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Connor is that friend that sees your sad twitter retweets and vague Instagram posts and calls and checks up on you and invites you over that Thursday for brunch. And when you get there he’s meticulously setting up his sunflower print dishes and glasses and gently shooing a Maine Coon kitten out of the way, and over pancakes and coffee, asks you with genuine concern what’s going on and what he can do to help

Smart Cookies - Part 3 (Jughead x Reader)

Things have been going well for you and your boyfriend Jughead, you’ve been together for almost 6 months. You’re ready to move forward and you both think it’s time to become intimate. However with Jughead living at the Andrews and your parents working from home and an annoying little sister to deal with, the conditions are far from ideal.

Part 1       Part 2

Characters: Jughead x reader, Veronica, Archie, (mentioned) the rest of the gang.

Warnings: Kissing.

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For a girl who loved to spill, Veronica Lodge was keeping things very quiet about the plans she had for y/n. Y/n was a little confused as Veronica gave her instructions as they sat at their usual picnic table for lunch, waiting for the others.

‘So my mom’s friend owed us a favour. All you gotta do is go to the address I’ll text you, with Jughead on Friday and all will be revealed.’ V said.

‘Doesn’t sound creepy at all Ronnie.’ y/n replied hesitantly.

‘Just trust me y/n.’ Before y/n could question her further, the rest of the gang joined them. Jughead slid in next to her, she automatically turned and gave him a little peck on the lips. His cheeks flushed a little causing everyone to giggle at him.

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The Addams Family AU

[thinking of this mostly in the musicalverse rather than the films or the show]

Montparnasse puts off letting Jehan meet his family for the longest time because he’s not sure how they’ll react to him bringing home a flower child and he loves Jehan too much to let his family scare them away.

And then he gets even more worried when Jehan arrives at the door wearing a blue summer dress printed with sunflowers. Mama!Babet looks visibly ill at the sight.

“Right, mother, can we keep the weird stuff to a minimum tonight?”
*dinner crawls away*
“Ffs mum…”

But Jehan loves it because they get to hang out in a big gothic mansion complete with graveyard.

And just imagine their face when they find out about the ghosts.

And Montparnasse’s mother actually ends up loving Jehan so much (because let’s face it everyone loves Jehan) and they have a full conversation about skull cleaning.

She gives Jehan a bat skull for their collection.

Montparnasse is kinda low key terrified of Jehan after that because “oh my god Jehan she’s /smiling/ what the fuck did you say?!?”

Little brother!Gul is trying so hard to hate them and he just /can’t/ because why do they know so much about medieval torture techniques?? They weren’t supposed to be this interesting!

Jehan went to some ultra posh private school they they were younger and learned to fence. They ask why papa!Sous has such a wide collection of blades on the wall and end up in a match with him. They win.

Even grandma ends up loving them after the compliments Jehan pays her strips belladonna plants by the doorway.

Basically she fits right in and Montparnasse gets scolded at least four times for not bringing her home sooner.

They totally fuck in the graveyard before they go home to celebrate.

what lies at the bottom of the lake? all my mother’s lies. she told me about a girl who died here. only, no one ever died there. last week i saw the sun bleed itself into the lake, it tasted like rebirth & felt like shedding skin. what lies at the bottom of the lake? all my mother’s lies. the lake, is a body of pain. mother, what girl died at the lake? was it you? convulsing & wringing. rupturing & bloody. i’ve always seen you as bulletproof. mother, how do you stomach all that wreckage without throwing up?

when i was eight, the edges of my favourite dress got caught on the escalator. i didn’t scream. not until my father ripped me away & the metal tore my skin into slivers. something like a rag doll being dragged into a rabbit hole, & i tried to go back for the bits of my dress. my shredded sunflower print. when i went home that day, the sunflowers in the garden had wilted. & i wondered how different things would have been i hadn’t been pulled away. & it hurt more than my skin being in strips. even as a child i never liked to be saved.

it’s funny. how we’ve had to unlearn the smell of singed hair the way other kids unlearned flowerbeds. how we’ve had to outgrow tar on our cheeks the way other kids outgrew overalls. & i remember choking on smoke & burning & burning & burning &—it never stops. every time i close my eyes, my sister is setting fire to our bedroom & i am slamming burnt knuckles to the walls. maybe i’ll never know who she wanted to kill that night.

my first nosebleed looked something like a crime scene. stuck somewhere between too afraid of bleeding out & too badly wanting to. i smudged dried blood on the doorknob of my parents’ room. here lies your daughter, the stain you could never get rid of. sometimes i think about the hatchet under your pillow & how some days you would let me sleep there. i was always hoping it would bury itself in my head. you were too. i think we’ve always wanted me dead.

CHILDHOOD FEARS by laetitia k.
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fine art collection dresses: van gogh by purplefishbowl

purplefishbowl specializes in fine art-inspired patterned clothing pieces, like these swingy, flirty, and colorful dresses adorned with some of van gogh’s famous paintings. would you rock the blue or the orange? alone or layered with a september-perfect sweater? :)

Out of Sunflowers

Now that the Parallels Fanworks Exchange 2015 has revealed names, I can finally post the fic I wrote for it for the very talented viridianova! Yaay! It’s the first piece in a series of connected one shots revolving around Kacchan and Deku as they grow up. I hope it is enjoyed. :)

Title: Out of Sunflowers
Word Count: 1,684
Rating: G
Summary: Katsuki discovers a shy, green-eyed boy at the park and acts accordingly.

Also on AO3

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