Christmas Eve In China
After a late night last night, we all woke up late and had a huge family brunch of bacon and eggs. I took Reb to Sunday Plaza on the e-bike so she could try and drive it. She loved it and we spent the afternoon going into every shop in the area trying to buy last minute Christmas presents. Sam, the last one on the bike, hadn’t charged it and Reb an I ended up pushing the bike all the way back.  
ISOC Christmas Dinner I showed my family around campus today and introduced them to everyone. After, I took them to the amazing coffee shop in Sunday Plaza, where the amazing woman who runs it was very happy to meet them and very chatty. Rebecca and I return to uni to get ready for the evening, the iSOC Christmas Dinner. She told me she was worried that my friends aren’t weird enough, but she was very quickly proved wrong when on the bus her and Alain burst into song together. The dinner was at the Howard Johnson hotel, which was far better than the previous dinners at the Shangri-La. The buffet was huge and everyone drank copious amounts of wine.    iSOC planned the whole thing very well and we all played games - including one where we had to go around the room and find a person for each fact we were given on a sheet of paper- eg. Who can recite the alphabet backwards. I put Rebecca down for that because she thought she might be able to, sadly this meant she then had to go on stage and attempt it. It was then that I realised I can actually recite it backwards very quickly as I tried to help her out. It was very funny but she was less impressed. The night ended as it usually does, in Candles and Rebecca and I stayed in my uni room.

Coffee Shop

We have found the best coffee shop! It’s adorable, it has a cosy, homely vibe and even the coffee is not half bad! The owner is lovely, she helps us with our Chinese and explains what she means when she says something that we can’t understand. Alex asked to borrow scissors to cut out some cue cards and she helped him cut them out and corrected the characters that he had drawn slightly wrong. The best part though, is the food. They only serve six different pasta dishes and three pizzas but it’s such a lovely change from canteen food or anything else you can get on campus. She manages to make these Western dishes better than anywhere else I’ve so far found in China. 

It takes me about five minutes to get to (especially on the ebike) and it’s the best place to get off campus and do some work.