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Good to see that the Daily Express still hasn’t tracked down and wiped out that rebellious 1% of their readership that takes part in their telephone polls….

To all those who have asked me about what’s going on in Catalonia these days and if you could do anything to help:

First of all THANK YOU, TRULY, it means a lot to us catalans that people from other countries want to know more :)

And secondly, in there is a petition asking for the right of self-determination for the catalan people. You can read some information about what’s been happening lately in French and also in English (scroll down for the English version!). It’s fine if you don’t feel comfortable signing the petition, but you have some information that you could find interesting. You can find it here:

Thanks again for all your support!


Firstly, I’d like to extend a happy sheith day to all of the fandom’s lovelies; thank you all for making this fandom a little more tolerable. ❤

Secondly, y’all have made a fantastic showing in the Hypable poll so far, accounting for 1,135 votes and 2% overall as of this post’s creation!

(Props to the other ships in the fandom for such a strong showing as well)

That said, this poll ends Sunday, June 4 at 9:00 PM EST. And I want to make sure that everyone who can vote gets the proper chance to do so.
Whether we win or maintain second, we’ve stood in solidarity enough to garner FAR more votes than I ever anticipated, and for that I think we can all be grateful.

So! Please continue to vote for Sheith (or any other pairings you like) and show your support for the show and characters we all love. ❤

Cast your vote on desktop here!  (Link for mobile users is here)

**NOTE: Sometimes the website doesn’t show the poll; on mobile, access the desktop site. Otherwise, on a computer try different browsers or disabling adblocking add-ons.

Yoneda Kou Poll: How To & Instructions

This post contains the instructions for the poll that I mentioned in my last post (if you don’t know what I’m talking about, please read there first). The aim is to collect a bunch of questions for the survey that is being conducted in celebration of Yoneda-sensei’s 10th anniversary as a mangaka this year. Since it’s very likely that only questions in Japanese will be answered in the 100 Q&A section that will be part of the fanbook coming out this November, I’m offering to translate the 10 favorite questions of the fandom which we are going to determine in this little poll.

So here’s the plan:

  • Step 1.) Think of a question you would like to ask Yoneda Kou.
  • Step 2.) Submit it to the poll by sending it as an ask to my side blog @tadayoedo-shizumazu. You can send regular asks, or anonymous ones if you’re shy, I don’t mind either way. But you have to do it in the time frame specified below.
  • Step 3.) I will close submissions of questions either after 4 days OR after I have received 30 different asks. Whichever comes first.
  • Step 4.) I will publish the asks I received (the ones that qualify according to the instructions in this post) on my side blog.
  • Step 5.) You can then vote for your favorite questions for one week by liking them. You may reblog the questions if you want to promote them, but only LIKES count as a vote.
  • Step 6.) After the end of the voting period, I will close the poll, announce the 10 winner questions and translate them into Japanese for you. I will post the translated questions on both of my blogs, so you only have to pick out the ones that you like and copy&paste them into Part 3 of the Yoneda Kou survey when you answer it.

That’s it. It works out pretty well in my head, but we’ll see how it goes. ^^;

All of the announcements will be made on my main blog @domeyashiro, so you don’t need to follow my side blog to take part in the poll. I’m just doing the technical part over there, because I would like to keep posting my regular stuff here in the meantime and don’t want to mix everything up.

Regarding the questions (just common sense stuff, but please read):

  1. Please send every question as a seperate ask, because otherwise we can’t vote properly. You can send as many questions as you like, just do it one by one. I will delete asks that contain more than 1 question.
  2. I will not accept questions regarding Sensei’s personal life (number of children, her age, stuff like that), because it would be a) pointless to ask them as she is a very private person, and b) considered rude. Stuff like how she likes to spend her holidays should be fine, since it’s not too personal.
  3. I will also not accept questions about future story developments of any of her ongoing works (e.g. Will Yashiro and Doumeki have a happy ending?) because Sensei wouldn’t give out any spoilers anyway.
  4. Lastly, and this is my personal preference, I won’t accept questions that can be answered with a simple YES or NO*, because I find them boring and just not worth the effort.
  5. If I receive only 10 (or less) asks during the 4 days submissions period for questions, there will be no poll, and I will simply translate the questions that I got.
  6. If I receive a question that I can answer instead of Sensei (because I’ve seen it in an interview before that I haven’t gotten round to translating yet or so), I will do just that, and post the answer on my blog.

