Watching this performance, I realized how much you grew up in the last few months. You’ve always been the one who would practice looking like you were having fun on stage to make things perfect, and I never thought I’d see you enjoying yourself as much as you did here. You’re oozing confidence and beauty, and I’m so proud that you’re my bias.


So… I’m a couple days late, and I’m sorry. There’s really no excuse. I half-assed your birthday, too, so I think this is in order.

Wow, what a year. I will always remember your 8th year of debut as the year I fell in love with you.

Getting to know you was hard. At first, you just seemed perfect. There was nothing you couldn’t do. When I got to know you a little more, I realized that you weren’t born perfect like it’s so easy to believe. You are a passionate, serious, quiet man who, above all else, strives for perfection.

In some ways, it was a difficult year for us. We had to say a tearful goodbye to you on Sukira. We also had to watch you get upset over and over again when you didn’t meet your own standards in your performances, with SJM, with your appearance, when to us, you are already perfect.

But it was also a year of happiness for us as it was a year of new pursuits for you. We got to watch you expand your horizons with two beautiful musicals, and we also watched you proudly as you MCed for a prestigious award. And oh, we will never forget that this was the year where we all questioned whether we had really fallen in love with a girl! We saw you build more and more confidence, and for the first time, we watched you really, really, and I mean really enjoy yourself on stage. And that is enough for us. You are already perfect, Sungmin, and for you to believe that is all that I could wish for as you head as we head into your 9th year of debut. And for the 9th year, Sungmin, I hope that the next year brings nothing but happiness for you.

Happy 8th debut anniversary, Sungmin.