dyosang-pag-ibig  asked:


1. Sungki-sungki ngipin ko;
2. Incoming 3rd Year college pa lang ako sa pasukan;
3. Di ako marunong ng mga computer games;
4. Nag-download ako ng Telegram dahil ‘mema’ lang.

HAHAHA HI!!! Thank you & Good night :)

drunken nights🍸 sungin

[pouring out shots for him and three other customers at the bar] Alright, heads up! [downs his shot along with the group, laughing happily afterwards] Last drink for me, alright?

Kendrick: C’mon, Jongin! Live a little [looks at Jongin all cute] 

Wesley: He’s not wrong, you know. Besides… [leans in] I wanna buy you a drink! So what do you say?


svnnyki  asked:

✉ / ø / & / ⁇

Send “✉” for a text that WASN’T SENT.

  • [ UNSENT SMS to sun of my life 😫💦 ] hey. out of all the shitty and awful things that is in my life, i’m glad that you’re in it.
  • [ UNSENT SMS to sun of my life 😫💦 ] you’re more supporting than my dumbass parents when i told you that i wanted to go into theatre than their stupid government jobs. they’re dumb, just like everyone else in this stupid school.
  • [ UNSENT SMS to sun of my life 😫💦 ] but you’re not? you’re cool and i’m really, really glad you’re always there for me, you know? i’m thankful to have you in my life. 
  • [ UNSENT SMS to sun of my life 😫💦 ] happy birthday, sungki. 

Send “ø” for a LATE NIGHT text.

  • [ SMS to sun of my life 😫💦 ] biTc h you better not be asleep!!
  • [ SMS to sun of my life 😫💦 ] jinwoo’s party is in an hour and i thought we were going to pregame!!
  • [ SMS to sun of my life 😫💦 ] SUNNYNYNYNYNYN ! ! !! !!!!!!
  • [ SMS to sun of my life 😫💦 ] wake up :(((

Send “&” for a LOVING text.

  • [ SMS to sun of my life 😫💦 ] hey, i just came back from visiting the rents!!
  • [ SMS to sun of my life 😫💦 ] you in your room???
  • [ SMS to sun of my life 😫💦 ] let’s get food? i’ll buy.
  • [ SMS to sun of my life 😫💦 ] i just missed you a lot, dork.

Send “??” for an ACCIDENTAL text.

  • [ SMS to sun of my life 😫💦 ] fuck you. i gave you my everything and you just left me! i cried over you for a week, you fuck! i wish i never met you.
  • [ SMS to sun of my life 😫💦 ] FUCUFKCKCFU IGNORE THAT
  • [ SMS to sun of my life 😫💦 ] why tf is ur name so close to my ex’s??
  • [ SMS to sun of my life 😫💦 ] come ovr i hav some gossip to tell u :((
Family Dinner || Sungin+Jaesook

*as he and Jongin are walking up, Sungki looks over at his lover* Hey, relax. You’ll be okay, okay? Jaebum-ah is really excited to see you- your hair looks fine, you look beautiful. *is addressing all the things he was concerned about on the way over* 

*knocks on the door*

Hyunsook: *opens it up and looks at the two of them and smiles a little, bowing to Jongin* Annyeonghaseyo, Jongin-hyung. Jaebum-hyung isn’t here yet, so come in and make yourselves comfortable… waahhh you’re much prettier in real life Hyung! *beams at Jongin*

Sungki: *shoves him* Stop flirting with him *goes in quickly*


Alone Together | sungin

*both Mills and Minji are busy today and after getting a map, Sungki decides he’s ready to venture alone– but both Mills an Minji don’t like this idea so Mills asks Jongin to take him around instead; so now Sungki’s waiting outside of Jongin’s work bc there’s no way he’s going inside nuh uh no way with a hat on and sunglasses, not really wanting to be recognized by fans when he’s alone*


Dinner time [Hyunki, Jaebum & guest]

