sunggyu is lost

Infinite Reaction: When you are lost in Seoul

Thank you for being a cutie~ <3 It`s a honor to know that you love us so much ^O^

Sunggyu: Well… I think you need a taxi

Dongwoo: [asks where you need to be, gives directions using google maps]

Woohyun: I know the city so well. Just trust me and I`l take you to your hotel

Hoya: [explains where to walk and which bus to take to get to your place]

Sungyeol: Why would you walk around the city all alone if you don`t know it at all and don`t even have a map?

Myungsoo: [gives you directions and asks if you need any more help] {You: Thank you so much!} You are welcome~

Sungjong: [calls the taxi, waits until it arrives and tells the driver to treat you well] Have a nice trip in Seoul and don`t get lost anymore, okay? Good bye~

- Vivian ヽ༼>ل͜<༽ノ

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INFINITE attempting to sing along to ‘Stand By Me’. 

When they find you after you got lost


“Are you crazy? You should pay attention next time”.

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“Are you okay? You didn’t get hurt, right?”

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“What should we do about you? I was so worried. Next time lets get lost thogether”.

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“I’m glad you’re okay”.

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“Thanks God you’re not dead”

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“Do you know what you did to my heart?”

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“You’re safe, what a relief”.

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INFINITE REACTION:  To they realising they love you


“Oh my god! It can’t be true!” Sunggyu would feel a little lost, after all, it would be different of all what he had felt and the fact of he is enough rational sometimes, couldn’t help him to reach a conclusion. “I’m going crazy!”


He would be smilling more than the usual, if it’s possible, and he would begin to make plans to confess to you, one more romantic than the other. And when you were around he would smille as someone who hides a secret and is ready to reveal it, leaving you curious.


Talkative like the usual, realising his feelings for you, Woohyun would talk on and on with the members, asking what they think about his ideas of how to declare to you and invite you for dates, but, of course, so excited, he wouldn’t let anyone more say something.


Hoya would bite his own lips everytime he thought about you and realising the obvious, he would open a malicious smile.

“Ohh yeah, we make a beautiful couple!”


He would become ashamed with his conclusion, would be the first time he would think to have something more than friendship with you and would plan everything with the minimum details to declare to you. However, always he was close to you, he would be too embarrassed and shy.


He would be surprised to realize that he can not stop thinking about you and then start making plans for the two of you together, as married and have children, before they even confess to you, since for this he would want not always be near to you.


He wouldn’t have problems to fall head into his feelings, probably, he would be the most shameless, then as soon as he realized, you would be the first person to know.

“Y/N-ah! I love you!”

~ADM Misso

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