sunflower surfboards

What The Signs Create:

Aries: rosy cheeks, tongues, roses, blood & red wine

Taurus: Boyfriend jeans, dandelions, the sky, lemonade & dragonflies

Gemini: giggles, rum, love bugs, surfboards & sunflowers

Cancer: home baked cookies, pearls, snuggles, babies, soft blankets & blushes

Leo: theatre, thunder, crop tops, ripped jeans & drama

Virgo: piano, white wine, pink roses, Chapstick & jazz music

Libra: balance scales, industrial, tulips, snakes & play boy

Scorpio: sex, rivers, red lipstick, kaleidoscopes, maroon & long nails

Sagittarius: sunsets, road trips, peace Signs, dream catchers & Ray Banz

Capricorn: white sheets, Lily’s, turtlenecks, French nails & baguettes

Aquarius: mandalas, flower crowns, mountains, iPhones & tie dye

Pisces: mermaids, lush bombs, ice cream, bubbles & camouflage