Inspiration for your early 20's.

If there’s a lesson to learn it would be to just “DO”. Cause in five years you’ll wish you had, so don’t be lazy. Don’t waste five years drinking your early 20’s away, and remember to get things done. Celebrate when there’s accomplishments to celebrate. Don’t dwell on the jerks who break your heart, cause in your early 20s that’s what datings all about! So have fun with it and when you’re 25 you'll know what you deserve. And when your parents are still letting you live at home, be kind. Cause in five years you’ll realize they were right about the things they taught you. And when it comes to your money, save it. Buy when you need, and not to flaunt. Cause it’s a lot cooler to have saved for future experiences than to flaunt designer and feel stuck in a rut.
Think about it…
In five years one could earn 2 degrees, buy a house, fall in love, or move on from a bad relationship. In five years one could go to diff country! Gawd so much. Five years go by fast.

On Sat I’ll be turning 25 its insane! These are some things I wish I could say to 20 year old me. So now I want to make sure 30 year old me has stacked up all KINDS of accomplishments that would impress the hell out of 25 year old me.

Think of YOURSELF in five years. Then work on the things that will impress the hell out of future YOU.

How To Get Along With People

Everybody at one point or another has wondered why most people they know get along with a certain person. Maybe you thought, “Why does everybody like him/her?” and you even wished you had friends like so and so does. But you’ve definitely thought these things about someone whether it being when you were younger or at the age you are now. Usually those thoughts are followed up with self-doubts about your own likeability and you think to yourself, “Is there something wrong with me?”. Those self-doubts though are crazy, cause as Elle Woods says, “You have all the equipment. You just have to read the manual”.  You can get along with anyone as long as you’re willing to acknowledge and change what you have to do differently when socializing or having conversations.

  1. Controlling the conversation- Many have the habit of trying to lead the conversation and this is done by rarely letting others talk. Or finally when able to get a word out, they’re interrupted by another idea the conversation partner thinks is right. Avoid from doing most of the talking, and listen.
  2. You’re not always right - It’s important to be aware that you don’t know everything. Cause when a person talks as if they know everything or as if they’re always right without being a listener, they actually give the impression that they’re not very wise. Make sense? Better to realize there’s always SO much to learn and try to step outside the comforts of what you think you already know.
  3. Being agreeable – It’s a way of showing people you “get them”, and we LOVE when people understand us. So be agreeable when you can especially on subjects that aren’t involving core beliefs.
  4. Be interested- We’re all VERY interested in ourselves. We think about ourselves probably most of the time we’re not sleeping. So when having conversations, let people talk about the thing they’re most interested in which is themselves. That’s where you will ALWAYS find common ground. Ask about their lives, and how experiences made them feel.
  5. Be relatable- The best way to relate to people is showing them you’re human too by showing them you understand their vulnerabilities because you also have your own. People can’t sympathize or relate to anyone who tries to be perfect. And believe me it’s noticeable when a person pretends as if they don’t have problems. We ALL have problems, and have feelings and vulnerabilities so be true about who you are. People enjoy being around those they can relate to, and usually steer clear from control freaks.
  6. Talking in circles- It’s noticeable when a person is speaking without having gathered their thoughts, because they tend to talk in circles and have trouble getting to the point. You can especially wow people by saying exactly what you mean, and proving your point in the least amount of words possible. Don’t talk for the sake of getting words out because you’ll likely give the impression you’re talking out of your ass. Instead take a moment to think about what you need to say. Not only does it help you, but shows your conversation partner your listening and giving thought to the things they’re saying.


When I was in the first grade, our family moved into a small town 20 min east of Pasadena. Being young I had no idea what it meant to be the new girl, so naturally I squealed in excitement on the drive over to my new school. Once there and on the playground I approached different kids and asked if I could play but of course about 4 turned me away. One girl even chanted, “Eww I don’t know you!”. I remember trying hard to hold back tears but I couldn’t, so I sat under a tree and cried. About five minutes later after wiping my tears away I noticed a puddle of mud and for me at the time meant, mud pies. I had so much fun making mud pies that I didn’t notice a girl standing over me until she poked me on my shoulder and asked, “Can I play with you?”.

            I share this memory of mine with you because the significance of it is really important to me and can be useful for you as well. You know that if all else fails, just remember to be comfortable with you. If you genuinely like yourself and enjoy your own company, others will enjoy your company too. Have fun and be honest with yourself. Learn to relax, and trust your instincts. And so tip number 7 is, the most important thing you can do to get along with others, is the get along with YOU.

