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Infinite's First Impressions of each Other
Infinite OT7

Kinda interessting LOL- Those are my crappy translations, so please be aware of the criminal translation, grammar and spelling mistakes.

SG:Before our debut, when we formed our group, during that time there were many incidents.  

WH: Yes.

SJ: Very many. Very many.

SG: I actually haven’t said it on a broadcast. Actually the first time I saw Sungjong.

SJ: Yes.

SG: I thought Sungjong was a girl.

SY: He looked very young.

SG: During that (time) he was wearing that toilet lid (I think it would be similar to the mushroom hair-cut).

SJ: During that time…

WH: Junior High.

SJ: Yes, junior high. The mushroom hair-cut was very trendy. I was  the leader for it. I’m from Jeolla-do. During that time the hair-cut was especially popular in the Jeolla province. That’s why I came with this head. Even wearing skinny pants.

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Stay A Little Longer

||| Anon asked:  Here’s a scenario idea: a cute, romantic and clingy sunggyu please! |||

Kim Sungkyu (Sunggyu) x Reader

Genre: Fluff

Word count: 504

Originally posted by justletitglow

You opened your eyes to your alarm going off. The sun was already up and was starting to fill the room with it’s warmth. You shuffled to edge of your bed to shut him off and almost fell out of but were caught by your arm. When the annoying noise stopped you turned around to see that Sunggyu has also woken up.

“Thanks and sorry for waking you up.” you said rolling over.

“Where are you going?” Sunggyu asked putting his hands on your waist and securing you in your position.

“To work, where else?”

“Please stay a little while longer.” he said pulling you closer so your back was to his chest. He planted a kiss on your head and snuggled in your neck. Enjoying the feeling of his breathing you laid still for a few minutes.

“I really have to go get ready.” you told him again trying to get out of his grasp. It was not an easy task though as he was holding on to you for dear life. After a few more attempts you gave up and stayed in his embrace for a while more.

“Okay, Sunggyu, could you please let go of me now? I’m going to be late, I stayed a little bit longer as you asked.”


“What do you mean no? Since when did you become so clingy?” you asked him attempting to get out once more.

“I can never get enough of you.”

“Oh sush.” you said slapping his hand. “Making me blush so early in the morning.”

You pried his hands off of you and finally sat up on the bed. You looked down and saw Sunggyu smiling.


“Nothing, I just thought you look really pretty today.”

“Is this another attempt of yours to convince me to stay? Sorry, but it’s not going to work.”

“But I’m on vacation.” he said pouting.

“Well that’s great and all but I’m not.”

Suddenly he jumped up from his position and quickly pinned you down on the bed, hovering above you.

“Then take some.”

“You know I can’t.”

“What if I arrange it for you?” he asked smirking.

Not letting go of you he reached for his phone and quickly dialled a number.

“Yeah, it’s me. No, she actually doesn’t, you know what I mean? Can you take care of that? Great, thanks.” and with that he hung up.

“Who was that?”

“Don’t worry about that. At least now I can finally have you all for myself.” he said reaching down to kiss you and then he fell on top of you.

“Hey Sunggyu, you’re heavy!” you said trying to push him off.

He rolled over, taking you with him. You were now in the same position as you were in the beginning of the morning but this time you were facing him. He pulled you closer and planted a few quick kisses on your neck. He loved being so close to you.

“Can we just stay like this for the rest of the day?”

A/N: Ahhh Sunggyu is so precious, my heart can’t take it 💖 Feel free to request more scenarios, reactions etc!! 😀