All the hate in the Ereri and riren fandom is really getting me down :( Could u help remind me how awesome the ship is, because a lot of people think that riren makes the characters ooc. My whole life has been a lie… Not really lol, just need some reasurrence that riren can be shipped for good reason.

riren/ereri it doesn’t matter! Whenever people want to reduce a ship down to where the peen goes, I’m a little concerned because 1) there is more to sex than penetration and 2) there is more to a relationship than sex!

So whenever people fight over ririviviviivivireererereri nonsense, I make up my own positive headcanons:

Eren loves ice cream, but Levi is lactose intolerant so he gets sherbet.
Eren likes the ostrich on the carousel, Levi likes the tiger, but both are fond of the wonky eyed horse.
Levi doesn’t like it when Eren buys oversized sweaters because Levi likes to borrow Eren’s sweaters so that just means it’s three times too big for him. Ah, who are we kidding, he likes those too.
Levi is remarkably good at winning goldfish at the ring toss. Eren’s aquarium is overcrowded.
Both claim to like creepy horror flicks, but somehow have never made it an entire movie without turning it off. But only to makeout, not because they were scared or anything.
Eren is banned from most putt-putt golf courses, especially the one with the windmill. In protest, Levi stole three boxes of golf pencils.
At the beach, Levi sunburns easily. Eren writes, “I love you!” on his back in sunscreen.
Eren tells the waitress it is Levi’s birthday so they get free dessert. Levi hides in Eren’s armpit when they sing him happy birthday.
Levi is really good at “crack the whip” in roller and ice rinks. Eren crashes into the snowbank.
Levi’s Valentine’s Day cards to Eren have stenciled letters on the front. Eren’s explode in glitter. Eren spends Valentine’s Day cleaning up the glitter.
Because of his insomnia, Levi takes catnaps during the day. Eren rigs up a hammock in the backyard and often finds Levi there, the watering can on the ground and his large gardening hat still on.
Now which one of those mini headcanons is ereri and which one is riren? I can’t really tell.

Oh, I have a good one: Eren thinks Levi’s nose is adorable, and sometimes when Levi is talking to him, Eren will space out and then slowly raise his finger up and press the tip of Levi’s nose and say “Boop!” (He does the same thing to his mother’s cat.)

Sunday morning is banana pancakes morning.

Whenever they’re in the car, the rule “driver chooses the music, shotgun keeps their mouth shut” is the first thing that goes out the window. They settle it with rock paper scissors instead.

Levi always winds up eating the pickles out of Eren’s cheeseburgers and the olives out of his pizza slices.

Levi likes the regular goldfish and Eren likes the flavor blasted, but they fight over the pretzel all the time. They end up sharing it on the couch with a movie on.

Eren eats all the food in the house and won’t buy more until Levi throws money at his head and makes him leave. He laughs all the way down the street, but Levi waits until he’s around the corner before laughing.

Eren is pretty good at video games, so when he’s gotten a good streak, the only way to break him out of it is for Levi to join the game and kick his ass. This is only used in dire situations as Levi doesn’t like to mess with Eren’s ego too much.

Levi always buys silly string and sprays it on Eren on their birthdays. Even though it’s a pain in the ass to clean up, it’s worth his reaction.

When they go on an airplane, Eren likes the window seat and Levi secretly prefers the middle because he can lean on Eren and he’s small enough not to get squashed. Eren always gives Levi the little snacks claiming that he doesn’t want them, but when Levi puts one in his mouth Eren kisses him to get it back. Levi pretends to be annoyed, but he always goes along with it.

Levi normally doesn’t like PDA but has been known to make out with Eren shamelessly if someone makes a homophobic comment.

Eren and Levi have a little unspoken competition to see who can carry the other more places.

Eren talks in his sleep and Levi pretends to be annoyed about it, but he actually finds it very cute.

Levi really likes it when Eren wears bright pastel colors. Flower crowns are a plus too.

Both Eren and Levi (though Eren more so) get jealous pretty easily and if someone flirts with Eren, Levi tends to be very blunt and specifically points out they are together. Whereas Eren gets really touch-feely, such as throwing an arm around Levi’s shoulders, waist or grabbing his hand. Even, going as far as kissing him- on the cheek or mouth.

Eren has a habit of chewing on his pens when he’s thinking. Levi tries to get him to stop, but after a few weeks Eren catches him doing it. He teases him about it for a month.

Levi never starts a tickle fight, but he’ll finish one.

When they watch a movie together, Eren throws whatever snack they have into the air and Levi has to catch it in his mouth so it doesn’t make a mess.

Eren always sits on Levi’s lap, which is a good idea at first, but as Eren gets taller, Levi gets squashed.

Eren picks up Levi’s habit of holding cups funny and Levi thinks it’s adorable.

Levi got glasses before Eren did, and Eren would steal them off his face and wear them around the house until his vision got worse and he realized he could see better wearing them. They went to the eye doctor the next weekend. Eren still does it every once in a while.

Eren loves playing with Levi’s hair.

Levi is bisexual, so Eren made him a bracelet that alternated black links and the colors of the rainbow because “it’s as gay as you are!” He learned that there are bisexual colors the next day. Levi only takes it off to shower.

Eren likes drawing butterflies on Levi’s binders.

On laundry day, Eren and Levi have a sock fight to sort the socks. Levi almost always wins.

They switch iPods for a day every week.

When one of them has a bad day, they blast Taylor Swift and jam out until they can barely move. If it’s a really bad day they get ice cream first.

Whenever they go to a restaurant, no matter how fancy, they always get into a game of footsie that escalates into a full on foot war. Eren tends to win these, but most games remain unfinished.

Sometimes when Levi is reading a book Eren likes, Eren will read over his shoulder and poke him in the side if he closes it.

Eren mouths words of songs to Levi that he thinks represents their relationship.

Eren and Levi wear matching shoes every once in a while. Hanji is the only one who’s ever noticed.

When Levi stays up late working, he uses Eren’s stomach as a pillow.

Eren loves apple juice and leaves empty bottles everywhere around the house. Levi doesn’t mind that much because he thinks watching Eren drink it is so cute.

Levi is left handed and always wears his watch on his right. Eren wears it on his right hand as well, but he is right handed.

Eren has ADHD and has to take medication for it. Levi gives him extra hugs when he’s on the come down.

Eren tends to get out of control angry but Levi’s always the one to calm him down.

Levi has a tendency to fall asleep in his desk chair working, but Eren’s learned to see when Levi’s about to fall asleep and lifts Levi into bed.

Levi always complains about the mess Eren makes when he’s doing art, but secretly Levi enjoys the gentle curves of concentration between Eren’s eyebrows and the way he sticks his tongue out when he’s focusing on little details.

Eren and Levi have a neighbour who complains constantly about their noise levels, so just to annoy them, Eren buys a dog whistle and blows it every once in a while during the night and complains to the neighbour upstairs that their dog keeps them awake. Levi says Eren shouldn’t do it, but he really finds it funny when the neighbour was completely baffled about their dog.

Eren has a tendency to leave paint streaks on his cheeks, and Levi never says anything about it.

Levi isn’t a really big fan of dogs due to hair, but when he comes back to Eren cuddling a puppy, he decides he can live with it.

Eren snores, and Levi finds it cute until he realises he really can’t sleep with Eren’s snoring. Levi ends up kicking Eren during the night to make him shut up.

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