sundays :((

Got the idea to do a Mercykill drawing based off of Gustav Klimt’s painting “The Kiss”, because it’s honestly one of my favorite famous art pieces ever, and of course I can never resist the chance to indulge my ship cravings. This is just a graphite sketch, though I plan on doing a better, colored version in the future. Also, sorry for the image quality, but this was practically taken with a light- sensitive potato.


Sunday Progress Update:

I only tracked Wednesday-today because we were on vacation Monday and Tuesday. I could’ve done better, but I could’ve done worse.

I’m feeling exhausted today, and while I probably “should” have been more active, I’m fine that I wasn’t. I have only read ONE book to completion so far this month (five books is the previous low), so since this is my book club book and book club is on Thursday, I took a much-needed rest day. We also went out and saw Star Trek. 😊

Now, I’m more than excited to be going to bed–with fresh clean sheets!