Starting Over

This happens every now and then. You get yourself into a situation that’s completely changed you in a somewhat negative light. Maybe its heartbreak and you feel like you’ll never be the same. Or maybe you started questioning yourself cause you haven’t been doing the right thing with certain people or certain decisions. Of course, when you talk to people about whatever it is you’re going through, they say, “time will heal you”. But you feel so changed it’s hard to listen. The thing is these low, life-changing moments are blessings in disguise and opportunities for a new beginning. So give yourself a fresh start. You deserve it.

1.)   Cry if You Want to- Seriously, just get it all out of your system. If you don’t take the time to grieve it out on your own time, and bottle up your feelings, you might end up doing something wreckless if not, prolonging your inadequacy. It’s a form of meditation that gets rid of emotionally negative toxins. So grieve…and cry.

2.)   The Power of Delete- Anything that makes you feel uncomfortable has to go. Any photos or objects that stunt you from starting over, delete them and toss ‘em out. And if it’s TOO tough to even go on Facebook or Instagram, just delete it/them. Although if that’s not an option just don’t use them for a while, because it’s okay to take time away from social media to improve your well-being. Any contacts you can’t bear keeping, delete. If you think changing your number is an option do it. All in the efforts of a fresh start! Likewise, cut out things from your diet. For example if you’re in a depressed state of mind, getting hammered off tequila isn’t going to help. Often hangovers empower you to get stuck in the sadness. No matter how much your friends pressure you to drink, do what’s best for you. And if you can’t get rid of stress or anxiety try not drinking coffee for a while and opt for green tea or a veggie juice instead. Cutting back on the caffeine will help you sleep better therefore reducing the stress and/or anxiety.

3.)   People- Often there’s pressure to be around a certain crowd for the sake of being well-liked. That’s pretty much bull. If you’re serious about starting over, you have to distance yourself from anybody who makes you feel negative. No more bad vibes, and instead surround yourself with people who empower you to be better. You are who you surround yourself with. So stick around friends and family who inspire you and don’t suck you back into a place you’d like to be far removed from.

4.)   Be brand new!- If you have the means to, change your surroundings. Paint your bedroom a new color, or change up the comforter and pillow sheets. Clean out your closet and donate old clothing then treat yourself to a new outfit or shoes. Get a haircut, or change the color of your hair. Hell, if you have the time, obtain a new internship or look for a better job. And most importantly, be open to meeting new people. Making positive new friends is amazing because with new friends, come new experiences. The point is to change things up for therapeutic reasons that encourage your new beginning.

5.)   Inspiration- Many will give you advice. Sometimes you’ll listen and other times you’ll want to tell the advice giver that it’s easier said than done. The great thing is you can filter out the things you read and hear, and pay attention to what strongly effects you positively. There’s so many quote memes on the internet, so you can print the ones that resonate most with you and put them up on your walls for daily inspiration. Read any books, blogs, and articles that spark new ideas for positive change and kick your ass into waking up every morning, ready to be a brand new you. If you enjoy writing, get a brand NEW journal and let your first entry be a reflection of where you’d like to see yourself in the future. In the journal you can include lists and plans for the changes you need to make in life. 

There’s advice to be given about starting over like time healing things, and higher powers wanting the best for you, but the truth is it’s all about DOING new things and making the changes. You’re in control! There’s just so much you can do to kick off the brand new chapter of your life, but as long as you listen to yourself everything will be okay. Do what’s right for you. Best of luck.


Inspiration for your early 20's.

If there’s a lesson to learn it would be to just “DO”. Cause in five years you’ll wish you had, so don’t be lazy. Don’t waste five years drinking your early 20’s away, and remember to get things done. Celebrate when there’s accomplishments to celebrate. Don’t dwell on the jerks who break your heart, cause in your early 20s that’s what datings all about! So have fun with it and when you’re 25 you'll know what you deserve. And when your parents are still letting you live at home, be kind. Cause in five years you’ll realize they were right about the things they taught you. And when it comes to your money, save it. Buy when you need, and not to flaunt. Cause it’s a lot cooler to have saved for future experiences than to flaunt designer and feel stuck in a rut.
Think about it…
In five years one could earn 2 degrees, buy a house, fall in love, or move on from a bad relationship. In five years one could go to diff country! Gawd so much. Five years go by fast.

On Sat I’ll be turning 25 its insane! These are some things I wish I could say to 20 year old me. So now I want to make sure 30 year old me has stacked up all KINDS of accomplishments that would impress the hell out of 25 year old me.

Think of YOURSELF in five years. Then work on the things that will impress the hell out of future YOU.