*I will make one exception to point 4 which is whether Sensei plans to continue with Yorube Naki Mono one day. Because I love that one and am dying to know.

Submission Period for Questions (4 days, might end earlier depending on number of questions): 

Start: Sunday June 11th, 4 p.m. 

End: Thursday, June 15th, 4 p.m.

Time Zone: GMT / UTC

Voting Period (1 week):

Start: Thursday, June 15th, 5 p.m.

End: Thursday, June 22nd, 4 p.m.

Time Zone: GMT / UTC

I’m posting this ahead of time, so word has time to spread around the fandom. I’m also doing this for the first time, so let me know if you notice that I’m forgetting something important. LOL

I hope we can have some fun together! ^^ I’ll make the next announcement for this poll on Sunday when I open submissions!

anonymous asked:

Thanks for you great answer if you don't mind me asking further, is Ran a popular character in Japan and overseas? Or is Ai the most popular female lead? Same with the ships which is the most popular one? And idk maybe it's bc I am older, why are Ran love, abilities and nature considered weak? Why do characters nowadays always have to be complex to be loved? I have seen someone call her a 90's female lead that's picture perfect, can cook, will be a good housewife etc - but why is that negative?

and makes ppl dislike her? Same with her tears, honesty and showing emotions -I find it rather amazing bc I am someone who eats it all up. Not everyone wants to die and has to be passive. And I really don’t understand ppl who call her a dumb plot device, picture perfect (when she isn’t), damsel in distress and useless bc she isn’t involved in the cases and back org.

Honestly why are her positive character traits considered as weaknesses nowadays? What’s so bad about loving someone with your whole heart, waiting for his return? And loving and taking care of ppl in general and staying optimistic and just being a good person? How is that considered plain and boring? Shouldn’t that be considered as amazing? If morre ppl had her traits it’s be great. Reminds me of ppl saying Ran is clrealy made for JP while Ai for the West as she fits out standards better.

Ran is a popular character in most places where DetCo has propagated, as is Haibara. In Japan, both are among the top ten characters as per the most recent Shonen Sunday poll (out of 91!).

I don’t know or care about what ship is the more ‘popular one’, as it’s nothing you can have statistics for and something I don’t really care about. Let us not make this about ships, or make things about people disliking Ran turn into a debate about Ran vs Shiho. Both girls are good - all of the girls in DetCo are good.

People consider it a weakness because of dumb preconceived notions about emotions being a weakness, and it’s nothing factual. It’s not something I even believe in.
Ran isn’t even perfect, but a lot of people use it as an argument against her? It’s certainly strange. People will have different views, of course, and you can’t do much about that in the end. Regardless of what some people will shittalk about her, Ran is a good character, and I think has shown some growth and maturity regarding a lot of things. It’s nice. I want to see her kick some more ass in the future, though :>

Also, please, don’t think that Haibara was made for western audiences (or turn it into a shipwar problem) - Haibara’s character is a popular trope in Japan as much as Ran is, and they were not made for target demographics.  Haibara was planned from the beginning, as an insider from the org that would join Conan’s side against it and use the DB as her cover. Gosho didn’t expect her to be as popular as she got, but it isn’t a bad thing. (’ When making a character, I think “if I draw/write her like this, she’ll be popular”, I can more or less anticipate it. But, just for Haibara, her popularity highly exceeded my expectations.’ - from Da Vinci Interview)

Please continue to support her, and please continue to support Ran. Both are good characters, and don’t deserve to get flack.

anonymous asked:

Please everyone, vote for Sam at eonline's Alpha Male Madness. It's free and you can vote as many times as you want. He needs you to win! Thank you!

If you have a moment and want to vote, you can do so here. Polls close Sunday at 5 PM PST. 

Hi everyone,

Thanks so much to those of you who’ve sent me ideas for prompts so far! You’ve all had some amazing ideas :D

If you haven’t sent me your prompt idea(s) yet but would like to do so, please make sure you send them to me by the end of the day on Saturday.

Please feel free to send the prompts either to this blog or to my main (which is @jenhedgehog).

