sunday yoga

Sunday Funday?

The pool got enough water to float around, not swim , but float.
It was awesome floating around on the water in the sun in the pool in our own backyard!

Toby tricked me into grocery shopping


How great is Moana?

Middle child joined yoga today, very , very cool!
He has NEVER , in all of his life , been able to touch his toes. I’ve tried all of the yoga tricks to teach him and he could just never reach.
ONE Kundalini Yoga lesson and he can touch his toes
I’m SO glad!
Also, he said that he felt all of the energy coming into him during meditation, how cool is that?

Not ready for work tomorrow, ugh

Hope everyone has a good week!
Glad you are here
Thank you for listening


Sunday Yoga
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Sunday Papers And A Cup Of Tea
18 June 2017

🍂 Sunday morning in my backyard - another sunny Perth day. Normally I would be out on the bike - I guess my mojo will return when it’s ready. While I am still trying to get on top of my IBD I don’t intend to self-impose stress. Our Chinese tallow is looking pretty. It takes all winter for deciduous trees to shed here - they lose their last leaves just as the new ones come out. The exception is our golden robinia. Ours is on the south of the house, so maybe the shade makes a difference.

👑 Apparently, in the early hours of this morning, I lost my Queen of the Mountain on an obscure hilly segment in Croatia, which only two Strava-using female cyclists have climbed! 😂

📰 My second cup of tea and the Sunday paper. I enjoy the feature stories and health & fitness articles. I am a former print journalist and not quite ready to give up tactile reading material altogether! (Like @exitrowiron I have subscribed to a daily newspaper since I was 20-something.)

🌀 Thirty minutes’ yoga practice on the deck in the sunshine - just what my sore muscles needed. Mitzy was in better sorts today, although she didn’t budge from bed until 10.30am. She’s not up to exercise yet so I dawdled around the park with My Girl, Alfie and Flash, before 13 minutes’ guided meditation. (The whippet likes to chase his ball but greyhounds are total couch potatoes - one sprint and that is it.)

🐶 The guide said ‘be grounded’ so Georgi decided to meditate on the ground… 👅


I worked all day creating my job description

I sent it to my mother and my brother for advice although I kept all edits in my own voice

Laundry did happen, even putting away

Yoga happened, really good yoga tonight

@watadad is a better cook than me , I’m glad he doesn’t bake, I wouldn’t want him to squash my baking dreams

I hope you have a wonderful week to look forward to
Thank you for being here

Halasana or Plow Pose is not only fantastic for your thyroid, shoulders and spine but it also feels amazing on your lower back. Instead of doing the more commonly practiced version with tucked toes, I’m practicing the Ashtanga version of Plow, with untucked, pointed toes, in the photo above. This stretches out the shin muscles versus the calves. We will be getting into our Plow and many other poses today in my 5pm Vinyasa class at Sangha Yoga Shala. Hope to see you there!

External image


Slept in way too late

Cleaned our office area, it had become a horrendous catch all area, feels good to have it cleaned up and organized.

Laundry of course

Home made hummus happened

Lunches prepped and packed

Today was my seventh day tracking my yoga on my watch. I had been doing it a bit before I thought to set my watch to an open other workout. So I think I’ve been doing it everyday for two weeks, at least 10 days. Either way, I don’t think I’ve ever done any workout every day for 7 days in a row. I am feeling very good about it.

Deep breath for the week ahead
Thank you for being here

Lego Joker and Lego Harley headcanons

-okay I once saw a post saying that if Harley wears rollerblades J wears heelies and I think it’s cause Harley attempted to teach him to use rollerblades and he couldn’t manage and got so upset she suggested heelies

-they really love mario karts, they play it all the time, once they decided to have an irl race in Gotham with blue shells and bananas…it did not end well

-they gossip about other villains at McDonalds at 1 am over some ice cream and fries

-speaking of McDonalds, they always get toys

-they constantly eat out til the point that Harley’s inner doc kicks in and she’s like “okay mister J we kinda need to eat something substantial now..”

-Harley always helps J remember to take his pills cause that’s what bros do

-Joker never talks shit about Harley but he will roast the fuck out of the other villains (save Ivy sometimes..for Harley’s sake) 

-they love shopping together (”THAT LOOKS SO CUTE ON YOU”)

-they have yoga sundays

-”take that mallet of yours and go destroy anything you want, girlbuddy”