im not drinking again…for another 9 days

but holy cows. okay schoolies. I’m sure you’ve all been waiting for this post. i am tired/10 having fallen asleep at 7am this morning, like many other morning. sunrises were watched, undie swims were appreciated, livers were unthought of, undranks were made to be drunk (allaraisthefunniestdrunkever…mUM.) Randoms were met and quickly befriended-even girls-evelvators were where parties were held. 16 flights of stairs were walked by some…love you. swimmers were worn religiously. drunk laughter always had. NO FIGHTS! cheesecake was eaten. tallys were made. rules were broken. fences were jumped. chairs were broken. glasses were stolen. 

and my god. this week. was the best. 

<3 you guyz