sundaybreezy asked:

I don't get why most people refer to a lower back tattoo as a tramp stamp. I have a lower back tattoo to kinda cover up a scar from a previous back surgery, and I refer to it as just another tattoo. Whether or not the tattoo is real (even though it's a temporary one, I know) no one has the right to judge anyone's tattoos or where the tattoo is. It's not their body, so they shouldn't care.

Yeah, we know, we didn’t like the term “tramp stamp” as well. Because it’s degrading and impolite. People has different preferences, about having a tattoo or where the tattoo is. But maybe seeing Emma as a public figure and has a tattoo is kind of set them off. They just forgot that this “tramp stamp” tattoo they were talking about is just a prop for her upcoming movie.

or maybe because sometimes people just making a simple thing such a big deal. Either Emma really got a tattoo or not, it’s her right, and she’s legal to do it, so we didn’t see any problem why should we bother about that. :)