The intricacies involved in launching a shuttle off the ground and successfully completing its mission is no doubt a meticulous task. Every move made during a launch is calculated and deliberate, nothing is left for chance.

On that note, having watched a couple of historic shuttle launches, this peculiar behavior caught my eye: the orbiter always faced the earth! ( The orbiter is the plane part of the shuttle)

Why do shuttles orient belly up ?

Protection against space debris

Upon entering the atmosphere, most space debris burn up. But out in space, without the protective blanket of our atmosphere, the space shuttle is exposed to all sizes and shapes of space debris ( also man-made ).

The space shuttle’s belly is designed to take up intense heat and pressure so that the shuttle doesn’t fall apart when it re-enters the atmosphere, and therefore best suited for taking hits from flying space junk

The Sun

Do you remember the heat-resistant space shuttle tiles that I posted about a couple of weeks back?

Putting the spacecraft with it’s bottom to the Sun it is these heat-resistant tiles on the bottom that are most exposed to the full power of the Sun.

This keeps the astronauts safer and cooler than they would be otherwise.

To maneuver

Wait, space shuttles maneuver in flight ? Yup ! For each mission the shuttle must be launched at a certain angle in order to accomplish the prescribed task.

Since the launch pad is fixed i.e you cannot change its angular orientation, the shuttle must perform the maneuver during the ascent in order to orient itself with the trajectory.

This maneuver is known as the Roll maneuver and is performed at a point about one minute or so after the launch.

The Atlantis performing a roll maneuver


Well, I think this thought might have already crossed your mind.

The belly down position assists in communication with the ground and allows instruments within the cargo bay to be pointed back towards Earth, which is required for many of the experiments carried within the bay.

Home, Sweet Home !

The reason why the shuttle’s cargo bay faces towards the earth has some psychological benefit as well.

The crew of the crew are given the spectacular views of our home planet glorifying the magnificence of its existence, rather than staring at the cold, dark void of space that lies afar.

Camren’s Tumblr 2016

i mada some collage bout their indirect blog to each other, call it delusional but how you ignore when one person reblog something and the other reblogged the other thing which i believe suspicous LOL

“i consume your light” … it clearly that was a moon.

even on instagram Camila post this

moon and stars, STARS coz she was a SUN

do you guys remember when Camila posted 

and couple days later Lauren reblogged

i’m pretty sure that Lauren wnat camila stay and never give up on her.. while she is on denial, deny of Camren thing, maybe she is confusing of herself.

and would add this post 

coincidence? naaaaaah….. they totally send a message to each other.

and how my camren heart jumped out by looking this 

i’m pretty sure both of them rebloged this during Europe tour, when they go to Eiffel, i was sure Camila want sing a song with Lauren in Eiffel or Lauren want see a Luna on Eiffel Tower with her.


Finally! ( Hindi ito Ariel Commercial ha. Tigilan niyo ako.) Nakamove-on ka na. ‘Moved-on’. May ‘d’ kase past tense. Nalampasan mo ang pinakamalupit na yugto ng buhay mo. Hashtag New you. Pang Version 2.o. At siyempre, dahil stronger ka na than yesterday kagaya ng kanta ni Tita Britney Spears mo, eto lang yung nasabi mo nung nabalitaan mong in-a-relationship na pala agad yung Ex mong tukmol which is maliit na bagay lang naman sa’yo kase nga, nakamoved-on ka na. 

And you were kinda like, 

  • “Hala!! Lumipad yung pake ko… Pakihabol.”
  • “Punta lang akong basement ha. Andun ata yung pake ko, nakapark.” 
  • “Eto google map. Pakihanap ng pake ko.”
  • “Basta pag nakita mo na yung pake ko wag mo na isoli ha? Labyu. 
  • “Wag ka magalala. Nireport ko na sa mga pulis yung nawawala kong pake.”
  • “Uy favor. Nahulog yung pake ko sa’yo sa inidoro. Pakipulot naman. :(”
  • “Sorry po. Out of stock na yung pake ko.”
  • “Yung pake ko lumipad sa langit di ko na nakita pumutok na pala.”
  • Breaking News: Nawala yung pake ko. 
  • Wag ka mag-alala. IpapaLBC ko na lang pag nahanap ko na yung pake ko ha. 
  • Nasa Lost and Found ata yung pake ko. Pwede mo bang tingnan?
  • Shitt!! Dumaan yung truck ng basura kanina. Nasama yung pake ko sayo.
  • Limited edition ang pake ko. Pasensiya ka na ha, walang natira para sayo.“
  • “Yung pake ko sa’yo nangibang bansa. Paki sundo nalang sa Airport.”
  • Tignan mo nga baka nasa Lost and Found yung pake ko sayo.
  • !!!! F O R S A L E !!!!          