*goes to the restaurant that they had agreed on with Sungki and waits with him in the private booth*

Sungki: *is silently playing with his phone, he’s probably texting Jongin some encouraging words or whatever idk*


Meeting || Hyunki + Jaebum

*is walking around with Hyunsook- they have a day off and decided to spend it together- rather Hyunsook decided for Sungki they would- and they’re walking around in their masks, they’ve just gotten some food and all that, now they’re just walking about tryna have a good day n stuff*

Hyunsook: Hyung, those sunglasses would look good on you! *points at some, grabbing Sungki’s arm to direct him to look*

Sungki: Mm… I don’t know, Hyunsook-ah. I don’t like the shape…. I’d look bad.

Hyunsook: Yaaahhh! You always say that, hyung!


Gusto kita. Ako din ba gusto mo?

Gusto kitang makita sa personal. Or kung hindi sa personal, kahit sa picture lang. Wala akong pakialam sa kung ano ang itsura mo. Kung payat ka ba, patpatin ka ba, o kung ano man. Wala akong pake kung may salamin ka o wala. Wala akong pake kung maputi ka o hindi. Kung mas matangkad ka sakin o hindi. Basta gusto kitang makita.

Gusto kong marinig yung boses mo. Kung hindi sa personal, kahit sa telepono lang o sa audio o kaya song cover. Wala akong pake kung anong klaseng boses meron ka. Kung maliit ba o hindi. Kung malalim ba. Kung panget ba. Kung nasa tono kaba kumanta o hindi. Kung nakakainlove ba yang boses mo o hindi. Basta gusto kong marinig yang boses mong yan.

Gusto kitang makausap. Kung hindi sa personal, kahit sa chat lang o sa text o sa TA o sa FM. Araw-araw. Wala akong pake kung ano man mapagusapan natin. Kung tungkol ba sa buhay mo yan. Kung tungkol sakin. Kung tungkol sa studies. Sa sports. Sa music. Sa showbiz. Sa pamilya. Sa mga problema. Sa pag-ibig. Wala akong pake kung mawalan tayo ng topic bigla. Wala akong pake kung laging ako ang mag-iisip ng topic kahit hindi ako magaling mag-isip. Basta gusto kitang makausap araw-araw.

Gusto kong makita yang ngiti mo. Kung hindi sa personal, kahit sa picture lang. Wala akong pake kung sungki man yang ngipin mo o hindi. Kung naninilaw man yan o hindi. Kung maganda yung ngiti mo. Kung napapangiti din ako pag ngumingiti ka. Basta gusto kong makita yang ngiti mo.

Gusto kong makilala ka nang lubusan. Wala akong pake kung malihim ka o hindi. Kung madaldal ka o hindi. Kung mahilig kang magshare o hindi. Wala akong pake kahit minsan hindi kita naiintindihan dahil di ko pa nararanasan yang nararanasan mo pero pilit kong iintindihin ka. Wala akong pake kung iyakin ka. Kung mabait ka o hindi. Kung masungit ka. Kung may social difficulty ka. Wala akong pake kung maiiyak ka sa pagkkwento mo dahil pupunasan ko yang luha mo at gagawin ko lahat ng kaya ko para mapangiti kita. Wala akong pake kung tingin mo FC ako. Basta gusto kitang makilala nang lubusan.

Gusto kita. As in gusto kita. Wala akong pake kung may gusto kang iba. Kung magtataka ka kung bakit ikaw ang nagustuhan ko at hindi iba. Kung bakit sa dinami rami ng tao sa mundo ikaw ang napili kong mahalin. Kung gusto mo rin ba ko o hindi. Hindi ko alam kung bakit kita gusto. Basta gusto kita.

Ganyan ka din ba? Gusto mo din ba akong makita? Gusto mo din bang marinig yung boses ko? Gusto mo din ba akong makausap? Gusto mo din bang makita ang ngiti ko? Gusto mo din ba akong makilala nang lubos? Gusto mo din ba ako?