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EXO: Kai Smut


New Panties I You Stop, I Stop I Detained Permanently I Love And Hate I Intentional Voyeurism ft. Sehun I Tenerife I Reunited Wrongly I Ten I Sell Your Soul I Put A Baby In My Belly I Change Rooms I Fix It, Please I Make Ups Are Better Than Break Ups I


Call Me Daddy (phone sex) I


Cuddling I War I Quirk I


Dinner Party I Winter I Shots ft. Taemin I Shower ft. Sehun I Change of Roles I Love Me Right I Entanglement I Home Sweet Home I Breakfast Is On Me I A Moment Alone I Morning After I Limited I


Coming Up Easy I Strawberry Swing ft. Kyungsoo I Wildest Dreams I Before You Go I Wake Me Up I Welcome To New York I Fading Into View I Sunday Morning I A Million Faces ft. Chanyeol I Fine By Me I Run and Go I


Savior I


Phone Sex I Sexy Photoshoot I


Anniversary I Family Affairs I Unexpected Brunch I Special Occasions I


I Missed You Too Much (short) I Gentle (short) I


Welcome I


“Sure.” I Wrong Word, Baby I Ace It I Your Voice I Happy Birthday I Something Else For Breakfast I Don’t Mind If I Do I Game On I Seonsaengnim I Sometimes I


Ready for Bed ft. Lay I Thigh Nibbles I


Egotistical I A Tap on Your Window I


Ice Bucket Challenge I


Dance with Me I Baby Good Night I My Kind of Movie I Sensory Overload I


 Dance PracticeI Missed You Too Much I Gentle Jongin I Understand I Bad Day I


Jaspenor fans, don’t despair. The showrunners didn’t make both Jasper and Eleanor wonderful with Sarah Alice for nothing.

We know, or may be, very good parents who’ve had very bad parents. Eleanor’s parents, we can grade on a sliding scale. Jasper’s were a horrorshow

With abusive parents, if you emerge just intact enough, you have a blueprint of everything not to do. You’re also probably a bit of a kid yourself, since it wasn’t safe to be one the first time around. So you can understand some things regular adults can’t. And you’re a little more fun, too.

So, after seeing a very good therapist, Mr. and Mrs. Your Sort of Royal Jeleanor will be great parents.

We just need to work on getting E! to reunite Jasper and Eleanor before the season’s end, a campaign I’ve started by tweeting E! and telling them they better reunite Jasper and Eleanor before season’s end. I’m not going into this dark time with Jasper in Las Vegas and Eleanor swinging on a chandelier in Monte Carlo with Beck.

Twitter E! at @e_entertainment. End of season episodes have been reshot at the last minute. They have the technology! Now they just need u$ - the preciou$ viewer - to help make their revenue dream$ come true.