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Always trust Lee Howon for paying “his debts” ψ(`∇´)ψ / trans by me


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Gif reaction if you are showing him some new lingerie you ought especially for his benefit! Thanks for working so hard to keep the blog perfect!

“Can you try it on now?” *anticipates*

*expresses his wants in his own unique way*

“Alright, let’s get started-”

*likes it too much*

*tries to be sexy but can’t hide his anticipation so it just comes off as cute*

*has your full attention*

“I look forward to seeing you wear it~”

~Admin E
(Thank you for your kind words!)

Perfect. ~Sunggyu~ ♪

Request: Infinite scenarios!! Finally!! :) can you write a sunggyu scenario where he tries to teach me piano.. And both is us gets frustrated and I try to hold back the tears but I can’t so I walk into another room to cool off.. I’m not mad at him it’s just I’m disappointed in myself, Bc I thought I could do better. And also because when I get frustrated I cry. Haha it’s true. Thank you!! :) have fun writing this one!! :)   

Comments: Oh boy I did have fun writing this one. Writing for my ultimate bias is always fantabulous. Thanks for requesting & I hope you like ^^     

You finished your attempt of playing the same chords Sunggyu did just a minute ago, but it was to no avail. Once again, Sunggyu managed to produce something so beautiful, yet so simple out of the piano, and you produced nothing but awful noises that did not string together in any way.

         Sunggyu blinked numerous times and tried to figure out what to do now. The two of you had been sitting in front of that piano for the last hour, but you didn’t progress at all. “Well, ummm…” He awkwardly rubbed the back of his neck. “I guess it’ll just take a little time. Here, I’ll teach you something a little simpler.”

         “You’ve been saying that ever since we started. I don’t think I can waste anymore of your time, Sunggyu,” you said flatly.

         He frowned. “You’re not wasting my time. I want to teach you.”

         “I know you, Sunggyu, and I know you’re slowly losing your patience with me.” You took a deep breath and let your hands fall to your lap. “You don’t have to teach me anymore if you don’t want to.”

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