(Recommended reading: “How to talk to Anyone” by Leil Lowndess, and “Skill with People” by Les Giblin)

How to be Independent

When I was younger, I filled up any emptiness I felt with serial monogamy, or constant outings with others. As I got older I realized people come and go, so anytime a person left, the fear of being alone prevailed. I guess what it was is just a bad case of serial rebounding. Anyhow, it only made for creating dependability on others to fill any gaps in my life. It only took one PROFOUND experience to realize it was time to be alone for a while.

Whatever the experience or realization may be, the transition into being alone again gets tough but you can change the way you’ve been doing things. You can create for yourself the complete opposite of dependability on others to make you happy. Become independent.

Independent: adjective

not depending on another for livelihood or subsistence

capable of thinking or acting for oneself.

not connected with another or with each other; separate.

not depending on something else for strength or effectiveness; freestanding.

1. Take notes from Bridget Jones- Like the character Bridget, you too need a journal/diary. Documenting your ups and downs is important because you can figure out time frames of when you feel them. Learning and understanding your emotions helps if you’re working on your independence. For example if you see a pattern of wanting to depend on others mostly on the weekends, you’ll start to realize you only feel those emotions cause it’s the weekend. Becoming aware of this, you’ll learn to ride the weekends out in stride by preparing ways to cheer yourself up. Strengthening your self-love. Also in your journal/diary document your goals and how you’ll make them happen. As MUCH as you can, strengthen your self-encouragement.

2. The 90 day challenge- I’ve read somewhere that it takes 21 days to form a habit and anything harder than getting yourself to drink a glass of water before breakfast may take longer. So every day for 90 days, do something all by yourself and for yourself. A good friend of mine actually did this challenge and gained a lot from it. Once a shy woman, the challenge forced her to step out of her comfort zone and try things she wouldn’t normally do alone. She can eat at a restaurant by herself and go to the beach by herself. She even takes yoga classes and encouraged herself to design clothing. It’s because of this lovely person I was introduced to this challenge. So everyday, at least 30 min. a day for 90 days, do something all by yourself, for yourself. 

3. Money- There’s a huge misconception that earning money, and spending it on the things you want is a way of being independent, but there’s a flaw in this type of thinking. For example, spending hard earned money on a $200 dollar purse or shoes doesn’t completely make a person #independent. I mean for all we know you could still be living with your folks. So like the definition above, it’s really about not depending on anyone for your livelihood. Money is an important stepping-stone toward achieving independence. Learn how to manage your money as soon as possible. I only wish in high school they’d teach financial responsibility. But anyhow, spend on the necessities to take care of yourself BEFORE you buy the purse or shoes. Cause true independence is about earning your own money to take care of yourself, rather than flaunt designer and feel stuck in a rut.

4. Be True- It’s probably the easiest thing ever to be influenced by others. I remember being at a high school party once and group of kids across from me had been pestering a guy to takes shots of tequila. When he said no, he was further peer pressured. Still he stuck to his decision and I remember thinking he was cool. It’s these types of little things that separate an independent person with a not so independent person because an independent person makes decisions that are honest for them-selves. Don’t lie to yourself. It’s okay to take advice from others but you should ultimately make decisions that are best for you. Just be true to you. “To find yourself, think for yourself”- Socrates

Some days will be tougher than others, but you got this. Even independent women like Beyonce face their challenges. Just remember the universal lesson to kick-start your independence, which is to fall in love with yourself. And love yourself well. Sending good vibesss.



As you become more clear about who you really are, you’ll be better able to decide what’s best for you - Oprah Winfrey


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How to Find Yourself

I’ve lost myself once. I hadn’t even known the feeling prior to when it happened until it suddenly felt as if I didn’t remember my own name. Sure, the statement seems like a melodramatic thing to say but everyone’s experiences are different and for me it just so happened to be a pretty profound one. Anyway, for you it’s probably that you cant help feeling like you’ve been getting yourself into too many things that don’t represent who you are. It’s as if bits and pieces of your time and energy are being taken from you everyday leaving you feeling lost and wondering when it’s ever going to be enough. Usually this happens while one is in the midst of their journeys towards achieving their goals, cause the busyness of our schedules can be intense enough to exclude “me” time.

