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With Time...

Let’s talk about Mephisto! I like talking about him, he’s my favorite thing about AnE. But for this post I will refer to him by his real name because I’m going to talk about Samael in his function as the King of Time.

As I have theorized in my earlier post, the reason we don’t know Samael’s exact age is because he is older than our current timekeeping system and any human timekeeping device for that matter. Thus, calculating his “birthday” is just too difficult.

But if you think about it, if he is this old, how did this thing come to be?:

The first mechanical clock was constructed in China in 725 AD. In Europe mechanical clocks were invented sometime around 1300 AD. And cuckoo clocks in particular exist only since about 1620.

Since Samael was known as Loki at some point, we know he’s been living in Assiah since at least the 8th century (700 AD). So, obviously, he didn’t know this technique back then, which is a very interesting thing to consider.

Remember when he said:

He isn’t just talking about his anime figure collection. He “invented“ that particular technique when he first came across a cuckoo clock hundreds of years after he first came to Assiah. In other words:
Samael has evolved his own powers over time by adopting human inventions of timekeeping.

If my theory of him being over 12 000 years old is actually true, his powers, and the entire demonic domain he reigns, have evolved from rough calendars to sundials and shadow clocks to water clocks and candle clocks to the mechanical clocks we’ve seen in his techniques today.
Had he erected a time barrier 2000 years ago it certainly wouldn’t have looked like this:

This is important as it gives us some more insight into his motivations. He’s not hanging around only because he finds Assiah entertaining.

In fact, did you ever wonder what the demons that possess certain man-made objects did when said objects weren’t invented yet? Like Peg Lanterns or Phantom Trains?

The way Samael talks about humans in chapter 44 implies two things: Demons cannot create and demons cannot reproduce. At least not by themselves.

In other words, the demons must have existed before. So either they simply couldn’t reach Assiah because they didn’t have anything suitable to possess or they used to be something different and only evolved into what they are today, both because of the things that humans invented.

I believe this is why Samael doesn’t wish to see humanity destroyed. He understands that demons and he himself can only evolve when humans thrive.

At the same time, people will not invent anything if there aren’t any problems to solve with those inventions. Which is why he’s… trying not to be too helpful, I suppose.

TLoZ: SoS Donator Wallpaper PREVIEW

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this is what our codependence looks like: you ignore my itching fingers, itching forward, checking your back pockets for motive. in exchange, i don’t say anything in the silence you dictate as you wait for my punchlines. 

it’s always been about this precision of movement, this reverberation, this drift compatibility. it’s always been about the mutual mistake of locking in on each other existing, and thinking, you’re here, the waiting has ended, you’ve finally arrived. it’s always been about how it has never registered with me that the reason why nothing outweighs my heavy head is because you’ve clipped a maelstrom to my hair and told me my ruin was lovely.

you look at me, sometimes, and i don’t know what to make of it, the conclusions you draw. so this is what the other half of my soul looks like. all i know is that you hear it too, the voice in my head turned down, the echo, the scream, the question of whether my loneliness is the sundial shadow of nights you feel like nobody would ever know you.

—  welcome the stalemate, sugarplum


What can I do, I have dreamed of you so much
What can I do, lost as I am in the sky

What can I do, now that all
the doors and windows are open

I will whisper this in your ear
as if it were a rough draft

something I scribbled on a napkin
I have dreamed of you so much

there is no time left to write
no time left on the sundial

for my shadow to fall back to earth
lost as I am in the sky


What can I do, all the years that we talked
and I was afraid to want more

What can I do, now that these hours
belong to neither you nor me

Lost as I am in the sky
What can I do, now that I cannot find

the words I need
when your hair is mine

now that there is no time to sleep
now that your name is not enough


What can I do, if a red meteor wakes the earth
and the color of robbery is in the air

Now that I dream of you so much
my lips are like clouds

drifting above the shadow of one who is asleep
Now that the moon is enthralled with a wall

What can I do, if one of us is lying on the earth
and the other is lost in the sky


What can I do, lost as I am in the wind
and lightning that surrounds you

What can I do, now that my tears
are rising toward the sky

only to fall back
into the sea again

What can I do, now that this page is wet
now that this pen is empty


What can I do, now that the sky
has shut its iron door

and bolted clouds
to the back of the moon

now that the wind
has diverted the ocean’s attention

now that a red meteor
has plunged into the lake

now that I am awake
now that you have closed the book


Now that the sky is green
and the air is red with rain

I never stood in
the shadow of pyramids

I never walked from village to village
in search of fragments

that had fallen to earth in another age
What can I do, now that we have collided

on a cloudless night
and sparks rise

from the bottom of a thousand lakes


To some, the winter sky is a blue peach
teeming with worms

and the clouds are growing thick
with sour milk

What can I do, now that the fat black sea
is seething

now that I have refused to return
my borrowed dust to the butterflies

their wings full of yellow flour


What can I do, I never believed happiness
could be premeditated

What can I do, having argued with the obedient world
that language will infiltrate its walls