           Product: yung pake ko        

          Condition: 10/10 Brand New      

          VIBE ME FOR DETAILS      


  • Wait. Yung pake ko nag loloading na.

Pero deep inside, gusto mong isalpak sa pwet mo ang lahat ng sinabi mo. Gusto mong manilkluhod, gumapang at magsumamo para sabihin sa kanyang,

“Ako na lang. Ako na lang ulet.”

At yun nga, Balik ka na naman sa simula.

People are Writing Letters to Aleppo in Response to Goodbye Tweets

Sohaila Tariq was standing in her Brooklyn home, pouring a glass of orange juice to share with her daughter in her. Her 7-year-old daughter ran around the white kitchen, around the wooden counter where her mother stood; a stuffed Pikachu in her hand.  Tariq picked up her iPhone and scrolled through her Facebook newsfeed when she came across a goodbye tweet from a teacher from Aleppo. She released a cry and her daughter grabbed her navy cardigan with concern.


“His tweet made me sob,” Tariq, 32, said, “and I immediately thought of my daughter.  He called for help to save his daughter. He appealed to people as a father, and I realized how blessed I am, living here, safe and sound. I would be broken if my daughter was ever in the same position, and wouldn’t the rest of the world be?”

Goodbye messages have been pouring in from Aleppo on Twitter this past week.  The armed forces of the Syrian government surrounded the last remaining rebel territory in east Aleppo, broke the cease fire agreement and resumed airstrikes Monday. The 50,000 civilians that are trapped in the embattled territory took to Twitter to express their concern and post their final messages.

Here are our responses to their heartbreaking goodbyes.

Dear Mr. Alhamdo,

The whole world may ignore your calls, but we’re here. Your daughter will be safe and happy, like my daughter. She will live in a world where they will be no hate, no violence and no ignorance, but there will be happiness and peace. Your daughter is my daughter and I hold her hand like I hold my daughter’s hand. Your pain is my pain. It is our pain. One day your call will be heard. I only hope, it’s not too late. My heart weeps for you, but my hands go up for you in prayer. (Sohaila Tariq, Brooklyn, N.Y.)

Dear Ataky,

I’m sorry, I am truly sorry, I have nothing left but to say sorry. We cannot forget about you either. I wish there were more we could do. I wish that there was more to humanity than what is visible. Humanity now doesn’t consider justice, but justice is what you and we all will get. Allah, who is the most just, will grant you all the justice you deserve. I am sorry for the pain that you’re inflicted with in this world, and I pray that your future life and your life in the hereafter is full of joy and the justice you are deserving of. We cannot forget you, we will never forget you, in both this world and the next. May Allah protect us all. (Farjana Akhtar, N.Y.)

Dear Monther Ataky,

I would like to thank you for bringing the realities of war and pain to the world’s attention.  Thank you for being strong and resilient. Thank you for fighting injustice while we sit here and respond to words that may be your last. Thank you for standing in the face of horror and being kind to the people who do nothing for you. I have done nothing for you, I am not deserving of your thanks. Your pain has become so real for me that it has become my pain. Humanity is crying right now. (Maria Khan, T.X.)

Dear Bana,

I am disgusted. I am disgusted from not only the world but from myself. I feel heartbroken as I watch your friends and family being brutally murdered. I feel anger as I watch your home being destroyed. I feel helpless as I sit behind this screen with nothing to offer but my prayers. You are in my constant thoughts and prayers. I stop my selfish thoughts and wonder how you must feel. (Sundos Khweiss, N.Y.)

Dear Mr. Alhamdo,

I’m sorry we ignored your cries for so long & I’m sorry we couldn’t raise our voices loud enough for you. The international community failed you, humanity failed you. Aleppo didn’t fall, humanity did. Your resistance, sacrifices, and strength will never be forgotten. (Roba Alamari, N.Y.)

Dear Zouhir Al Shimale,

I am shaking at my privilege, and the only words that come to mind are “I’m sorry.” I’m just so sorry we as humanity have failed you and that the world is just standing by while this is happening. In the midst of all of this, I’m reminded of something I’m sure you already know: Allah will never forget, and He has promised justice, and never will the oppressors win. Know that we, your brothers and sisters are with you, we will do everything we can, we will not forget about you. (Tanha Tabassum Alsheikhdallah, N.Y.)