But these intense vibes of feeling lost only appear to be a stunt in your progress but it’s actually so much the opposite. These energies and vibes are actually life’s way of yelling at you to make some changes and get back in touch with yourself. So find yourself.

And for a little push to get you on that path, here are Lona Misa’s 10 tips for getting UN-tired and inspired.

1. First things first- Let it out. Take a day or two off to escape into your personal space and solitude. Write out ALL your feeling, and cry if you really need to. Punch soft pillows or if it feels nice to lie down, do so and sleep it out! It’s a matter of letting out any toxic vibes you’d been holding inside. Don’t feel bad about spending the time to be alone for a moment even if it’s for a day or two. It’s for your well-being.

2. Triggers- Your triggers are the things that set you up for negative emotion arousal, so consider what lights the fire to your inner inadequacies. Could it be doing a certain activity? Or talking to a certain person who makes you feel uneasy? Certain triggers can cause you to feel most NOT like yourself. So learn them and be aware of them so you can start understanding yourself. Understanding your emotions is really important in the process to finding yourself. 

3. Inner circle- We ALL care what people think. But instead of sacrificing your individuality trying to impress the wrong kind of people, value it and impress the right kind of people. There’s no use in distracting yourself wishing those you put you down wouldn’t, cause this is a HUGE trigger for losing yourself. So put the energy you have into making friends toward those who like your genuine identity.

4. Learn the word NO- A lot of us feel obligated and even pressured to please everyone. But in saying yes to every outing or every favor, you become disconnected from your own life goals. In some ways, saying yes to everybody else’s wishes interrupts your progress toward finding yourself. So feel free to say no to things that aren’t completely necessary to partake in.

5. Forgive- Forgive your shortcomings and the regrettable decisions made in the past because those chapters of your life are over. Forgive yourself, and move on. And if there’s anything that encourages you to remain or go back to being a person you feel far removed from then exclude those things from your life, and substitute them for things that represent the person you are today.

6. Today’s awareness- Wherever you are, take a moment to enjoy the sounds you hear. Listen closely to the clock ticking, people talking, the wind outside, or the TV on in the other room. Be aware of your heart beating, and listen to the breaths you take….in…and out. Look around, and take notice to the things around you. Be aware that they are there with you such as the frames on the walls, the people, or the trees outside. Spend at least 5 min ONLY being aware of exactly where you are. Do this at least once a day, everyday. What better way to start finding yourself, than to start being aware that you’re ALIVE today! Cherish the day.

7. Nature- Think about the “Eolian Harp”. If you haven’t read the poem yet, let me explain. Samuel Taylor Coleridge’s “Eolian Harp” is a metaphor for nature and person, with the breeze representing nature and the harp representing person. Once the breeze touches the harp, music is produced which is something beautiful and inspiring. So, go for a walk. Turn off the background noise of your cellphone, Facebook and Instagram and go outside and breath in the fresh air instead. Because enjoying nature can produce inspiration within.

8. Lists- Making lists of your goals are not only fun, but also seriously motivating. Include short-term weekly goals and long term ones. The important thing is to list the goals that represent your needs and wants truest to you. Don’t list goals you feel you have to, to please others and society. List the goals that represent your truest desires.

9. Routines- Create sensible routines that accommodate your happiness and manage your time in ways that reduce stress and anxiety. Get into the habit of jotting to dos in a calendar, and crossing out unnecessary tasks if it means sacrificing your emotional stability.

10. Sleep well and eat well- Intake things that make you feel good, and sleep enough for FULL rejuvenation. And do a little cardio here and there throughout the week to improve your spirits.

Finding yourself again is really all about getting back in touch with your individuality and truest identity. So if your feeling lost, make the efforts to take back who you are! In fact, it SHOULD be a priority to stay true to yourself.

Hope these tips help! Feel free to re-blog with some of your own tips.

Sending out good vibes <3

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For the Love of Today

Everyone is busy. So and so doesn’t text back right away because they’re busy, and another can’t make it Friday night because they’re busy. And the thing is, you’ve hopped on the same boat a long time ago and now the days pass you by in a blur from all the #struggle. The problem is you’ve started wondering if it’s all worth it right? Even I, when forgetting the days date, question whether I’m spending enough time living in the moment. Anyway I’m sure it frustrates you ending the day laying in bed flipping through instagram only to see your friends seem like they have it all together and managing to squeeze in daily fun.

