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It’s Not One Sided (L)

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Type: Angst Fluff

Request: hello love ❤️ i’ve read a lot of your scenarios and all of it were really good. i don’t know if you still accept request at the moment but may i request a myungsoo (infinite) scenarios when he is a lot older than s/o and one time she overheard he talking to member that she is like his little sister so, she start going out with some other boy and that make him jealous and regret what he said and trying to get her back. happy ending 👍 thank you so much ps. please keep up the good work 💕


I’m making the Korean age 20 but the girl is actually 19

“I mean she just turned 20 this year. She’s nothing but a person I view as a baby sister. Why would I want to date her? ” Myungsoo spoke a littpe too harshly as the boys brought up how much time you and Myungsoo would spend alone. You were a ‘friend’ of Myungsoo but in reality you two were dating. But he never would admit it to anyone that he thought of you as anything more than the little sister type. You sighed as you pulled out your phone simply texting ‘its over. Sorry I’m too young’ you sent as you watched him pull his phone out. He glanced behind him and you two just made eye contact. He didn’t get up and turned back around to talk to the guys again. You gave a wave to Sunggyu who saw you before you turned back around “I think Y/N heard us talking about her” he told the others. “I hope she’s not upset or anything” Dongwoo says as he glances at the door.


“Why are you so smiley?” Sungyeol asked as he saw you smile at your phone. “I got a date this weekend” you tell him as the others “really?” Myungsoo asked as you nodded “Chungho-” but Myungsoo let out a scoff. You smiled “he’s a really nice guy. We went to high school together” you informed them “congratulations Y/N” Howon told you as he wrapped his arms around you in a hug. You laughed “thank you” you say as you glance at Myungsoo whose jaw was clenched.


Myungsoo’s leg rapidly tapped as he leaned against the door to your apartment waiting for you to get back from your date. Soon your voice filled the air as you were talking on the phone “thank you for this evening Chungho I really needed it” you spoke before ending your call. When you got to your door you looked down when you first met the eyes of your now ex boyfriend “why are you here?” you ask quietly as he looks as you. “I wanted to know if it was true about you and him dating” he told you. “We went on a date. Not dating” you clarify as you gesture him to move away from the door.

“We’re still together” he informed you “I’m pretty sure we broke up a few weeks ago" you told him. He smiled as your door opened and before you could close it behind you his hand harshly hit the door stopping it before he walked in. “Did the word ‘let’s break up’ ever come out of either of our mouths?” he asked. “I figured the not texting or calling gave it away” you tell him as he scoffs “you know we could go weeks without talking normally. I’m supposed to know when you throw a fit that we broke up. Y/N you’ve done this before only told yourself that we broke up and you would kill me if I went out on a date with someone when we ‘broke up’. Do you not see what is wrong with this?” he asked you as your jaw clenched. “You’re trying to blame me for your idiotic comments?” you hissed as he glared at you. 

“I’m an idiot because I don’t want people to know that I’ve been dating someone who has just recently turned 20, graduated high school last year, who I’ve been seeing since she was 17(16)? I’m an idiot for wanting you out of the eyes of the crazy and rude fans that we get? You could get hurt but no you’re right I’m an idiot for wanting to protect you” he told you as you two just stared at each other. “I always apologize for the way I have to talk about you and I feel bad that I can’t just be all open and happy about how I feel about you” he told you calmly as you two still had your eyes locked on each other. “You haven’t even told the guys” you say as your eyes began to gloss up “they’re your best friends and you still say I’m nothing but your little sister to them” you say punching his chest.

He grabbed your hand tugging you into him “I can tell them. Is that what you want me to do? I will if that’s what you want” he told you. “You have to promise you will never ever do that stupid stuff again” he spoke again. “Are you jealous or something?” you tease “of course I am my girlfriend goes out on a date with another guy? How am I supposed to act?” he tells you. A few moments later you two were in a heated kiss as he backed you up so you were sitting on the back of the couch. “I love you Y/N” he promised before kissing you again.