Mahirap magpanggap na okay ka lang, na kaya mo ng ipagpatuloy yung buhay mo kahit iniwan ka na ng tayong mahal mo. Sa umaga, una mong hinahanap at tinitingnan yung cellphone mo kung may text ba galing sa kanya, nakakapagod bumangon sa kama, nakakatamad pumasok, nakakawalang gana mag-aral. Sa school, ang daming bagay na nagpapaalala sayo sa kanya. Wala ng magti-text sayo na gumising kana kasi late ka na, wala ng makulit, wala ng maghahatid-sundo sayo, wala ka ng kasama kapag may vacant time ka. Nakakamiss na nakakainis, inaalala mo siya kasi namimiss mo siya pero maiiyak ka nalang din sa katotohanan na hindi ka na niya mahal. Tapos sa gabi naman, ang bagal ng takbo ng oras. Gusto mo ng matulog para tapos na yung isang araw pero hindi ka naman dinadalaw ng antok, hindi ka makatulog sa gabi sa kaiisip kung naaalala ka din ba niya, kung saan ka nagkulang, kung paano kaya kung kayo pa hanggang ngayon. Nakakamiss yung mga panahong nanjan pa siya, ang saya-saya mo, marerealize mo nalang din na sobrang moody mo pala talaga at sobrang nagpapasalamat ka sa kanya kasi natiis niya yun. Pero wala eh, sumuko na siya. Paulit-ulit mo nalang ding tinatanong sa sarili mo kung hanggang kailan ba ganito, hanggang kailan ka magiging malungkot. Tapos bukas magpapanggap ka na naman na okay ka lang, na kaya mo ng mag-isa pero ang totoo sobrang namimiss mo na siya.

To the guy who's going to love her next....

To the guy who’s going to love her next….

Para sa susunod na lalaking magmamahal sakanya.

