sundown collaborative theatre

Hey #Denton people, this is happening tonight at J&J’s pizza!  Lots of fun prizes and performances, etc.  Come hang out with us! 

Here’s the badass lineup, which consists of representation from a few other arts groups in Denton (Glitterbomb, Spiderweb Salon, WordBomb, AND Sundown members!):

Machele Johnson (poetry)
Shane Silagi (standup)
Tony Fererro (music)
Courtney Marie (poetry)
Lindsey Bynum (poetry)
Bethany and Amy Burnside (music)
Mandy Rausch and Lindsey Hall (interpreted spoken word)
Greg Holland (poetry)
Lilith Grey, Naomi Kliewer, Derek Dizon (music)
Robert Linder (dramatic reading)
Janelle Schroeder (singing)
Jeremy Rodriguez (movement)
Kristen Gaddis (standup)
Kim Nall (music)
Bess Whitby (poetry)
KD Van Zandt (standup)
George Ferrie (movement)


We posted most of our #SundownSeason7 photos on our Facebook page this past week/weekend, and I wanted to show a few from the production of Said and Done that I directed in December. I couldn’t be happier with how these turned out.  One of the things I love about Sundown is what we’ve been able to do in that dance studio, and I LOVE these images and the colors my lighting designer created.  

I don’t often like photo calls, but I’m so happy with these.  

Photos courtesy of sundowntheatre and taken by Lauren Moore


friends… family… versions of me from an alternate reality: i am so pleased, so giddy, and a great deal honored to announce the first collaboration (of hopefully many to come) between myself and an outside production company!!

this is an announcement i’ve waited almost a year to make, and you’re gonna hear a whole lot more about it over the course of the next one! i’ll let the video speak for itself: skip to 2:54 for what is in no way the best part – just the corey-est.

welcome to the family, sundown collaborative theatre! i am very, very excited to be working with you. see y'all in denton tx, april 2016. :)


This post was written by Artistic Associate Lauren Moore.

In honor of the FINAL weekend for JACOB MONROE HATES CLOWNS, I decided I’d share a few of the publicity photos I snapped during dress rehearsal. There were so many great moments– and honestly, I was laughing so hard that I blurred more than I’d care to admit–but these were some of my favorites!   Enjoy!