sunday morning 1 am

Please watch and tell people about Motorcity's reruns

Here’s why:

1. If it does well for its time slot, it’ll get rerun more
2. Which could lead to more fans
3. Which could lead to a home video release.
4. And maybe merch
5. A bit more of a stretch, but if it had more fans and was making more money (read: iTunes sales), maybe it could get a direct-to-video special.

Also its new time slot is perfect for the adult swim/Toonami/Animation Domination crowd.

Motorcity will rerun Saturday night/early Sunday morning at 1 AM Eastern/12 AM Central on Disney XD, then again the next day at the same time, same channel Please watch and tell your friends to watch it for the first time–DVR it! Let’s hope it gets rerun again!

Spending Sunday morning outlining crim before the seahawks play at 1:30. Am I a #studyblr yet?? Cause I sure feel like one lately…I’m glad I started focusing on exams two weeks ago because I’m feeling the crunch with only 2.5 weeks left 😩