– I honestly really don’t know why I’m posting this thing right now pero sa mga oras na ‘to, isa lang yung alam ko, Etong babaeng to. Mahal na mahal ko to. Sobrang importante neto sakin. I’m willing to do everything just to make this girl happy, no doubt. She’s a friend of mine, a great friend of mine, and just a friend of mine. Hindi naging kami, Walang kami at never magiging kami. Hindi kasi pwede eh. She’s too far, She doesn’t deserve long distance relationships. Alam mo yung gusto ko para sakanya? Gusto ko yung malalapit lang. Para they can do everything sweet. A girl deserve that kind of relationship, Yung kulitan, Yung may magb-braid ng buhok nya, Yung may movie marathon, Yung may hatid sundo tapos sasabihin mo dun sa tricycle driver, “Brad, Ingatan mo to ah, Papakasalan ko pa to.” Haha! Yung may mga ganon ba. Hindi yung skype skype lang. Hindi yung tawag tawag lang. Ni muka ng isa’t isa hindi nyo pa nakikita. Hindi ko to niligawan hindi dahil sa ayoko ng ganon kung hindi dahil sa ayoko magkaron sya ng ganong klaseng relationship.She’s too perf for a guy like me. She’s everything and I’m just nothing. I admire this girl so much and I aint sure if she feel the same way too. Maybe she did, once, Pero ngayon? I don’t think so. Haha! Maloko kasi ako eh. If you ever don’t know her that well, Let me introduce to you a bit of her and show you what to do’s because they’re the right ones; Alam mo ba brad, Etong babaeng to, Parang ako lang, Napakahilig mang-asar and at the same time, Sobrang sarap din asarin pero don’t get annoyed kasi ako na mismo yung nagsasabi na sya na ata yung pinakacute na babae sa buong mundo. Ang cute nyang asarin, Ang cute nyang maasar. I honestly could spend my whole life na inaasar lang sya at hinding hindi ako mab-bore dun. Kaya ko yun! Ang saya kasi eh. hahahah. Etong babaeng to, Makwento din naman kaso most of the time ako lang yung nagkekwento dito eh, Pero makwento sya! Gusto ko, Katulad ko, Maging makwento ka rin okay? Ayokong nab-bore sya sa lahat ng magiging conversation nyo. Kwentuhan mo sya ng kahit ano. Kahit tungkol pa yan sa utos ng nanay nila Roberto at Emman, Kahit tungkol pa yan sa mahiwagang bibingka, sa mga super powers ng mommy mo o kaya tungkol sa 'Kung paano magluto ng sinigang na lapis’ hahahahahah. Okay ba? :))) I want you to be funny too. Every girl deserves a guy who’s funny. Gusto ko makita ko to palagi na masaya. Gusto ko makita to palagi na nakatawa. Siguro naman hindi to mahirap pasiyahin eh, Kasi yung mga simpleng jokes ko tinatawanan naman neto! hahahah. Korni din pala to. hahahahah pero cute parin. Wag na wag mo nga lang sasabihing korni sya kasi magtatampo to. Masanay ka na rin kasi aasarin at aasarin ka neto ng bading. Pero wag kang magpapatalo, Sabihin mo dyosa ka, Sabihin mo rin na mas maganda ka sakanya, Itaas mo ang bandera natin, kahit na alam mong wala nang mas gaganda pa sakanya. Pag nagtampo nga pala 'tong babaeng to, Gusto nya yung nif-flood sya. Ewan ko kung bakit pero ayun yung gusto nya eh. Napansin ko lang. Pag nagtampo sya, Suyuin mo, Hindi yung sasabayan mo rin yung pagkatampo nya. Iflood mo, Kung p-pwede wag mong titigilan hanggat hindi kayo nagkakaayos. Wag na wag kang matutulog na magkagalit kayo. Wag na wag mong hahayaang matulog sya ng malungkot, Sasapakin kita pag ginawa mo yun. Seryoso ako. Mahilig nga rin pala to sa mga babies, Sobrang hilig nya makipaglaro sa mga bata, Wag na wag mo tong sasabihang immature o kaya childish dahil dun because I find that so attractive. Sobrang cute nya talaga. Wag na wag ka ring mangkakandong ng ibang babae kasi ayaw na ayaw nya non, Lalo namang wag kang mangbabababae mapakayo man o hindi, Make her feel that she’s the only one. Okay lang yung mafeel nyang marami syang kaagaw sayo pero never let her feel na magpapaagawka sakanila. Alam mo brad, Ang swerte mo dito kasi kahit gaano ka pa kadrama, Kahit gano pa kahaba yung mga sasabihin at ikekwento mo sakanya, Talagang makikinig sya at babasahin nya yung mga yun which is sobrang nakakatuwa. Sana lahat ng tao ganon no? Swerte mo talaga dito kasi eto yung tipo ng babae na sobrang simple. Walang arte sa buhay. Hindi sya ganon ka-demanding, kahit anong sabihin mo sakanya, okay lang. Kung ano yung desisyon mo, Okay lang din. Never ko pa tong nasaksihang magreklamo sa lahat ng ginawa ko. Sobrang mahal na mahal ko talaga to brad, Ewan ko nga kung bakit di ko niligawan eh. Minsan talaga may pagkatanga ako. Haha. Pero ayos lang. Siguro hindi nga talaga ako yung taong para sakanya pero kahit na ganon, Every minute of my life, Simula nung nakilala ko sya, Sya yung isa sa mga naging main sa prayers ko. Sabi ko kay Lord, Sana sya nalang yung para sakin, kung hindi man, sana mapunta sya sa taong deserving magkaroon ng isang katulad nya. Kaya nga, Binibigay ko na sa'yo eh. May tiwala kasi ako sa'yo. Naniniwala kasi ako na mas better ka sakin, na mas matino ka kesa sakin, na mas mapapasaya mo to kesa sakin. Ligawan mo to ha? Mahalin mo. Pakasalan mo. Hindi yung gagawin mo nga lahat ng yan tapos sasabihan mo ng sandamakmak na sweet words pero di mo naman pala liligawan. Pinaasa mo lang, Pinafall mo lang. O kaya yung naging kayo nga pero hindi mo naman pala papakasalan, Nakipagbreak ka lang, sinaktan mo lang. Wag ganon brad. Kung may balak ka mang ligawan to, Dapat sigurado kang mahal mo talaga to. Lamo namang importante sakin to diba? Ayokong nasasaktan to. at……… Wag mo gagawin yung mga sinabi ko as a favor, Gawin mo yun kasi talagang gusto mo. Magtino tino ka ha? Please lang, Wag na wag mong sasaktan yan, Yung mga sinabi ko, Importante yung mga yun, Mas importante pa sa secret formula ng krabby patty kasi dito nakataya yung kasiyahan ng prinsesa ko, ng rapunzel ko. Yung katinuan ng buhay nya, yung mga bagay na deserve nya. Ayun lang at maraming maraming salamat, Godbless!

