‘Singles’ September 2015 - “8 Hours with INFINITE” (full)

The deadline for ‘Singles’ is the 16th. 17th is when the editor, after being tortured by the thought of deadline all month, can finally relax and sleep in. But August 17th was different. The editor had to go to the studio, with fatigue from the previous day heavy on her shoulders, and shoot the cover of ‘Singles’ September issue in commemoration of its 11th anniversary. She thought as she waited for the six members, “I can do this only because they’re Infinite.” It didn’t take long for her to realize why their nickname was beagle!dol; no, it didn’t even take one minute. Sunggyu and Dongwoo, as if they wanted to blow the studio away, practiced singing on top of their lungs for their musical, ‘In the Heights’, which will be coming to theaters soon. Sungyeol kept whispering something to himself as he read his script for ‘D-Day’, which is to be aired in April. Other members were the same. Sungjong greeted the staff affectionately as he looked around the studio; L took a careful look at the clothes that he wore for the photoshoot; and Hoya sang ‘Holding the End of This Night’ intermittently and danced. We will now reveal our record of August 17th, when we spent 8 hours with Infinite. Even though all of us were sad that Woohyun missed the shoot because of his health condition, we were still able to feel the whole group’s limitless energy.

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An Infinite MasterPost for the Reluctant Inspirit

[For callmecayce and for reasons.]

WARNING: terrible fashion and fangirl screams ahead.

DISCLAIMER: I never really cared about Infinite until my beloved Kang Joon Hee came into my life, and then Infinite H happened, and then the Destiny era, and well, here I am, with a year’s worth of Hoya in the queue and willingness to rise to the challenge when someone makes an idle comment about whether or not she might one day become an Infinite fan. Which is to say that there won’t be too much in the way of their earlier work, because I honestly am not a fan of much of those. I will do my best, but my bias will definitely show. And my “bias,” too, I assume (Hobaby, noona loves you!).

What follows are purely my opinions. Obviously.

Of course, you can’t ignore the debut stage (and please note that the terrible fashion and crazy hair has been with them since day one). The boys immediately were known for their elaborately synchronized choreography, which is something that’s stuck with them today. And aw, lookit how cute they are with their first wins! So overwhelmed that they cry. (Note: they still cry and they are still cute.)

I’ll briefly skip over their earlier days because who am I to talk about those days when they were just a vague kpop blip that I only really knew because of “the scorpion dance.” Notable pre-Destiny era faves: “BTD,” “Be Mine,” “Paradise,” and “The Chaser.” Not so much of a fan of their more cutesy songs that I’m not even gonna bother to link to because you can find them if you want and I don’t want to deal with even watching a few seconds on youtube for you.

I do, however, love all of the “Destiny” comeback and all of their latest “Bad” comeback, although “Last Romeo” and Season 2 album was a huge disappointment even though “Back” was excellent.

The thing with Infinite is that you really need to like that kinda 80′s-synth-pop sound, and it that’s not the sound for you, this isn’t the group for you. I don’t mind that sound on occasion, but it’s not my kinda groove, and it why I never really got into Infinite as group since their debut.

Anyway, let’s move onto the fun stuff!

Why you should like Infinite if you’ve never liked them before AKA join me in the Dark Side AKA here’s a collection of links that I was going to organize in a neater way but I’ve already put this off for two weeks and you’ve probably already found most of them anyway on your reluctant Inspirit journey AKA yay pretty boys singing and dancing and being silly:

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150729 Infinite - Dancing and Singing Lovelyz’s 안녕 (Hi~)