MidLink week!

so with zelink week going around i thought that maybe it would be really cool to do a midlink week as well????? some of my followers responded to my post thinking it would be a nice idea! zelink week by hyruleheart was hella cool and there were some really awesome fanarts going around and i thought perhaps this could be fun too???/

i’m not sure if it will be as big as zelink week was since i know that’s a really giant ship in the Zelda fandom but lets see if we can get this rolling!

MidLink will always have a special place in a lot of our hearts either platonic and/or romantically so twerklightprincess​ and i decided to come up with some prompts!!!

Midlink week will be occuring:

Monday April 13th - Sunday April 19th!

Monday: Beginning 
Tuesday: Journey 
Wednesday: Battle 
Thursday: Goodbye 
Friday: Memories 
Saturday: Reunite
Sunday: Alternate Universes!

if anyone has any questions about anything feel free to ask!!!! I’ll probably try to reblog this post several times this week before MidLink week officially begins! I hope everyone can spread this around for awareness!

just a couple notes!

  • please no ship hate. if you don’t want to participate, you don’t have to! 
  • romantic or platonic is completely welcome!
  • everything will be excepted! (fanart, writings, etc!)
  • please tag any submissions as #MidLinkweek
  • not every prompt needs to be participated in! and you all could get started now if you wish! i only ask that it’s posted on the day!

thank you everyone!!

Goodbye for now.

Goodmorning! :) Sunday na. Sunday the 13th. Luh? Haha. Dapat 1 year and 7 months na kami! Eh kaso, wala e? Iniwan niya ko. Haha. Tapos, kada magkikita kami, ako yung sisihin niya na ako daw nang-iwan, kahit pabiro un, nasasaktan ako. Nakakainis kasi siya e. ;(

Pangalawa, aalis na si Earl Klugh Romero. My gay bestfriend. Ang alam ko nakaopen nako sa isang tumblrista tungkol dito e. Siya, siya yung taong kahit bago palang kayong magkakilala e, di mo mararamdaman na bago palang. Hindi siya mataray, instead, his faith is very strong. Lagi kaming nagkwkwentuhan tungkol kay God. Or kapag may problema, ang line niya e, “Don’t give up, God will find us a way.”

I remembered the first time we met, sa classroom, I was a new student by that time. Nung nagpakilala ako sa harap na, I live at *insert subdivision name here* napa-O.O ‘yung expression ng mukha niya. And that time I was thinking “Bakit? Ano meron sa tinitirhan ko? May drug addicts ba dun? Criminals ba? Haha”. Pero napagalaman kong dun din pala siya nakatira. First break, Lunch and Third break, magkasama kami. Then, dahil nakaservice siya, tinanong niya kung may service ako. Sabi ko wala. Kaya ayun, sinabay niya ko. From that time, naging kaservice niya ko. At pagmumukha niya ang laging bumubungad sa umaga ko.

I know, he’s not a perfect friend. Ni-isang beses di kami nagkaroon ng matinding away. Nagtampo lang siya sakin. January 27. :) Nagalit siya kasi di daw ako nag-open sakanya. Kung bakit daw hindi ko siya kinakausap, nanjan lang naman daw siya sa iba pako nag-open. Kaya ayun, we chatted. Kinabukasan ng umaga, AWKWARD. Pero nung kinwento ko sakanya, haha. Tinakpan niya ng kamay niya ung bibig ko dahil nahihiya raw siya. XD

We shared a lot of moments. Siya ang naging bestfriend ko na nandyan palagi. Wait, meron pa. Last Tuesday, haha. Nagmessage siya sakin personally. 

“Kino-COMPARE ko yung friendship natin sa gold. Kasi nung dumating ka, nagstick-to-one ako sa bestfriend ko. Dati kung kani-kanino ko sumasama. Ibig sabihin, I do have a lot of friends, but I can’t call one as my bestfriend. Pero simula nung dumating ka, nagkaroon na ko ng bestfriend.” - He said.

And by the time he said that, my tears fell down. I wanna burst out all my tears but I can’t. Kasi I promised myself that I will control my tears, my emotion and try to be more mature. 

Aalis ka na ngayon, you’ll go miles away. Hindi ka man mag-iibang bansa, mag-iibayong dagat ka naman. Hope you’ll read this. Thanks for everything. I really appreciate all things you’ve done to me. I know you’ll be happy. Take care. Coz all of us care. 


I’ll always remember the things you said. 

I’ll always treasure the memories we had.

And I’ll always screw the one who’ll hurt you. 



P.S. This doesn’t mean good bye. It means, TAKE CARE. 


As we reported earlier this week, Robert Z’Dar (Maniac Cop, Tango & Cash) passed away on Monday night. His death is a huge loss for the horror community, but his legacy will live on through his extensive film work.

One of his final movies is Easter Sunday, an indie slasher throwback. I am fortunate enough to be an executive producer on the project. In honor of Z’Dar, we have some new images of the cult actor on set and in the film. 

“It is with an incredibly saddened heart that I learned of the passing of my friend, Robert Z’Dar,” states writer-director-actor Jeremy Todd Morehead. “Robert and I became friends in 2012. We remained in contact ever since. He called me on my wedding day to congratulate me. Robert always told his friends ‘I love ya, buddy.’ before hanging up the phone. Love ya too, man. Rest in peace.”

Easter Sunday will premiere at Martinsville Horrorfest in Collinsville, Virginia on October 23, along with a tribute to Z’Dar. Tickets for the event are on sale now, and you can save $10 by entering the code EasterSunday at checkout.

Easter Sunday stars the late Z’Dar as Sheriff Arkin, alongside Morehead, Edward X. Young, Jason Delgado, Paige Taylor, Christine Galbraith, William Bozarth, Jon McKoy, Travis Marion, Shawn C. Phillips and Ari Lehman (Friday the 13th).

blue night’s schedule for monday, april 13th - sunday, april 19th! the usual guests apply with the exception of the april 14th episode where suho, chanyeol and chen of exo will be guesting and the april 17th episode where shin zisu and park shi hwan will be guesting. the usual tuesday guests, go young bae and coffee boy, will be appearing on broadcast this week nor will there be a garden studio.


Me and my helper prepping the grounds for the time honored Green Jacket Party that will tee off on Masters Sunday for the 13th time.

RSVP, means nothing.
Six Sentence Sunday

From Friday the 13th:

“C'mon then, give us a smile, show me like you just shown up on Molly’s doorstep.“

Confused, but assuming it was simply a "date night” ritual he’d not come across in his studies, Sherlock stood a little straighter, positioned the roses to lie just so against his chest, then beamed from ear to ear.

John’s lips pinched to the side. The doctor opened his mouth, then closed it again, before pressing one finger to his mouth. Then slowly, he took two fingers and mimed for Sherlock to make the smile smaller. Hesitantly, Sherlock brought it back down until John nodded.

Basically every Criminal Minds episode
  • Witness:I don't remember anything. The murder happened 20 years ago.
  • JJ:That's okay. Just close your eyes, and tell me what you remember.
  • Witness:Well, it was Sunday, December 13th, at 12:53 pm. It was really cold, and there was a cloud in the sky shaped like a wiener.
  • Reid:You guys I know who murdered those people.
  • *Team gets to suspect right as the latest victim is about to be killed and saves them just in time.*
  • The end.