sunday morn

Sunday Mornings

Pairing: Jungkook x Reader


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Sundays, Jungkook loved Sundays. Maybe because it was the one day that he could relax, or the way the sun always warmed his face when he woke up. The cool breeze gently blowing the curtains in the summer or the beautiful blanket of white in the winter that covered everything. 

Looking over he decided that his favorite part of Sundays were in the morning, when you were still asleep. The sun kissed your face, breeze gently blowing strands of hair. Mumbling you shifted, the blanket revealed your collar bone, showing an expanse of pale flesh. He smiled and lightly traced shapes on your stomach before he put on some quiet music. 

You blinked, looking up you saw him stretching. Turning he smiled before leaning down to kiss you. Grumbling you laughed before getting up to take a shower. Coming out droplets of water from your hair dripped onto the floor, Jungkook grinned before grabbing you and collapsing on the bed again to watch a movie. 

He looked down and discovered you were fast asleep, completely relaxed guard down. Kissing your forehead he whispered 

“I love you.”

Yes, Sundays were without a doubt Jungkook’s favorite day of the week.

I have a 10k on Sunday. I don’t even want to do it. If they had the option to switch it to a virtual run I totally would but that’s only available for the half. I’m not running a half. What is putting me off is that I have to drive 45 min there to the expo to get my packet. Then drive back on Sunday morning, find a spot to park then run. Then walk a mile back to my car afterward because the start and finish aren’t even near each other. Ugh what was I thinking, other than that I wanted a 10k medal for my medal rack lol. My next race after this Sunday is in May and it’s a 15k. I’ll probably feel better since I’m actually running with someone. I wouldn’t have signed up if I knew we would be leaving for vacation a day after the race. I feel like I have a ton to do.

9/10/16 1:37 PM // Second half of this week’s bullet journal spread + physics notes on a sunday morning before church 🌿📖 Also managed to finish my statistics homework before I left. Thinking of compiling all my OC’s into one book but I’ve never really planned them outside of my head. Still need to write an essay about a famous Chinese person for my Mandarin lesson. Hope this week treats me well 😁