I’d like to try and get them all put into a poll on Sunday or Monday, so that you can all vote for your favourite prompts! I’d like to reiterate that two prompts - “Barn Mates” and “Lapidot photo day” - are already set in stone; but it’ll be up to all of you to vote for the other five prompts that we need for the week!

Thanks for the support, everyone 💙💚

- Jen

00QAD LDWS Rules

@ blood-suits-and-tears  I hope this answers yours as well as anyone else interested questions


  • There will be a weekly prompt posted on Friday
  • The week before prompts are due Fridays Noon EST.
  • Each week will have a theme
  • Each week will have a prompt or quote
  • if there is a quote it must be said in the drabble
  • Each week will have a wood count or word limit
  • if there is a word count the Drabble must be that exact length
  • if there is a limit than use that as the max amount of words
  • The drabbles need to be emailed to me each week (a gmail is not needed but please give me an email so I can give you mine to send it to)
  • there will be an open gdoc poll that is posted by 8pm est Friday nights and open until Sunday Noon Est. 
  • The polls will be used to rank your top 3 picks of the week 
  • there will also be sections to anonymously comment on all fics
  • this is a great way to show you appreciation to these awesome writers who are tackling my prompts
  • The comments will be sent out to writers every Sunday one the results post has been made. The results post will include the writer who wrote each drabble as well as the winner of that week.
  • Despite the name there will be no eliminations
  • All writers are encouraged to attack all 4 prompts.
  • please let me know of any questions or concerns

POLLS APART: As the EU Referendum approaches, and various polls claim swings this way and that, it’s good to know that in one corner of our topsy-turvy world, at least one poll remains consistent.

Some might say suspiciously consistent.

People. Friends. Listen to me. Please. Help me to help my country.

I live in Peru. And we’re having our presidential election tomorrow, sunday 5th. We’re having election for the next 5 years. Friends. Help us.

Do you know who the woman in the picture is?

Her name is Keiko Fujimori. She’s the daughter of Alberto Fujimori, ex president of Peru, currently in jail for corruption and human rights’ violations. Guys, that family -yes, the whole family- destroyed my country. With the excuse of stop the terrorism we were suffering, Alberto ordered the military to kill millions of people, acussing them of being terrorist without any solid proof -men, women and children. We’re still looking for the people they took away and never came back. Fujimori ordered the sterilization of millions of poor women from the hightlands. He closed the congress and ilegally reelect himself -yes, he’s a dictator. He stole millions of soles (our officially coin) from us. And with everything done, he ran away and happily send his goodbye via fax.

Guys, Keiko Fujimori is the daugther of that man. And she was part of his government: she took the place of his mother, Alberto’s wife, when she was send away after being tortured for order of his own husband… Guess why? Because she reported that Alberto and his brothers and sisters (Keiko’s aunts and uncles) were ilegally taking the donations that other countries send us. All with Keiko’s knowledge and consent. The aunts and uncles ran away too, by the way. We’re still trying to put them in jail. Keiko is not helping.

Because, Keiko has been a congresswoman for some years now. The people of my country voted for her. Yes, lots of people voted for her, because there’s a lot of people in my country who still see Alberto as their hero for stopping the terrorism (what he actually didn’t do, but that’s another, and long, story), and don’t care about our dead because “surely they were terrorist” and don’t care about our sterilized women because “they were having too many children anyway”. As a congresswoman, Keiko did nothing. She was absent from the congress for 500 days and was paid anyway, we’re still waiting to listen a reason, a real reason, for that. And let’s not start with his brother, Kenji Fujimori, who is a congressman too, and who has being involved in an scandal with drugs some years ago, and also in a scandal for sexually abusing his dog. Keiko did nothing. Said nothing.

Our presidential election is tomorrow, sunday 5th. And the polls say that Keiko Fujimori is about to be elected as Peru’s next president.

Guys. We, the people who remember, are doing everything we can. We went to protest. We made campaigns to inform people. But the majority of my country is still voting for Keiko and we don’t know what else to do. They just don’t listen. They call us “ungrateful”, “resentful”… “Terrorist”. Keiko is working with the same people who worked with his father during the dictatorship, 5 of the people who are in his team (and who are also elected congressman and congresswoman now) are currently being processed, and recently it was revealed that the principal financer of his political campaign is connected with drug traffic. Let’s not start with the audio manipulation, made to help her, which was recently discovered too. Some weeks ago, Keiko even made an alliance to certain religious groups, and publicly promise to stop any kind of iniciative to respect LGBT rights by supporting at least the civil union because “the real family is composed by man and woman”.

