sunday yoga


I practiced yoga this morning for the first time in a while, so I made it a special occasion.

My Exercises

(( i exercise five days a week! ))

•Monday Exercise (Booty Day) :

1. Toe Touch- 30 sec
2. Jog In Place- 2 minutes
3. Lunges- 20 each leg x2
4. Squats- 30, Pulse Squat at 15 x2
5. Hip Lifts- 5 seconds
4. Hip Flutters- 15 x2
5. Marching Hip Raise- 20 each leg
6. Single Leg Deadlift- 20 each leg
7. Kick Backs- 15 each leg x3
8. Wall Sit- 40 sec

•Tuesday Exercise (Ab Day) :

1. Upward Dog- 40 sec
2. Toe Touch- 30 sec
3. Jog In Place- 2 minutes
4. Bicycle- 20 each leg x2
5. Plank- 40 sec x3
6. Single Leg Bridge- 15 each leg x2
7. Lower Ab Leg Lift- 15 times x2
8. Sit ups/ Crunches- 20 times x2
9. Side Plank- 30 seconds x2
10. Russian Twists- 50 times x3

•Thursday Exercise (Leg Day) :

1. Butterfly Stretch- 30 sec
2. Jog In Place- 2 min
3. Toe Touch- 40 sec
4. Squats- 25 times x2
5. Side Leg Lifts- 25 each leg x2
6. Run In Place- 2 min
7. Walk/Run- 30 minutes (Optional)
8. Bridge Raises- 30 times x2
9. Wall Sit- 40 sec
10. Jumping Jacks- 25 times x2
11. Run In Place- 2 minutes
12. Leg Hold- 30 sec
13. Lunges- 30 each leg x2

•Friday Exercise (Arm day) :

1. Arm Across- 20 sec each arm
2. Arm Back- 20 sec each arm
3. Jog In Place- 2 minutes
4. Push ups- 15 times x2
5. Superman Push Ups- 15 each leg x2
6. Dips- 20 times x2
7. Plank ups- 20 times x2
8. Inchworm- 20 times
9. Plank Taps- 30 times x2
10. Plank Jacks- 30 times x2
11. Burpees- 20 times

•Sunday Exercise (Yoga) :

1. Toe Touch- 30 sec
2. Butterfly- 30 sec
3. Cat- 20 sec (back up)
4. Cow- 20 sec (back down)
5. Upward Dog- 20 sec
6. Downward Dog- 30 sec
7. Boat Pose- 30 sec
8. Tree- 30 sec
9. Warrior- 30 sec
10. Seated Twist- 20 sec each leg
11. Child’s Pose- 30 sec
12. Mountain Pose- 20 sec

It's Sunday

I really cleaned up the area in my room where I do yoga , I’m so happy with it!

We have always had furniture issues in our house

Who wants to stay in a yurt , me , me , me!

I can feel my breathing getting stronger during yoga, it makes me feel strong, I love it

I would love to be a yoga teacher someday, I have always wished to be, but with the kundalini, I feel more like it can be possible

The dress is all one piece now, it’s so awesome! Not finished, but getting there!

So, not eating cheese went straight to full vegan I guess. I wasn’t really trying to go there but that seems to be happening. I mean, it was the last step really I suppose. So, I need to get better at eating now. Ugh. That means shopping and stuff.

“People usually consider walking on water or in thin air a miracle. But I think the real miracle is not to walk either on water or in thin air, but to walk on earth. Every day we are engaged in a miracle which we don’t even recognize: a blue sky, white clouds, green leaves, the black, curious eyes of a child – our own two eyes. All is a miracle.”
Thich Nhat Hanh

Reflecting back on where I was last year…What an incredible journey I went through. I had so many doubts moving up here..Those doubts melted away when I felt the love and acceptance here. By nature and people alike. I have made so many incredible friends who are beautiful in heart and soul. Like minded tribe I call them. Between SF and Santa Cruz..I have found a sense of peace. Being surrounded by this beautiful flora and fauna…It just inspired me beyond belief. It helped quiet my insecurities, my doubts and fears. I remember a year and a half ago..I felt so lost, angry and brokenhearted.

I am so grateful for this place. I’ve kind of earthed here. I cry when I meditate here and my heart just feels so full..It is like I can’t contain the love and beauty that resides here..The earth, the trees, the ocean..It gives me so much love. It feels like home.

New Workout Schedule

I am very disappointed in myself because I have not been working out and I have been eating horribly, thanks mental health and grief! Anyway, I like planning things so I made myself a new workout schedule and hopefully it’s something I can accomplish and won’t hurt my hips too badly.

Sunday- Yoga
Monday- Run (C25K)
Tuesday- Yoga
Wednesday- Lift
Thursday- Yoga
Friday- Run (C25K)
Saturday- Yoga

I’m hoping that putting yoga after hard impact days will lessen pain on my hips.

Now to actually follow the plan…


Sunday Yoga
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