The World of Ice and Fire - Rhaenyra facing her death.

Of this great battle, Rhaenyra knew nothing, but it did not matter. Aegon II, ever spiteful of his sister and enraged at the agony of his shattered legs and the impending death of his dragon , fed Rhaeynra to Sunfyre before the eyes of her sole surviving son (…), Aegon the Younger. So passed the Realm’s Delight, the Half-Year Queen, on the twenty-second day of the tenth moon of 130 AC.

Artist: Arthur Bozonnet


→ The half year queen, a Rhaenyra Targaryen fanmix (mostly instrumental)

Part I
I. Dracarys ….Ramin Djawadi II. Sanctuary….James Newton Howard (Dragonstone) III. Chosen… James Newton Howard (Stillborn) IV. Hero’s…. X ray Dog (Lucerys’ death) V. Starfall…. Two Steps from Hell (Taking King’s Landing) VI. The only one….Evanescence (Aegon II) VII. Kyrie II….Death note OST (The Iron Throne) VIII.Mhysa….Ramin Djawadi (dragonriders) IX. A queen’s loneliness….Trevor Morris

Part II

X. Big Sky….Two Steps from hell (Syrax) XI. Sub Lift….Henry Jackman (Prince Daemon’s end) XII. Statues….Alexander Desplat (The delight of the realm) XIII.The houses of healing….Howard Shore. XIV. Lupercalia….Faun XV. Dark Paradise….Lana Del Rey (loss) XVI. Storm….Craig Armstrong (The storming of King’s Landing) XVII.Let us burn….Within Temptation (Sunfyre’s breath) XVIII. Boadicea….Enya (Rhaenyra’s theme)

L I S T E N   H E R E