Thank you to @blarffy and @neopixiesims for tagging me, you wonderful people you.

I want to know about your MeS!ms (aka) self-sim! Answer the following questions and then tag 7 simmers you’d like to know more about their self-sim. (Remember, the questions are in-game answers. You may have to do a little digging|research if you haven’t been in-game in a while.) No pressure though!

  1. Home Town: Willow Creek
  2. What is your favorite music station: Indie and Easy Listening
  3. Favourite Song: None.
  4. TV Channel: Comedy or Cooking
  5. Movie: (If you own Movie Hangout): The Adventures of Spaceship Simulation
  6. Favorite Hobby: Photography
  7. Hangout Spot: The Bluffs
  8. Restaurant: Don’t have.
  9. Beloved Clutter Item: Mugs.
  10. Finish this sentence: “I can’t live without my…" Computer.
  11. Best Outfit: Sundresses. 
  12. Accessory: Necklaces
  13. Your stranded at Bluffs, what’s ONE item your taking: A book
  14. You have 1 cc download wish, what’s it going to be: To have unlimited dresses to choose from
  15. Most Visited World: Windenburg
  16. Piece of Art: Jazz arts
  17. Food: Crepes
  18. Beverage: Chamomile Tea
  19. Ice Cream Flavour: Vanilla
  20. Popcorn Flavour: Caramel
  21. Game: Darts
  22. Activity: Gardening
  23. Main Trait: Loves The Outdoors
  24. Main Aspiration: Green Thumb
  25. Occupation: Writer

I’m tagging anyone who wants to do this.

anonymous asked:

I can't remember any evidence of it, but if you ever embrace sundress season my thirst suppression will reach capacity, and I will self destruct.

it’s too early for you to be annoying like this