Before- Glenn Rhee

Plot/Request: Anon requested- “Can you do a Glenn x reader where they reunite at Alexandra? (They were engaged before the apocalypse but got separated)”

Word count:

 fyi this is an au where maggie and glenn never got together (which is a fucking crime omg)


The gates opened slowly. The clacking of metal against concrete and sharp squeal of the doorway drew your attention. You felt your hair whip against your face as you turned your body to the front of Alexandra. Your line of sight adjusted on the small but growing slit between the wall and the door. 

It opened up onto a group of people. They were dirty and obviously tired. Their faces held awestruck and bewilderment as they took in the reality of Alexandra’s luxuries. Kids ran around, free of weapons and fear. 

One face looked familiar to you. A face you’d tried to forget, but couldn’t. It was a face you loved, and used to wake up to almost every morning. It couldn’t be him, it just couldn’t. He hadn’t been near Washington, to begin with. 

But it was him. Glenn Rhee, also known as the man of your dreams. Your fiancé. 

He noticed you too, throughout the small crowd his eyes trained on your figure. With similar thought processes, you both began sporting toward one another. It wasn’t even a choice. You had to touch him, smell him, love him again– not that you’d ever stopped. 

The hug was bone-crushing. But the smile on your face never faltered as tears began streaming down your face. The love of your life, your high school sweetheart, your future husband was here. Alive and touching you. You could feel his warm skin against yours. 

You never wanted to let go. 

Why Glenn May Be Alive (Spoilers)

On Sundays episode of AMC’s “The Walking Dead”, we got to see one of viewers favorite characters get killed off…or did we?

Glenn may still be alive, in fact, if they did what I feel they have done this may make him one of the smartest characters in the whole show! Sundays episode was filled with a lot of suspense to the point it had me on the edge of my bed almost about to go into cardiac arrest, “Im coming to meet you elizabeth”. In the episode, the group is seen still driving the herd away from their new found home in Alexandria; a lot happens and we see Glenn split from the group with Nicholas.

They both end up being cornered by a few dozen walkers in an alley and see no escape exceppt to get on top of a trash can and wait it out until they could think up a plan, Nicholas had other ideas as he took his gun out and put it to his head while saying “Thank You” right before shooting himself, knocking them both to the ground due to Nicholas falling on top of Glenn and into the pit of zombies to be devoured, que sad music and screams from Glenn and BOOM, your favorite character is dinner.

Here is where my theory kicks in though…

You all remember this badass right? 

Well remember her tactic for being virtually invisible to the walkers? Yeah genius right…now back to Glenn, Nicholas shot himself and fell on top of Glenn, leading to a buffet for the walkers. What if Glenn took the technique Michonne showed Rick and his group and used it to escape the walker feeding frenzy? They’ve done it before…

If so, due to being covered by the guts and blood of Nicholas, glenn could be undetected by the walkers after they finish devouring ol’ Saint Nic.

What do you think happened? Do you think Glenn is dead or no?

by Earl