Students from The Sunderland Council Blind School at The Sunderland Museum via The Tyne and Wear Archives and Museums

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“To them, their fingers are eyes”

From 1913, John Alfred Charlton Deas, a former curator at Sunderland Museum, organised several handling sessions for the blind, first offering an invitation to the children from the Sunderland Council Blind School, to handle a few of the collections at Sunderland Museum, which was ‘eagerly accepted’.

They were so successful that Deas went on to develop and arrange a course of regular handling sessions, extending the invitations to blind adults.

The work that J. A. Charlton Deas carried out whilst at Sunderland Museum is much to be admired. His interest in the education of the blind and his determination to assist in their development, had a great impact on how they viewed the world.

Sunderland go for confidence boost against 8-year-olds

Sunderland have been struggling of late – well, OK, pretty much the whole season – so the coaching staff is trying to drum up new ways of boosting spirits.

That’s where the club’s Under-8s come in. Yes, we said 8.

The first team played a bit of kick around with the young ‘uns.

There are two ways this could play out in the league. Either the Black Cats get to practice the basics and it pays off on the field … or they get smoked by some grade-school kids.

We’re going with the latter.

(h/t 101 Great Goals)