The truth is people make it look and seem so easy to live in the moment while posting yolo style insta quotes and fb statuses, but its not. Our minds are full of racing thoughts about next steps, heartbreaks, daily chores, and self-doubts so its actually REALLY hard at times to be aware of the current moment. But its time you change this though, ASAP so you can make loving each day a practice. It doesn’t mean you always have to go out and party, or necessarily go skydiving or do the things us living paycheck to paycheck can’t afford. It just means you have to change your mentality to start being aware of where you are right this very moment of your life.

  1. Resist the urge - It’s the hardest thing to do for some but you absolutely need to start getting yourself into the practice of not always being on your phone. Start by only allowing yourself to be on instagram and facebook from 4pm-6pm. Any time frame that works best for you is okay as long as its not more than 2 hours. Its going to feel odd at first since it’s a habit to always check them throughout the day but once you stop, it’ll feel refreshing to look up and see the world instead. Don’t check them before bed and play with your pet or read a book instead. Don’t check them right when you wake up, and have a cup of coffee or tea out on the porch instead. The point is don’t check them unless its in your two hour time frame.
  2. Less is more - I KNOW you have a good heart and you want to please everyone. But you have to start saying no and cut back on making a hundred plans throughout the day. Good friends will understand if you postpone a lunch and family will love you no matter what. The fact is the less you do, the more you actually experience. So keep things simple as Jon Kabat-Zinn explains, “choosing simplicity whenever possible adds to life an element of deepest freedom which so easily eludes us, and many opportunities to discover that less may actually be more”.
  3. Becoming aware- You’re always thinking. You’re thinking of the next thing to do, or what you should have done yesterday, or your ex, your friends, your family, your problems at work, and your studies etc. You take on tasks without actually being aware of the sights, smells and touching it takes to complete that task. Make sense? Practice for a moment looking up, exactly where you are and breathing in the air. Be aware of the sounds you hear and the people you see. If there are no people, be aware of the silence. Take in the objects you see around you and focus on your own breathing. You’re living in the moment without wanting to change anything about it. Do this everyday for 5-10 min as your way of meditating. The great thing is it can be done anywhere, and at any time. Become aware when you’re cooking, cleaning, at your desk or driving. It’s a way of getting you into the practice of appreciating each day and each moment for what it is.

Living in the moment is a practice. But you’ll find that once you start making the changes to do so, a more positive lifestyle embraces you. You’ll want to accomplish more and enjoy yourself more often.

Sending quick tips, inspirations and good vibes every Sunday :)!

@iamlonamisa and also personal Insta @alexzandralo

( Recommended reading which was recommended to me by a dear beautiful friend. Also the motivation for this post: “Where Ever you Go, There you Are” by Jon Kabat-Zinn )

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A night in the thoughts of a woman.

Living in Los Angeles, you grow accustomed to driving with the windows rolled down to feel the June summer air hit the palm of your hand while sticking one or the other out the window. We were on our way to my apartment in Korea Town (K-town) just on the west outskirt of downtown LA, coming from a party in Echo Park. Although the night went well, the anxiety of any potential moment to come kept me from speaking much even when he asked if I’d had a good time. Reason being that I couldn’t help but re-cap moments in my mind of seeing a number of Tyler’s friends nudge his elbow. He’d smiled each time, happy to have had received some kind of secret code representing approval. In efforts to keep my sanity, I pegged the thoughts as paranoia and pushed them out of my mind. I said to him, “Yeah sorry, I had a good time. I’m just a bit tired, but it was fun”. He reached over to grab my hand, which had been resting in my lap. I looked up at him to realize just how handsome he was with his brown eyes and quarter of an inch beard. Tyler had a face that could make most women look twice, although he was also the kind of guy very aware of his own charm. At least that’s what I’d perceived of him while observing his socializing at the party. Anyway, he smiled at me and I remembered being 18 and how at that age I was submissive to guys that looked like him, giving my body to guys like him in hopes of receiving love in return. And as the summer breeze continued to touch my right palm, which still stuck out the window, it amazed me how far removed from the 18 year old me I’d become. Gone were the days I’d had skewed ideas about love, and gone were the days I’d had failed to love myself enough to not become just an object in the eyes of a guy.

Finally getting to the apartment building, Tyler parked the car. He took the hand he’d been holding of mine and proceeded to move it toward the belt of his black jeans. At that moment the person I’d decided to take a chance on became a person I despised. When I flinched my hand back he became angry, and you can imagine the goodbye. After slamming the car door having refused his intentions with me, I walked up the stairs to my apartment thinking I was a fool. I thought, “How could I have been so stupid?” and “What could I have done or said differently for him not to have thought being his object is all I’m good for”.

