Dive deep into Episode 05 of #ShelfLife to discover the various technologies that have helped humans map the sky around us for eons. 

From sundials to mega-powered modern telescopes, tools for stargazing allow us to understand the universe—and our place within it. Season 2 begins on November 1. 


Peter Erskine (American, b. 1941, New Haven, CT, USA) - 1: Spectrum of Time, Rainbow Sundial calendar, 1999 Permanent Installations.  2,3,4,5: New Light On Rome, 2000 Spectrum Sunlight on Aula Stairs.Trajan’s Markets, Rome 112 AD. 21.6.2000-1.1.2001. Materials: Sunlight, Laser Cut Prisms  6,7: Peter Erskine (American, b. 1941, New Haven, CT, USA) - Secrets Of The Sun (SOS), Photovoltaic Solar Electric Panels, 1991  8: Meridian Solar Spectrum Calendar. Porter Ranch Public Library Los Angeles, California, 1998


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