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Hi, can you recommend infinite fandom blogs? Thanks ^^

No problem! ^_^

For plenty of Infinite and SungYeol, check out My Yeol

For MyungSoo pics either just follow me or ifntsoo

For great fan art and other stuff - sunggyu-u

For facts and stuff - jjangdongwoo  

For Infinite + others - fangirlgoddess and infinite-and-everything and myalltimefavorite

These are the ones that come to my mind, but there are probably more. Hope this will do ^_^

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How would Sunggyu react when he found out I got no sleep yesterday night and barely slept in the past 48 hrs? ;u;

Sunggyu would definitely give you a ‘wth’ stare before demanding that you let him baby you and treat you like the princess that you are. He will want to feed you lots of soup and maybe give you some warm milk/tea, things that will make sure you are feeling okay and can help you sleep. He will then find your favorite things to watch, grab some blankets, build a fort, and cuddle with you until you fell asleep. He will stroke your head lovingly and kiss your temple as he whispers, from inside your blanket fort, “Nothing can get you in here. Sleep and let me worry for you a while.” #legitrelationshipgoalsrightthere

K-Pop Tagged!

Tagged by the wonderful healingwind96. So please go and check out that amazing girls blog because it’s amazing!

1) Group: Super Junior

2) Song: No Other


3) Group (male): Infinite. GOT7 is coming up fast behind them though.

4) Group (female): Wonder Girls… or MAMAMOO

5) Solo Artist: Ailee. I really like Sonnet Son also.

6) Song: No Love by Jun.K probably.

7) MV: … thats difficult. Probably Nothings Over… or Before The Dawn (Dance Ver).

8) Ballad: I Need You - Sunggyu

9) Catchiest Tune: U&I by Ailee

10) Dancer (male): … i’m gonna go with my main man Dongwoo but i’m in love with Yugyeom too.

11) Dancer (female): … thats difficult because I never really pay attention to that kind of thing with females… I’m going to say Soyou. I like the way she moves haha.

12) Vocalist (male): Sunggyu

13) Vocalist (female): Ailee

14) Rapper (male): The thing is with male rappers I have a lot because i generally LOVE the way raps sound. For example have you listened to Left Out by Legend. Litos rap in that is just perfection. T.K is an amazing rapper to (listen to Go Away by C-Clown). Eli also (Stop Girl, Dora Dora, Bingeul Bingeul by UKiss). There’s a hell of a lot more but I won’t bore you. Feel free messaging me though because I could talk about these guys all night.

15) Rapper (female): Yubin… ugh she is like da best. I love Girlfriend and Stop and The DJ Is Mine by Wonder Girls). Moonbyul is frickin amazing also from MAMAMOO.

16) Leader (male): I’ve always thought Yongguk was an epic leader. That groups gone through so much shit and he’s still amazing but on top has to be Sunggyu. It’s irritates me because a lot of people think Sunggyus a rubbish leader but if y’all actually took the time to look at behind the scenes shit you’d see he’s a scary as leader and a good one at that. He really does look out for them all.

17) Leader (female): Difficult… Hyolyn.

18) Currently Listening: Okay not K-Pop anymore haha. It was She Looks So Perfect by 5SOS

19) Last Song Played: It was Mrs All American by 5SOS

20) Next Song: Amnesia by 5SOS

21) Current Group I’m Obsessing Over: 5SOS haha. This is rapidly changing.

22) Male: All of them?? Top 5 are Sunggyu, Mark, Jin, Hongbin aaaaand T.K.

23) Female: Yubin, Wha Sa, Soyou, Hyeri aaaaaand Hana.

Hottest Idol
24) Male: Sunggyu

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25) Female: Yubin

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Cutest Idol
26) Male: Yugyeom (GOT7)

27) Female: Wheein (MAMAMOO)

28) Maknae: Jungkook (Bangtan)

Prettiest Idol
29) Male: Jin (Bangtan)

30) Female: Yubin (Wonder Girl)

31) MBC, KBS, or SBS: … all of them.

32) Active on AllKpop: Yeah

33) Which Fandoms Are You A Part Of: I’m not really apart of them just say hi once in a while. Inspirits are the ones I talk to most.

34) Which Kpop Forum Are You A Part Of: … none.

35) Favorite Korean Drama: The Thousandth Man was epic. Loved it!

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Juval? Weird name, I know ^^'

Send me your name and I’ll make you a mini playlist that start with those letters






u have a beautiful name <3

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Send me your name and I’ll make you a mini playlist that start with those letters






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Unusual name, Janja

Send me your name and I’ll make you a mini playlist that start with those letters

Jam jam- seventeen

Adore u- seventeen

Nalina- BLOCK B

Justice- C-CLOWN

Answer- Sunggyu

U have a really cool name!