sung yul

One’s feelings can be put into words.
That’s why just one remark can give off warmth.
In this cold, harsh world, the thing that allows one to recognize the warmth that is present in life, and makes it worth living is not a wise saying, or a refined, witty remark.
Rather, it is one warm remark filled with one’s raw, unrefined feelings.
—  Reply 1988

blue night radio ♡ 160615

a listener sent in a message and her name is seon yul, which can mean “melody” in korean.
jonghyun: wow, seon yul-ssi, your name is so pretty. there have been a lot of times that i thought of the name seon yul …, hwa sung-ie (meaning in english: harmony), seon yul-ie, and rhy thm-ie. i wanted to name my kids with those names if i ever had triplets. the three elements of music. (source: thatcoolcatmeow)