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Spinach Quinoa Salad

It’s summer! Avocados are in season! Farmers markets on every corner! I actually want to eat raw veggies again! I’ve stopped craving mashed potatoes! 

My summer diet is radically different from my winter diet. I’m not trying to eat seasonally on purpose, but the fact is I crave roasted veggies and mounds of mashed potatoes when it’s cold out, but once June rolls around I find myself eating mostly raw fruits and veggies. 

Part of that may be because it’s just too hot in my apartment to cook, and part of it may be that fruits and veggies look 1000% more appealing when they’re being sold at a sunny farmers markets instead of fluorescent grocery stores.

This salad is a combination of “I bought too much spinach at the farmers market” and “I need to clean out my pantry.” Enjoy!


  • 3 cups baby spinach, or several large handfuls
  • ½ cup cooked quinoa
  • ½ shelled edamame (I buy frozen)
  • ¼ cup almonds
  • ¼ cup dried cranberries
  • ½ avocado, cubed
  • dressing of choice


  1. Cook your quinoa if not already prepared. Quinoa simmers for 15 minutes on the stove, using a 1 cup quinoa to 2 cups water ratio. Dry quinoa roughly doubles in volume when cooked, so ¼ cup dry quinoa makes about ½ cup cooked. I like to make a batch on Sunday nights to sprinkle on my salads throughout the week
  2. If using frozen edamame, thaw according to package directions. 
  3. Combine spinach with edamame, quinoa, almonds, and dried cranberries.
  4. Top with avocado cubes, and toss with salad dressing. I usually use a simple balsamic vinaigrette, or oil and vinegar.

Note: I was cleaning out my pantry and wanted to use up my dried cranberries, but this salad would taste amazing with fresh strawberries or any other fruit really.


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My little sunday treat.

anonymous asked:

Would you ever make a couple channel on YouTube when you're in a relationship?

I’ve never had a couple channel before, but of course I have put some thought into it since it has been brought to my attention several times. However before I would even consider making one there have to be specific aspects in place

  1. I need to be in a healthy, happy, relationship
  2. The girl I’m dating would have to be interested in making a YouTube channel with me. If she wasn’t comfortable with “internet fame” I would never ask her to put herself in that position.
  3. It would have to be someone who remains true to herself even with a camera/audience

Couple channels that start on their own often do well on YouTube because people love that they can see two people who found happiness with one another. It gives people hope that they too can find that happiness for themselves. Couple channels that start out with one or both people in the relationship already having an internet following usually blow up with success on a completely different level. 

For instance my friend Matthew (also known as Gaygod on YouTube) started dating a fantastic guy named Nick. Because Matthew is the incredible person he is, his following was so excited for him that he was in a relationship and wanted to know more. They made the channel (Lush) right when they started dating before the relationship even became serious. In as little as 9 months they have reached almost 400,000 subscribers. 

Having a YouTube channel with your significant other can be extremely fun for a relationship as long as you don’t make your entire relationship about the channel. Just like you can’t make YouTube (or any career at that matter) your entire life, but a part of your life. If I was dating a girl and we started a channel they would probably be mostly vlog styled videos (which are the most successful ones anyways) because you get to live your life as you normally do everyday while still doing youtube. The only difference is that instead of a phone being in your hand it’s a camera. 

Having a successful channel with your partner is great because it makes you and your partner want to explore new things together to incorporate into your videos, you can travel the world with your best friend/person you love if you have sponsors, and you create memories together that you want look back on (and you can take down the ones you don’t)

It seems fun, but having a girlfriend who also does YouTube is not a requirement for me at all. I will be just as happy in a relationship not having a couple channel as I would if I was in a relationship that did. To me it’s like comparing having an ice-cream sunday with purple sprinkles or blue sprinkles. It would taste the exact same to me and neither would make or break the sunday. 

Family Matters

“Graaace!!!” Chester yells from the other side of the house. “Whaaaat?” she yells back. “Come here for a secondd!” he yells back. Grace walks in to where his a moment later. “What’s your question?” she says. “Come here” he says motioning for her to walk towards him. He hooks his finger in her belt loop and pulls her to his side. Grace takes a look at his computer and realizes he’s on Skype. “Oh shiii..ooot” she says trying to step out of the frame. Chester pulls her back in. “This is my sister, sister this is Grace” he says. Grace shakily replies. “Hii” she says. Chester’s sister says hello back. Grace is clearly nervous so Chester pulls her down onto his lap and holds her hand. “We need to make some meet up plans. I haven’t seen you in a while” Chester’s sister says. “Yeah that sounds great” Chester says. He whispers off camera to Grace if she would want to come. Grace is afraid but says yes.

“Alright, when and where?” he says. “North Cal but at the vineyard. Jackie’s gonna come too” she says. “Oh sweet. Sunday? Noon?” he asks. his sister thinks for a minute and then nods. “Yeah that’s perfect” she says. “Alright, I gotta go but I’ll see you Sunday” she says. “I can’t wait to meet you Grace” she says. Grace is so nervous all she can do is smile and it makes Chester’s sister laugh a little. She signs off and Grace finally releases air. “Don’t be scared, they’re really cool. Super chill” he says. Grace raises an eyebrow. “super chill?” she says. Chester smiles. “Sprinkle me for that” he says holding out his hand. Grace laughs and sprinkles him.

Sunday comes faster than Grace expected and it’s time to meet the family. Part of the family. The trip there is fine, it’s once they get out of the car and Chester’s sister is in sight that Grace thinks she may pass out. “C'mon” he says kissing her forehead and taking her hand. They walk towards his sister and she greets Grace with a hug as if they’ve met before. She leads them to the rest of the group and the nervous factor is Grace starts to die a little. He was right. His sister was “super chill”. They meetup with everyone and start their day hanging out, talking, boating, walking around the vineyard, and more talking and stories about when they were growing up. Less and less did Grace feel like the girlfriend and more apart of the friends and family.

While they’re sitting and talking, Chester sneakily reaches over and lightly squeezes Graces leg and smiles at her. She smiles back at him and Chester’s sister catches sight of it, smiling herself. It happens two more times and each time she notices. Before they leave Chester’s sister pulls him to the side quickly. She talks low and hushed. “You love her. I can tell” she says. Chester glances over his sister’s shoulder at Grace and inevitably smiles. He can’t help it. His sister shakes her head smiling at him. “See. I know when you really like someone. I really like her too so hold onto this one” she says. Chester nods and smiles. “Okay” he says. She hugs him tight and Chester says his goodbyes and they leave.

Grace looks at Chester in the cab and is hinting that she wants to know what the “secret” conversation was about. “It was nothing” he says. Grace looks away skeptically. Chester leans over to her. “She likes you” he says. Grace smiles. “I am pretty cool” she says. “Yeah….you are” he says. Grace holds out her hand. “Sprinkle me” she says and Chester does.