I decided to ride out the feelings of disappointment until I was ready for bed. Because as I tucked myself under the sheets, I realized the problem was a bigger one and I began to ask myself questions.

When I was in high school, why did the guys call out to me when I walked home from school and when I ignored them, why did they chant names like “bitch” or “hoe”?

Why did those guys at the shop try and charge me $300 dollars more than what they’d charged my father for some new tires?

Why did a man pull up in his car fondling himself when I was waiting at a bus stop? (I ran of course)

Why did I get paid less than my male co-workers at a pharmacy for doing the same job? And why when I confronted the manager about it, was I only given the option to quit?

Why after high school and having started to experience new things, did my own decision to date become others perceptions of me as being promiscuous?

Why the hell did I immediately think I should’ve done something different with Tyler, when the problem was how society raised Tyler to think of me?

The list of questions went on and I must have stayed up until 3am consumed by them and my thoughts, on top of my disappointment about Tyler. I just knew at that moment I couldn’t just ask myself these kinds of questions, I’d have to ask others too and get them to think. And that’s when I fell asleep.

(I’m not a man hater. I’m also not an angry person. I’m a woman who will gladly empower, encourage, and be nice to other women and no, that doesn’t mean I’m a lesbian. I’m just a woman who has been through a lot and wants others to really think about societies views about women, even if I have to open up about certain things in the form of short story. This is a true story and the incidents I mentioned really happened to me, but the name of the guy was changed. Change can happen if we each speak up, tell our stories, and ask others lots of questions. Feel free to elaborate on your own experiences if you decide to re-blog this. Just as long as you take from this some encouragement to speak up, and spread awareness of some kind for women. )


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Sending good vibes.

Don't take it Personal.

Sometimes when you’re around people that make you feel not included, its easy to feel like a loser and to weirdly want them to like you. The only mistake you can make is trying harder to mold into what they might think is cool. Cause the thing is, people can tell if you’re trying too hard. So don’t. In fact its pretty possible the reason they single you out is because there’s something you’ve got that they don’t, and it makes them uncomfortable to realize their own inadequacy. Its best to just be kind, and trust your gut. Leave when you’re not wanted and don’t take it personal.

Note: I know this is the shortest post ever written on iamlonamisa, but instead of a longer post I just want to remind you all to stay true to yourselves. Because it’s really important, and today you should reflect on that.

Also if anyone needs advice on anything, I’m always answering questions as best I can. And I’m free all day today!



How to Get Your Voice Heard.

You probably understand what I mean when I say it isn’t always easy to communicate. It’s hardest when you’re really upset, or hurt. And it’s tough when there are too many overwhelming thoughts to even put together into words. Chances are you wind up raging so badly to be heard that you fall into an emotional outburst and say things you didn’t mean to say, often to the people you love. And some of you make the mistake of misplacing that type of emotional outburst energy onto social media. But instead of falling into making those types of mistakes, which often lead to regret and/or embarrassment, you can practice working on your communication. Getting people to understand you doesn’t require and expanded knowledge of vocabulary, but on having a logical approach and being sharp enough to communicate what you really mean even under moments of distress.

1. Practice- Start off small by writing things out. A journal can be pretty useful for long-term practice. Write in a way that reflects most how you would say something verbally, and it’s best to practice resisting the urge (no matter how upset or angry you may be) to bash, gossip about, insult and/or demean anyone. If you’re writing for the sake of venting that’s okay, but if you genuinely want to practice your communication skills then it’s best to focus on the articulation. Because people are most likely to hear you out if you can prove your point, without hurting them. So practice for a while until you’re comfortable enough to begin saying the things you actually mean, to the people want to say them to.

            “If you can speak about what you care about to a person you disagree with without insulting them, they you may actually be heard”- Amy Poehler

2.  The approach- Too many times you might have thought to yourself “ I should have said…” or “I shouldn’t have said…”. Which is why it’s important to stay calm. Whether it’s family, friends, acquaintances or a stranger, you have to relax those shoulders and avoid immediately flaring up in defense. Stay calm in efforts to stay sharp.

It’s important to express yourself in a way that isn’t solely carried out by your emotions. For example if your approach is too much in tune with your anger, you’re likely to point fingers and blame and insult which can close your window of opportunity to be heard. If the approach is too much in tune with your sadness, you’re likely to have trouble vocalizing what’s on your mind because of that choked up feeling you get just before or during the tears. Once again stay calm in efforts to stay sharp.