What can I do, now that I have sent you
a necklace of dead dried bees

and now that I want to
be like the necklace

and turn flowers into red candles
pouring from the sun


What can I do, now that I have spent my life
studying the physics of good-bye

every velocity and particle in all the waves
undulating through the relapse of a moment’s fission

now that I must surrender this violin
to the sea’s foaming black tongue

now that January is almost here
and I have started celebrating a completely different life


Now that the seven wonders of the night
have been stolen by history

Now that the sky is lost and the stars
have slipped into a book

Now that the moon is boiling
like the blood where it swims

Now that there are no blossoms left
to glue to the sky

What can I do, I who never invented

and who dreamed of you so much
I was amazed to discover

the claw marks of those
who preceded us across this burning floor

—  John Yau, “Borrowed Love Poems”

- TLoZ SoS Episode List -

Ep 1  |  Ep 2  |  Ep 3 

I was originally posting this image with the link to a specific episode, that being the 3rd and final episode of this fan fiction I started working on YEARS AGO. The episode is unfinished, but I thought I would share the progress I had accomplished anyway. Might as well :-)  

For those of you who don’t know about one of my potentially-failed babies, SoS is a fan animated series I started when I was 17.. I’m now 23. And in that time I’ve only managed to accumulate 2 and a half episodes. The story is, life got in the way, as is the common problem for most artists with a non-financially supporting project. As much as it may seem, I do not regret starting this series, it’s been a learning curve for me. I am only sorry for the people I’ve let down who looked forward to the continuation of it. 

I still have much passion for the story, so it will exist one day, only in comic form. Animation is far too ambitious for one person, especially one who doesn’t have the time to spare.  

Anyway, enough of my life story, I hope you enjoy the episodes! And thank you for viewing =) 

Solaa Biography

Name: Solaa

Age: 10

Residence: Shroud Forest


All of his life Solaa had resided in a dark pocket of the Shroud Forest, sharing a home with only his mother, Uhu. Being shut away from the world outside, he was always curious to discover it. Having only his little books to learn about the wonders of Hyrule. Driven so much by the great curiosity within him, he one day wandered too far from his home, stumbling upon an odd character named: Toopaw. It was by this fortunate meeting, Solaa had not only acquired a new friend but he was also given the opportunity to venture forth into Hyrule with her help. And of course his mother’s permission.


Solaa is considerate of all those around him, placing their wishes before his own, including complete strangers. Because the only relationship he had was with his mother, he is always keen to meet new friends. If it be only for the few seconds he’s known them. It is one of his greatest joys to help another in need, he has a thing for “playing hero” due to the many stories read to him by his mother over the years. It goes without saying he is curious about anything new, which results in his desire for adventure. As grumpy as his little friend tends to get, Solaa maintains a positive attitude.

Important Traits: 

He is mute.

8:16 [1/1]

A/N: So @ive-always-been-a-pirate and I were talking speculation today about why the time on the clock in Underbrooke moved between 5x12 BTS and 5x14 BTS. Then mindyourhelm posted this little thing and my muse just screamed at me to write it. So here it is. 

Rated: K

Since the dawn of time the clock had been there.

Its shape had changed over the centuries, molding itself into whatever image the ruler of this realm chose. In days of old it had been a sundial, echoing the simple world its inhabitants had come from. An elaborate Victorian tower had been its image for years, iron beams blending it into the surrounding buildings that changed as time moved forward in the outside world. Its current incarnation was a modern clock set in the crumbling remains of a tower, embedded within the very pavement that ran through the town.

The clock had always been there, but its hands never moved.

Day and night came, seasons changed, and eons passed for the realm’s inhabitants but the clock remained silent. Its hands were forever frozen, mocking those who walked by because this was a timeless land, where age and time spent there didn’t matter. Even when it had been a simple sundial the shadow that marked the time never moved, forever locked on that same hour and minute. Some inhabitants had been there since the world was nothing more than brimstone and fire, others filtering in over the years as their souls left the mortal world. They were all used to the unmoving clock, the one constant in the realm no matter the shape their world took, many forgetting the ancient fixture was even there.

But not him.

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Autumn Day by Rainer Maria Rilke

Lord, it is time. The summer was so great. / Impose upon the sundials now your shadows / and round the meadows let the winds rotate.

Command the last fruits to incarnadine; / vouchsafe to urge them on into completeness, / yet two more south-like days; and that last sweetness, inveigle it into the heavy vine.

He’ll not build now, who has no house awaiting. / Who’s now alone, for long will so remain: / sit late, read, write long letters, and again / return to restlessly perambulating / the avenues of parks when leaves downrain.

(Translated by J.B. Leishman)