague hcs

  • i think harry hates attention too much to ever be a drag queen in like the performing sense, but i can def see him playing around with gender and queerness and drag in his own quiet but sure way
  • harry wandering bored round grimmauld place in a soft flowery dress, capped sleeves tight on his shoulders, lounging on the couch with his knees hooked over the arm and the skirt falling pretty and gauzy around his hairy legs
  • gardening in a pink slip he’s pretty sure once belonged to walburga with a flannel shirt thrown unbuttoned over the top when the sun goes down and it starts to get chilly
  • doesn’t really mind what pronouns people use, ‘he’ still feels familiar and comfortable, ‘they’ is kind of nice, one morning he comes downstairs in skinny jeans and a yellow crop top and ginny looks up and says absently, warmly, “oh, you’re such a pretty girl,” and harry thinks about it all day, warm and shy
  • can’t wear high heels, no matter how good they make his legs look, he never gets over the uneasy feeling that he might suddenly need to run
  • finds a kilt that he assumes was sirius’s, wears it quite a bit, it makes a bit of a splash when he goes out for a drink in it and the daily prophet get pictures and it promptly starts a trend
  • hot august days lying in grimmauld place’s garden with sunglasses and a too big chudley cannons t-shirt and lace underwear
  • lipstick, always slightly smeared in one corner where his hand jerks
  • luna puts winged eyeliner on him one night and he’s almost frighteningly beautiful
  • he has one photo of his grandparents, the potters, when they were young, and he likes the gold bangles all up his grandma’s arms, writes awkwardly to parvati for advice, and she takes him shopping in brick lane
  • is in a bar feeling sort of tired and sad and itchy in his own skin one night, wearing a short black dress that looks half like an oversized 80s shirt except its tight and sweet around his waist, and cheap tights and his sneakers trailing laces. when he spots the blonde head of hair his heart sort of sinks, not in the mood for smirking or, worse, one of the tense, awkward conversations they’ve tended to have after the war. only when draco saunters over and says, “well, potter,” his sneer falls away before it can even get properly going, and his eyes go dark. he says, slow and a little surprised, his drawl almost warm, considering, “you look nice.”

George Harrison, Esperance, Australia, 1984 (Photo: Fiona Norwwod/ABC Australia 2012)

“I could try being a pop star forever and going on TV and do concerts and be a celebrity, or I can be a gardener.” - George Harrison, Good Morning Australia, April 1982 [x]

Q: “George, how would describe yourself today […]?”
George Harrison: “As, uh, a middle-aged ex-pop star, I think.”
Q: “Is that all?”
GH: “I don’t really… I dunno, it’s sort of a funny question, I suppose. Ex-pop star, peace-seeker, gardener, ex-celeb, until now again.”
- Good Morning Australia, April 1982 [x]