sung joon*


No, you can’t. You asked if you can like him. No, you can’t. Eun Hee-shi, you can’t like Goo Jung Hee-shi. Goo Jung Hee-shi is my ex-husband, is and always will be children’s dad, and whereas we have filed the divorce papers, he’s still my friend and will continue to be so. He needs to be healthy and well. That’s why it’s a no.

Weightlifting Fairy Kim Bok Joo x

I don’t talk about it very often here, but I watched quite a handful of korean dramas. I’m very picky when i watch them tho, but this quickly became a personal favorite. Considering I’ve only ever had one ultimate favorite kdrama that I never get tired of (now i have 2!) 

I highly recommend you watch it! if you’re into pure, fluffy and light-hearted romance and adorkable humor! 

So I painted this piece just coz’ the drama just ended very recently, and I miss it already and i loved it so muuch x