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Happy Sunday!
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Tune by @basecampmusique 🎶❤️ (at Tamara Yoga)

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Sundays are lazy days,

But instead of using it as an excuse to do nothing why not make it a day of stretching and walking. You can treat yourself to a relaxed day while still caring for your health.

Start with some yoga to warm you up

Choose an energizing breakfast

And head outside


Sunday stretching 💜
#yoga #sundays (at Manchester, United Kingdom)

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Day 21 – run, sun, we’re almost DONE!!

This is definitely a weekend for the books. Not only are we over 2/3’s done with the whole30, but I completed my workout series:

Millionaire Hoy’s BOOM 500 Calorie 35 minute total body HIIT for fast loss

Let me start by saying I am SO glad that I discovered Millionaire Hoy and his hundreds of workout videos. He has series based on time, level, body parts, days, etc, etc, etc. Since I am the type of girl that loves structure in my workout, his 30 day plan was perfect for me to try out his style and see how it worked for me. Let me break down my pro’s and con’s


1. Time is of the essence for me. I am incredibly busy and maximizing by workout is imperative

2. Love the effectiveness of HIIT workouts

3. Very little equipment needed

4. Do it from the comfort of my home (for me in my garage)

5. Variety of moves and never boring

6. Definite results at end of 30 days (I’ll post my results of mill hoy post whole30 as my husband took my photo but I refuse to look at it until whole30 is done per the rules)

7. Gained more ABS

8. Sweat each & every day

9. You never max out, every time it feels easier you push harder

10. Mill Hoy himself is so relatable, family friendly, and personable in his videos

11. Build your confidence and good for many levels (even shows your modification for those at the beginner level or with injuries)

12. The best part, who doesn’t love a fist bump at the end of their workout, yay encouragement!!!!


1. Wish the workout was a full 35 minutes and the stretch / warm up brought it to 40 minutes. In my head, 35 minutes sounds more legit than 30

2. Not enough targeted ab workouts ( I know I know you have to do a ton of cardio to hit those 500 cals, but a girl needs her abs) – I wish all of the videos were like day 28

3. Craving more weights (my shoulders and chest got tighter but my arms were craving more weight work)

4. The yoga / stretch videos were too beginner for my level

5. His water gulping is pretty aggressive (which I personally thought was hilarious, my husband has a peeve pet with hearing gulps).

6. Lots of burpees (which I don’t mind) – wish there was more of a burpee variety

1 of out of 10 rating – 8.5 easy! I loved this workout so much and I was so happy that I started with it that I will be starting his strength and toning videos tomorrow. Can’t wait to share my progress and I hope you’ll give him a try! Thanks for being you Millionaire Hoy, you are awesome!

A little whole30 daily review–my energy was at its peak high today. I studied, food prepped, hosted friends, worked out, walked the dog, spent time with my hubby, all while dancing and singing to 2000’s jams for my entire food prepping time! I love you whole30. My biggest issue right now is life after whole30. Looking into continuing whole30, maybe whole30ish, or even paleo. I can’t imagine going back to feeling like my old tired, anxiety filled self.

xxoo – Amy