3. Accepting- Everyone dislikes confrontations. I mean unless you thrive on drama, I’m pretty sure you’d prefer the stability of being able to communicate with people ALWAYS willing to listen. Unfortunately people aren’t always willing to listen because of their own opinions. And that’s something you have to accept even before mustering up the courage to express yourself. Because you can voice your opinions, thoughts, and/or ideas in the most eloquently articulated way possible but someone if not some people will continue to disagree. The important thing is that you tried your best and did what you could to get your point across, so accept it without letting it depress, anger and/or insult you, and don’t become discouraged. The purpose is the encourage you to continue to want to get your voice heard because the power of expressing yourself logically is key to success within and with people.

Expressing yourself and getting your voice heard is a way of representing who you are, and what you’re all about. The sooner you realize the power of language and what it can do for you, the sooner you’ll be able to stick up for yourself, be sharp enough to say the things you genuinely mean under pressure, and feel more comfortable asking for the things you want in life. Practice your language.

I hope this was of some help to you on this Sunday! Sending out lots of good vibes for the week. But PLEASE re-blog with some of your own ideas on how to get your voice heard for I know there are things I couldn’t cover as best as you possibly could ;)

Much love.


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School or No School

I didn’t go to college but if I had I know I’d have a great job with benefits and hours I could handle. But then again, the things I’ve done and seen having not gone to college are pretty surreal and I remember that I don’t regret anything. Anyway I always believed that if a person works really hard doing something they care about and is genuinely nice to everyone, the money will come.

Seriously, fortune will favor you if you just wake up every morning like “its go time”. If you’re someone who knows college is right for you that’s great! That kind of long term motivation is admirable. But if you’re someone who has a gut feeling college isn’t for you, it’s best to acknowledge it asap and put your energy toward your craft. Cause not having a degree shouldn’t stop you from succeeding in your creative passions.

Trust your instincts. Degree or no degree, the money will come if you’re genuinely nice, and work hard doing what you enjoy or believe in.


A thought provoing little fix...

Here’s to sending out some ideas to get your minds thinking. What if someone you’re having a conversation with, or anyone for that matter told you, “I’m not a racist, but I don’t support racial equality”. How would that sound to you….? Or what if that person, or another, said to you, “I’m not homophobic, but I don’t support gay right”. Suppose their argument was that they have “mixed feelings” about racial equality or feel “unsure/uneasy” about gay rights, would you still believe them when they tell you they’re not racist, or not homophobic?

 Some of you might think the second statement controversial, arguing specific religious beliefs and that’s okay, for you have your freedom of religion. But please take the time to consider the statements above and think about what those words would say of YOU if you said them. Just want to get some realization happening about a simple fact, and that’s that when you choose not to identify yourself in support of equality, then you’re indirectly supporting the opposite.

Now there’s a quote floating around on Tumblr, which is what motivated this post in the first place that says, “I’m not a sexist, but I’m not a feminist”, to which another responded, “You’re either one or the other”. (NOTE: If anybody knows what I’m talking about please send it over so I can give the writer of this response some credit! )

In all of these statements, you either identify with one thing and if not, you’re the other. And so the biggest point I’d like to make is in elaborating on the third statement, cause if you’re NOT a sexist, then you ARE a feminist. Now do you want to argue that you have “mixed feelings” or are “unsure” of women having equal rights as men? Hmm…

If by definition a sexist is a person who believes “a person of one sex is intrinsically superior to a person of the other”, and you don’t agree with that definition then you’re a feminist! I’m sorry but you have to be either one or the other. And the thing is there’s an issue in which many men who wouldn’t identify as a sexist are still indifferent about calling themselves a feminist and in support of gender equality, probably for fear of appearing like less of a man who knows. But really guys, come on! Most of you (I hope at least) ARE feminists, so don’t feel like you can’t identify yourself as one. Same goes for many women as well. So before you refuse to identify yourself as one thing, stop and remember that you’re indirectly identifying yourself with it’s opposite instead.

b.t.w. – To those of you who at the end of the day just don’t care about things, well lucky you for being blissfully ignorant!

Hope this makes some sense to people, if not I tried! Sending out good vibes.

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Here’s some Sunday inspiration wrapped up in all kinds of cuteness 💖
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