Maybe you live away from here. Maybe you can’t help us tomorrow -we’re going to check the votation, because Fujimorism (yes, that’s a term now) is known for fraud and we won’t put things even easier for Keiko. But you can talk about this. You can share this. So please, spread the word. Let the world know what is happening here. Let them know that the daughter of the dictator, of the criminal, is about to be elected as Peru’s next president. As the first female president in the story of my country -yes. Even after all the sterilized women, there’s still people who think that Keiko represent the women and the mothers of Peru.

And if you know any peruvian in your country, or in any other country abroad… Please talk to them about this. Tell them about this. Please tell them to vote for the other candidate, Pedro Pablo Kuczynski, even if they don’t like him, because right now we need to be together and put an stop to Fujimorism. Please tell them to not vote in blank and not invalid their vote, because that votes -because of our elections system- help the candidate with more votes, who is currently Keiko Fujimori.

We don’t have much time, but we have hope. Kuczynski is going up in the new polls and Keiko is going down… But Keiko is still the one with more votes, and I’m not sure if we will be able to change that until tomorrow (the blank and invalid votes are the ones we’re fighting for, those and the votes from abroad could give us a chance). So please, friends, spread the word. Even if we don’t have much time, please help me to help my country. Fujimorism can’t return to the government. And until the last hour, the last minute, we will fight.


Remember, when the Daily Express runs these polls, they’re in no way rigged or using loaded questions. These are totally fair results, arrived at openly and they are in no way suspiciously consistent. It just so happens that a lot of people all vote the same way. A lot.

Sunday Smut Spotlight: Poll for June 14th Edition.

thanks to all who submitted ideas for this!  I’ve condensed the ideas and picked the ones I think will bring the most interest.  SO.  without further ado, pick one!

VOTE by Answer, Reblog, or Ask.  

“Likes” Are Not Votes!  Repeat: If you like, it’s not a vote.  I can’t tell what you’re liking.  Please ANSWER, REBLOG with Answer, or ASK.

1.  Manual Labor:  AU where Tom works as a laborer, or does some manual labor, smut ensues. p.s. this is perfect for all your Welder!Tom needs.  

2. Punch-Hug:  You love him but you hate him.  Or you hate him, then come to love him.  Or he’s annoying (ask Luke) but incredibly fuckable, smut ensues.

3. Meet Cute: Tom or his character meets OC under ‘Rom-Com’ circumstances, falls in lust, smut ensues.

  choose your choice?

Stockholm Syndrome [Preview]

HEY GUYS. So this is a preview to Stockholm Syndrome based off of the song by 1D. Calum is the guy in it. Yes, it was to do with real Stockholm Syndrome. I HOPE YOU ENJOY THE FULL PART 1 WILL BE OUT SUNDAY

Warning: contains abuse and kidnapping

I walked out the side door, to two men arguing. I tried to ignore them and act as if I wasn’t paying attention. They started physically fighting each other. My eyes were blurry from the alcohol I had consumed in the past couple of hours. I should have taken one less shot. I was too drunk to try to stop it and I knew I’d end up being the one getting hurt or knocked down, so I walked down the alley towards the street. I heard a loud crack and turned around. The one figure stood over the other one as he slid down the wall. He looked as if he was unconscious. I quietly tried to walk closer to get a better look. The figure that stood above the other one was breathing heavily as he looked at the body. Once I got closer, I saw that the man against the wall was bleeding from his head. His body was limp as it fell over, causing his head to come in contact with the concrete. I gasped, causing the figure above the man to glance at me. His eyes went from worried to angry. I gulped and steadied myself. “Is he okay?” I asked.

“Mind your own business,” he growled. I focused in on his face as I stepped closer. He flexed his muscles as I got closer as a warning, but I ignored it.

“He’s bleeding and he’s unconscious. I need to call an ambulance.”

“Don’t you dare.”

“He’s hurt! Is he dead? Oh my god…is he dead?” I began to cry.

“Shut up!” He yelled, taking a few strides towards me and covering my mouth. “Quiet.” I pulled myself away.

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