- Sunday morning by maroon 5

Sunday is a rest day for a lot of people, but for others it’s the busiest day of the week. It might be hard to control yourself and not procrastinate, right? Here are some things you can do (as a student) on Sundays to help boost your productivity but staying relaxed at the same time!


  • go for a run/ walk/ do some yoga
  • have a brunch
  • make some freshly squeezed orange juice
  • take a long shower/ bath
  • read a book
  • make your to-do list for the day
  • make a Sunday rewards list
  • clean and tidy your room
  • complete the smaller tasks on your list


  • look for a good playlist
  • sort out all your work
  • get all your study materials
  • get a head start on next week’s homework/ assignments
  • start working on the bigger tasks
  • take breaks regularly (exercise, get some snacks, hang out with friends)
  • motivate yourself with those rewards
  • find the balance between work and relaxation


  • pack your bag for the next day
  • make your lunch for the next day (tips)
  • pick out your outfit for Monday - socks and undies too!
  • take a shower if you haven’t already
  • read over your notes again
  • read a book/ listen to an audiobook/ watch some videos
  • change your sheets
  • go to bed earlier than usual: you’ve got a whole week ahead of you!

It isn’t easy to find that balance between work and relaxation, but it’s oh so important! Sunday should be the day that, at the end of it, you feel like you’ve done enough work but that you’ve also rested enough. Good luck!

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xoxo Lou