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Sunday Submission Rules and Guidelines!

I am looking for fics and authors to promote each Sunday!

I miss most of the fics I am tagged in, and I would love to see more fics and great writers. So if you’d like your fic promoted on my blog, here’s how!


1. I will only read Supernatural fics. No other fandoms, please!

2. I will accept reader inserts as well as ANY ship or pairing.

3. I will accept any genre (smut, fluff, or angst) and any subject matter as long as it is tagged appropriately in the warnings.

4. I will NOT accept anonymous submissions.

5. You must include a brief fic summary, a word count, and warnings for me to read your fic. Author’s notes are optional. You can send this with the whole fic, or you can just submit the link to the post on your blog. Either way works!

6. Please feel free to post on your own blog or submit to other blogs as well. This is not a contest. It’s just to make it easier for me to keep up with tags and shout out to authors I love.

Every Sunday, I will post the fics on my blog! Simple as that. However, please do not be hurt or offended if I don’t post yours one week. That doesn’t mean it was bad, and it doesn’t mean you shouldn’t keep sending me fics. It just means that it wasn’t on the list that week.

I can’t wait to share the fics and share the love. Let’s do this, y'all!


Hello!  On Universal Sundays, this blog has a very special work ethic. For requests on Sundays, this is the best day to request AUs!  All AU requests are taken and done so, make sure to get those requests in!

Bonus: The bonus for this Sunday is a shout out on both this blog and my fan-blog so, get those requests in!


Hi! I’m Gill! I’m 17, and came out as bi a month ago :) I’m a big fan of Thomas Sanders and I would love to get to know the community more! Last summer I got to meet him at Vidcon and I had an *embarrassing* fan girl moment but he was really nice and cool :)
That vidcon photo has been my lock screen for months now and I honestly don’t think I’ll ever change it.
One of my favorite vines was the shout-out Sunday vine to all the Jillians, Jills, etc. out there because it’s the closest I’ve ever gotten to someone memorializing the Gillian/Jillian name :D
I’d love if he could see the meet up photo! I was too shy to post it earlier bc I look silly, but it’s my favorite moment/ photo ever :D


Check out Aithusa Penndragon racing videos, sure to keep you entertained.

Shout-Out-Sunday 2-19-2017

Yo! Sorry it’s been a minute since the last blog! My bad. The Patriots won the Super Bowl, so that happened! My Bruins got a new head coach, and I was lucky enough to see Frank Turner and The Sleeping Souls twice….all since my last blog. 

Shout-Out to Josh Ruiz and his band Wineville, who just released their video for “Paris”. 

Keep an eye out for Nicolas Espinosa’s band, Deaf Poets, to release their new record in April! 

Carlos Barroso with his newest snare! I love this shell, look for it to be added to our shell-options soon! 

My dude Ben Spoliansky ripped a headline gig with his band Shatterproof at the Summit Music Hall in Denver recently! 

Give the new video from our boys Villes a spin! “Don’t You Worry” is a jam! Make sure you check out there record, “The Cure”.

Funeral Attire’s Frankie Hardy, sent us a rad video of them playing “Fractures”! If you get a chance to see this band, do not pass it up! 

A few weeks ago, I had the pleasure of meeting Michael Garret when he came up to the shop to pick up his new kit! It’s always great meeting more members of the SJC Family, and it’s even better when they send up the nicest emails! 

“Hey Jason,I wanted to take a minute and thank you for all you did during the whole buying experience! Right from the first time I talked with you, I knew I was doing the right thing by becoming part of the SJC family. From pricing, to the customer service I received and of course the pickup process- it was all nothing short of phenomenal! The drums look amazing and sound even more amazing! Even though I’m not a “big name” drummer, the service and treatment I was given made me feel like I was. Hats off to you and the whole SJC crew for all that you did for me! I’ve already been bragging to people and will recommend ANYONE to experience what I did.Thank you again Jason! You guys rock!Here’s how they lookRegards,
Michael Garrett”

Thanks for this email, It really made all of our days. 

Would it be a blog written by Ricky….without Bad Rabbits? Sheel and the dudes in BR just released their live video for “Stalker” off their newest record, American Nightmare. This was the first time an SJC artist recorded with the SJC-UFO drum! Needless to say, it’s a jam, and the UFO sounds better than we could have hoped for! 

That’s whats up for this week! Cheers! 

Shout Out Sunday!

Hey, everyone! It’s been too long since I’ve done one of these. If you’re looking for some SPN fanfic blogs, check these guys out! :)

Sunday Shout Out

Hey guys! Here are the fics I enjoyed this week- check them out and show them some love! :) XOXO

Private Lessons by deansdirtylittlesecretsblog - This is the latest installment of the Professor Dean AU, which is amazing. Read all of it.

Surprise by abaddonwithyall - Surprise sex with Dean. It is a literal roll in the hay and I love it.

Summer Night (Grease AU) by bovaria - This will no doubt turn into an awesome series- can’t wait to read the rest!

Imagine a classmate’s reaction to seeing Team Free Will pick you up after class by coltsandquills - This is short and sweet and made me smile.

Sex Game by deans-colette - Dean and the reader play a dirty game. Pure smut, lots of dirty talk, and it’s super hot.

Also, winchestersandwordprocessors has some of the hottest asks ever. Go check them out!

Last Call for Shout Outs

I meant to post the Sunday Shout Out last night, but time got away from me with an unexpected visit from family.


If you want to receive a shout out in this blog - writers, artists, music, etc. - send me a message with a url and I’ll post it tonight. Deadline is 8:00 pm central time.

SUPRISEEE O3O I’m doing requests a day early cus tomorrows christmas eve<3333

Merry Christmas!! :D:D have a drygore lair o3o!

Zodiiac (And huuuuge shout out to this qt cus hes so frikkin awesome and he payed for his cus this is te 2nd pic he got<33333333333)


Sunday Shout Out

It is long overdue that I start sharing my favorite fics from other writers. So every Sunday, I will post my favorite fics of the past week, just in case you missed any.

This week:

Wish You were Here by abaddonwithyall Smutty goodness, then she sucker punches you in the feels. Fair warning, you won’t be okay after reading it, but it’s so so good.

It’s Not That Kind of Bullet by deansdirtylittlesecretsblog Dean gets some fun toys for the two of you to play with. Hot hot hot smut.

Keep Yourself Quiet, Dean by bovaria A quickie in a gas station bathroom and it’s beyond sexy.

#14 of the 100 Kinks Challenge by canoncanoff This one is older, but it is one of my ALL TIME FAVORITES. If you have ever wanted to have a dirty, smutty, kinky night with both Sam and Dean, read this. Then take an ice bath.

So this list is kind of short (and smutty), because I decided to do this about 5 minutes ago. I will make sure I collect all the stories I read this week.

Great lazy Sunday!

Shout out to the USO

They have a program where you make a dvd of yourself reading a book to your kiddos and they ship the dvd and book to the kids.