at ikaw, Ms. Irina Angela Lising de Guzman, Naniniwala ako na someday, Mapapadpad ka rin sa blog kong to. Na if ever nga na mangyari yun, I really am hoping na sa mga oras na binabasa mo to ngayon, Masaya ka…. Sana masaya ka na kahit hindi na ganon kita yung presence ko sa buhay mo. Sana dumating tayo pareho dun sa puntong pag naaalala natin yung isa’t isa, Mapapangiti nalang tayo. Yung bang tunay na ngiti, Wala nang sakit. No more heartaches, No more feelings…. Wala nang panghihinayang. Ang drama ko diba? Hahahah. Pero seryoso ako. Sana dumating yung araw na pag naging successful ka na at nagkaroon na ng pamilya’t asawa, Sana maging masaya ka sakanila ng sobra sobra at sana dumating yung oras na pag natripan mo, maikwento mo rin ako sa mga magiging anak mo, Yung love story natin… Astig non siguro! Haha. Mahal na mahla kita. Lamoyan, Pero sa mga oras na to? Etong mismong oras na binabasa mo to ngayon? Hindi ko alam, Hindi ko sigurado kung nasaan na ko at anong ginagawa ko sa mga oras na binabasa mo to ngayon, Pwedeng i’m in a place kung saan masaya na ko at mapayapa na yung puso’t isipan ko pero pwede rin namang nam-mroblema parin ako kung paano ako makakamove on sayo pero nvm, It doesn’t matter. What matters the most is YOU. To end this, I want you to know na I do really love you. Maybe sa mga oras na binabasa mo to, Pwedeng oo parin at pwedeng hindi na pero kahit anong mangyari, Mahal parin kita bc sabi nga nila, You can’t unlove someone, You can just change the way you love them. Okay? Lastly, Natatandaan mo pa ba yung sinabi ko sayo na wala munang tayo ngayon, hindi muna tayo friends, tsaka na kita kakaibiganin pag okay na ako sayo? pag okay na tayo sa isa’t isa? Now, I think this is the right time to ask you…….. Friends? Sana pumayag ka :-) Aral muna oki? Sa mga oras na to, Kung nasan ka man ngayon, at kung nasan ako ngayon, eto yung eksaktong place na gusto ni God na kalagyan natin, kaya okay lang yan!:) and for additional, Kahit anong mangyari, I swear, Ikaw at ikaw lang ang magiging Rapunzel ng buhay ko. Haha pramis talaga :))) Soo that’s it! Godbless!!! Nice meeting you, Rapunzel!!! -Marc Michael L. Tan (Not your flynn & it sucks)


Sundo | Imago

Kay tagal kong sinusuyod ang buong mundo
Para hanapin, para hanapin ka
Nilibot ang distrito ng iyong lumbay
Pupulutin, pupulutin ka

Sinusundo kita, Sinusundo

Asahan mong mula ngayon pag-ibig ko'y sayo
Asahan mong mula ngayon pag-ibig ko'y sayo

Sa akin mo isabit ang pangarap mo
Di kukulangin ang ibibigay
Isuko ang kaba Tuluyan kang bumitaw
Ika'y manalig, Manalig ka

Sinusundo kita, Sinusundo

Asahan mong mula ngayon pag-ibig ko'y sayo
Asahan mong mula ngayon pag-ibig ko'y sayo

Handa na sa liwanag mo
Sinuyod ang buong mundo
Maghihintay sayo'ng sundo

Kay tagal kong sinusuyod 
ang buong mundo 
Para hanapin, 
para hanapin ka 
Nilibot ang distrito 
ng iyong lumbay 
Pupulutin, pupulutin ka 

Sinusundo kita, 

Asahan mong mula ngayon 
pag-ibig ko?y sayo 
Asahan mong mula ngayon 
pag-ibig ko?y sayo 

Sa akin mo isabit 
ang pangarap mo 
Di kukulangin 

ang ibibigay 
Isuko ang kaba 
Tuluyan kang bumitaw 
Ika?y manalig 
Manalig ka.. 

(Repeat Refrain & Chorus) 

Handa na sa liwanag mo 
Sinuyod ang buong mundo 
Maghihintay sayo?ng sundo 

Asahan mo… 
Asahan mo… 

Asahan mong mula ngayon pag-ibig ko'y sa'yo 
Asahan mo, ooh…

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